I made an affiliate account on Amazon.in, I forgot about it and checked after a ling time. 83 rupees commission has been added to my account. Woah! When I checked for the product that has been sold from my a/c; I can't recall now that exactly but it was beauty product. Totally different from my niche. So how did I get a commission from a beauty product? That's really a good side of Amazon. If you use any referral link any buy anything from Amazon, the affiliate will receive a commission for that. I know some of my friends who faced some ridiculous selling incidents comparing to their blog niche. Just like a nail polish has been sold from electric guitar reviews blog. This is just a simple incident. Some affiliates face even more these type of incidents. I have an Amazon affiliate blog under gadget niche, headphones. I've seen many products bought by my visitors which are entirely different from my niche. Shirt, pant, Christmas tree and so on. So it's definitely a benefit you can't deny. You can make money from the product you promote; even can make money from the product you don't promote. But the reason of supporting dot com version is simple. They provide native ads, which is still not available in the Indian version. 

Native ads are currently very popular in the market. Giant native ad companies like Taboola, Revcontent, Outbrain gets billions of impressions every day. As the time passes, the number is increasing each and every day. Those are generally placed just under the blog post. Attractive images, click-bait headlines force users to click those ads. But this is for native ad network ads. Amazon Associates' native ad is different. They show related products to your article. Here is an example of native ads. 
amazon associates native ads

Even Amazon also provides a search box with it. So that you can even search your desired product in case if you don't find that in their list. Plus those are responsive. If you are still using Amazon.in, if your max traffic source is outside of India, you can surely take a look at amazon.com affiliate program. All prices are in dollars.

Yes, native ads can bring you some extra bucks if you monetize it properly. But still, links work better. I am telling this from my experience. If you use your referral link to your blog post by creating a contextual link in it, it's far more effective. 'Buy from Amazon' buttons are also great. Don't use multiple buttons. Choose a fixed button from Google search and save it. When I made that headphone blog, I did not use keyword research tools like Longtail Pro, Semrush or KWFinder. Here is sample screenshots of KWFinder for understanding. I've selected keyword "Coffee Maker", country United States and English language. Check these-
kwfinder 1

kwfinder 2
Tech is very competitive niche. Harder to rank. You can make that easier by using pbn links. But after google's latest algorithmic change, I won't suggest you use PBN links. Better to spend money on quality contents or social media promotion.

Social media is one of the best ways to promote your articles. More than billion people use Facebook every day. And Facebook is now planning for monetizing Facebook live video; simply they leave no stone unturned. I tried for getting conversion in my TeeSpring offers. There are two problems. If you target Indian traffic, you have to pay less but almost no conversion. If you target U.S traffic, you have to pay good amount money for your CPA offers. So basically I've wasted few thousand amounts of money on it and what did I get? Few likes on my page, few likes on some of my blog posts. Those were basically boosted post.

I didn't make a single link for this blog. Two reasons. First one is Fred. The second one is I want to see how does a blog perform without backlinks just depending on unique content. You may probably hear the word- content is the key. Basically content has a direct or indirect role in Google ranking. How? Well, pro bloggers always tell to write a long article if possible. The long article will be, users tend to spend more time on your blog. If they find your article useful to them, they might search for more articles the wanna read. That's called user engagement, and Google loves user engagement. Even you can rank a blog just by proper keyboard research and quality content. Without any backlink. Though I have no experience related this but heard from Iftekhar. My close friend, popular Indian blogger. I suddenly joined in Black Hat World forum. One of my blogger friends gave me a profile link of a CrakRevenue sales manager. I was excited about CrakRevenue, but my traffic was not targeted. 
crakrevenue stat 1
crakrevenue stat 2
I generated more than 12000 clicks on their links but 21 PPL and one PPS conversion. Made 102$ only. I won't say CrakRevenue is bad or Exoclick is bad. Somehow my inexperienced strategy did not work there. Conclusion- failure made me blogger again.

Want to share some of my pictures here. All are taken by Uttiyo. Basically, Uttiyo clicks all of my photos. These photos can be called the perfect epitome of photographic art. All are stunning, mind blowing. Check these; you would surely love. Not me but those pictures. I will upload more pictures in future posts.
Sourajit Saha Pictures 1

Sourajit Saha Pictures 2

Sourajit Saha Pictures 3

Sourajit Saha Pictures 4

Sourajit Saha Pictures 5
I often find some hilarious answer in Quora. Those are undoubtedly shared worthy. I will search for those and post here. Some of them are really touchy and carry messages. I saw a post- someone is asking for the best method for suicide as she could not make great academic mark sheet. They best answer is hilarious. He says, suppose you get some easy ways and quit yourself. But what will be for your family? What will be your father's condition? What will be your mother's condition? What will be your brother's condition? What your best friend will think? What your haters will think? What will you principal think? He wrote much more points in details. At the end of the day, if you compare her life to those emotions, the final decision can be only one- a bad academic performance can't ruin your whole life. 
Suicide Story 1
Suicide Story 2

Suicide Story 3

Suicide Story 4

Suicide Story 5

Suicide Story 6

Suicide Story 7

quote for life sourajit.com
Got it from Quora! But unfortunately, I could not find the answer on Quora. Anyway got it from another blog. It got viral all over the internet. So I came across the post. Share worthy! Well, here I want to give my example. I was all of my computer teacher's favorite student. Still, I didn't get letter marks in computer science. I work on computer, laptop all day. Programming is my passion. I make money from Online Marketing. Still, I don't have a degree or any certificate. If someone hears this, they ask how it is possible? But it's possible. I always listen to my heart. To read all of my posts, check Archive. Anyway. Tata. Take care.