Heyy… I’m excited about tomorrow Digha trip. We will go by bus; it will take about 6 hours to reach our destination. Digha is such a beautiful place, and I like sea rather than hills. We decide suddenly and fix our date, book tickets and finally, we’ll go tomorrow. All happens within one week. The super fast trip we have ever arranged. I went Digha for two times before. I wish one day I could go with my friends. I will mention here about few Indian blogs. First of all, AllTechBuzz, Founded by my friend Imran Uddin. It’s a lovely blog based on how to blogging, so tips and make money from Adsense. You can take a look if you are a newbie. If you only want to read these types of article, and you have no interest in tech news, they I will not suggest this. Cause 3-4 years ago, when Imran was only a blogger, all his articles was on those topics only. Now he writes almost all of windows tricks, android tricks, iPhone tricks and all. Moreover, you can find guest posts by others 80% among them all. Those are worthy, but if you are not tech savvy, or you are only seeking for SEO tricks, how to blogging then I will not recommend it.
Sourajit Saha Blog Post
Another one is  "ShoutMeLoud" founded by pro-Indian blogger Harsh Agarwal. You will find here all SEO stuff and make money blogging, WordPress plugin, plus various giveaways as the bonus. Harsh is one of the leading faces in the Indian blogosphere. I'm following his blog since last 3-4 years, and I've seen a lot of changes in his template/design till now. He also shares his personal experience in his blog like his wedding pictures, his experience in Google’s headquarter in MountainView, California.

Iftekhar is my close friend and very helpful person, a superb human being. He is very much helpful, one of the best bloggers I have ever talked. When I face any problem, I contact with and over time he receives my call and helps me. I have seen an interview of Iftekhar Ahmed with Karan Wyas and the host was Jitendra Vaswani. The most interesting this I found was Iftekhar’s way of talking, behavior. 
He is so simple! If someone wants to learn to blog from him (undoubtedly huge number of bloggers want), I will tell them- first, try to follow his nature, this is simply… I don’t know what should I say. Well, let’s talk about his blog- iftiseo.com. Why this name? He explains, when he lived in Saudi Arabia, one of his friends called him “Ifti”, and when he started about planning his blog, he selected SEO as his blog niche. So he simply added them together- Iftiseo. That's the story behind the name. He shares tips on SEO tricks, make money blogging, ad network reviews like "Revenuehits". Most interest thing about his blog is- his subject of every article is unique. It’s not like other articles you find on the blogosphere. His innovative ideas made his blog unique; you can check the articles like sweet steal technique, ultimate client funnel, etc. even I will suggest you subscribe his email newsletter, cause his articles are unique and quite helpful.

"Blogging Cage" is also an excellent blog on blogging and marketing tips. The founder is none other but Kulwant Negi. He is a famous face in Indian blogging. He attends too many digital marketing summits every year From various locations in the world. Another one is Jitendra Vaswani, who is the found of bloggersideas.com, he is a very successful blogger in India. Recently he published a book named “Inside A Hustler’s Brain”. labnol.org is probably the eldest tech blog with the highest authority in india, owned by a single person, Amit Agarwal. He is the father of professional blogging in India. I am talking about tech blogs only. They are many famous blogs on a different niche, which provides valuable content. Niches like food, beauty, entertainment, arts, and much more. I know a blogger in our neighborhood, named Shreyashi Debnath. She is a fashion blogger. I must praise her fashion sense. She owns a blog named amajesticmind.com. Though I don’t have much idea about this blog. I have seen about it on Facebook. It seems design is not her first Priority, she is very honest about her passion, and her photos are the reflection of it. I don’t know any other blogger in our neighborhood except her, though we don’t know each other personally. I was interested in her blog, not only about the content, not only about the design but also about the statistics, about the backlink profiles. One thing lets me mention before; she uses SSL on her blog. My question, is she know that SSL is one of the Google ranking signals announced by Google official blog in 2016? Or she has any known SEO specialist friend who suggests her to use that? I’m shocked after seeing this that a girl on our locality uses SSL on her blog. I check her blog stats and here is the screenshot. The growth of the blog is pretty good.
amajesticmind stats
It has 300 backlinks. But the 2nd strange thing about her site is the number of referring domain- only one. That means all 300 links are from one single blog. Which blog? It’s mofoso.com, I've never heard about it, but it’s like Pinterest. She uploads pictures here and adds her website in the description. As she doesn't have any other backlink, you can easily guess she is not conscious about Google ranking signal. She uses WordPress platform. Anyway, I must praise about her passion for blogging. Good.

Now I'll mention about two youtube channels. First of them is "Mo Blogs", founded by Mohammed. He lives in Dubai. People who use Youtube regularly must be familiar with the name “Mo Vlogs”. He is one of the famous YouTubers in the world. He posted his videos every day at 9 p.m Dubai time. Mohammed’s topic is super cars, exotic animals and their lavish lifestyle. Many people think, Mohammed's sister Lana (she looks stunning)his the reason behind the number of views of his youtube videos. Can you guess how much he can earn from Youtube? well, "MO Vlogs” gets 1,000,000 hits everyday. Google pays $1.7 per 1000 views on average. So let's do simple maths. 1000000/1000=1000, 1000 x $1.7= $1700. Mohammed makes $1700 per day. that means $1700 x 30= $51000. 33 lakh rupees per month. huge money!!!

Another YouTuber is Bhushan Bam. Who is the founder is "BB Ki Vines”, which is pretty famous youtube channel. I've seen some of his videos. Views are more than one crore per video. He is the highest paid YouTuber in India with monthly 40-50 lakh rupees. You may say, how quickly they can make so much money, but obviously, they have to work very hard for creating each and every video and promoting them on social media. Not the only Youtube, if you see any large numbers of subscribers, that means there is lots of hard work and dedication unless he is Abhishek Bachchan. Rome was not built in a day. So if you have even less than ten subscribers or less than 200 visitors on your blog per day, just keep working on it. Which is your favorite Indian blog (apart from yours)? Which is your favorite youtube channel which you follow regularly? Send me a comment below. I would like to hear from you. Take care. Have a nice day.