​Facebook live will now available for desktop also. After a huge success of Facebook live, they have decided to start that on the desktop. The aggressive pushing towards Live streaming by Facebook clearly shows that they are going to own the verb "Live", "We should live now". It's just like the way Google made the word "Google" as a verb. "Can find the answer? Just google it." So simple!
Facebook Live Is Now For Desktop!
I did my first and last (till now) Facebook live on last friendship day,2016. At that time, live was not so popular like nowadays. We got more over 300 views in it. And now... I don't know what should I say. If someone feels bored, let's start live. If someone is sitting in a park with friends but the lack of topic for PNPC, let's go live. I see my local friends use this as a time pass object. When just the live gets start, they say,"where are you, friends? No one here, everybody is sleeping". I really don't like this type of rubbish activities. There are many benefits of Live, use those. If you have not those options, then stay quit. Someone takes advantage of live and gets Celeb instantly. Sandy Saha. He pretends himself as a comedian and makes us laughing. Some people are against him. Why is he doing this? Why is he doing that? But I have no objection in this case. If someone wants to make us laughing, make us happy, then what's the problem! It's also an art. 

I saw Rupamda yesterday on Youtube Live. I have seen him before on Facebook live. So nowadays artists are trying to connect with fans via Live. This is undoubtedly a good step taken by Facebook and Youtube. As a result of that, I had a great opportunity to listen to Rupam Islam's unpublished songs. I'm not his latest fan. I watched fossils' performance first in Bande Mataram contest when I was class 7 or 8. My mom and sister used to say,"Which kind of songs are these? Shaking head like a crazy man, better you watch something else". I hurt a lot but did not say anything. Then the day came, Rupam Islam has been awarded national award for his remarkable music. I know those were protesting like my mom and sister gets their answer. I always say, Rupamda is a great singer, but for me, he has much more talent in writing. Appropriate Word selection, simple language yet the depth of knowledge blows me always. And for example his latest song- "Ugrobaader Guptoboi". It's a Bengali song. So who don't know Bengali may skip this song. I had a Punjabi friend. She was not good in Bengali. So sometimes I sang any song, and she asked the meaning. I had to translate the song.

Stijato is a famous Bengali poet. Currently, he wrote a poem and published it on his Facebook wall. Some people had been lodged a FIR against him. According to them, Srijato's poem and his selection or words attacked Hinduism. I got the poem. 
Srijato Controversial Poem
Just saw this on news channel. But I think this is overacting. I am a Hindu. But I don't like religion blindness. Apparently, I love my religion, but that doesn't mean you have to underestimate other religions, whatever the religion is. Hindu, Muslim or Christian whatever. Moreover you can not stop art just for any religion-related issue or political issue in a country like India, which is called the biggest democracy. Yes, we obviously have the freedom of speech. I found nothing wrong or offensive in his poem. He just expressed his thought through the poem. Everyone has a different perspective. That does not mean you are wrong and I am right. Love to see that our CM is standing by him.

I'm starting my blog here. Still, I have a great desire for Vlog (video blog). But there are two problems. One, I'm looking bad and second, my English pronounce is bad. I mean not good for U.S or European visitors. People who love blogging might be familiar with "MO Vlogs". Billionaire kids and their lavish lifestyle. No doubt they make plenty of money through their Vlog (Video Blog). Same monetization method- AdSense. I called Mohammed as a donkey. He looks so stupid. Starting in his every video- "Yo Yo everyone... Welcome to another Vlog!!!" Sounds so... leave it. I don't want to use slang here. But I love his cars. Recently I saw a Bugatti Veyron in their video which is worth 12-16 crore rupees. Too much money. Please, Mohammed, give me some. I will share your videos daily on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus. I will build an email list and start sending you video links, which is better known as email marketing. LOL!!! Have you ever seen MO Vlogs dad? I think you have not. Here is a twist. I will share with you later. But I can say that If you read that article, your 90 percent interest will vanish. Still, I see their videos because of those cars. And apparently Mohammad's idiotic talking throughout those videos. Another stupid is Dan Bilzerian. He is also a billionaire. After making billions, people seems to go crazy. Those are the perfect examples. Dan has a pet goat. 
Dan Bilzerian Pet Goat
Two goats stay together. In every step of our life, we need someone similar to ourselves. A great combination no doubt. Can you guess which song is playing right now in my mobile? "Billionaire" by Bruno Mars. I do not choose it myself. Random play.

Youtube even creates celebrities nowadays. Like Shirley Setia, Shraddha Sharma, Vidya Vox, Kurt Hugo Sneider, Megan Nicole, Sanam Puri, Siddharth Slathia and much more. But do you know who is the most famous cover singer till now in the world? Guess... Guess... Guess. Well, it's Justin Bieber. He started his youtube journey by covering Chris brown's songs. And the irony is- he is now more popular than Chris Brown. Currently, I'm listening "Let it go" by Luciana Zogbi. She is one of my favourite cover singers. One day I was searching for "Let It Go" original version and fortunately found James Bay's "Let It Go". Excellent song- 

"So come on let it go
Just let it be
Why don't you be you
And I'll be me."

I'm planning a vacation. It has been a long time we didn't go to any trip. Digha is the best option right now. Moreover, a Digha bound bus is going every day from Kalyani in the early morning. Probably will go to early April. I'll take my laptop for blogging. And JBL Bluetooth speaker for loud music. Chainsmokers! Justin Bieber! James Bay!!!

Don't know when I will get the driving license for four wheeler And when I'll finally learn it. Right now I could not afford a four wheeler. So better to wait sometimes and keep hustling. Making Money from this one? I didn't think anything about this. I think Adsense is not a good fit for this. Affiliate marketing is relatively better. Honestly speaking I love to write, and I'm writing here so. I'll be glad when I'll see pending comments. I really mean it. Take care.