I used Hitleap once upon a time, and I didn't know how to use multiple Hitleap accounts through VPS. Yes, you can run as much Hitleap a/c by cheap VPS. Otherwise, there is another option a software named sandbox works with hola, a proxy generator. You can get plenty of traffic via Hitleap. If someone asks me how to increase website traffic free instantly? I say "Hitleap". You can get get traffic to your website free with Hitleap. But right now I think those are useless unless you want to see massive traffic to your 1-hour old blog. Those are not 'targeted traffic.' You can not even convert them. You can not monetize your blog with Hitleap traffic. Moreover, they are harmful to AdSense. Adsense doesn't like machine generated traffic. So your a/c may be disabled for those activities. You may think that how can Adsense detect those traffic are not real? Well, Adsense tracks mouse movement. If you use Hitleap before, you will know there is no function of mouse. Not only for Hitleap, for all machine generated traffics. Using this technology we can find the mouse clicked areas of our site, which we called heatmap. CrazyEgg is one of the famous companies founded by Neil Patel, that can provide you heat map for your site. There are several subscription packages.
I have still that Hitleap account with 802 Hitleap minutes. The system is pretty simple. If you want to get visitors, you have to visit others website first through their "Hitleap Viewer." There is also a ratio. For standard account you get 70%, that means if you visit 100 minutes to others websites, others will visit your site(s) for 70 minutes, I mean you will get 70 minutes, you can use that for any purpose.
If you upgraded you account to premium, you would get up to 100% exchange minutes. Even you make some passive income through its referral program. You will receive money for every purchase by your referral, who signed up through your referral link. I made near about $20 from this referral system. Not only cash, but you will also receive a percentage of their viewed minutes. Till now I've gotten 23k minutes from them. 
I have total 63 referrals. 90-95% of them are inactive.  There are still some CPM ad networks which allow this type of traffic. Find any one of them, just make a google search. Once you get one of them, create a Blogspot blog (it is free!) and create 2-3 posts there. Put 3-4 ads there and send your Hitleap traffic to your blog. You can make 2-4$ per day from it.

I used another traffic bot, which is called Jingling. A Chinese traffic bot, which also has an English version named "Traffic Spirit." It can give you 30-70 live traffics. There was a time when I experimented a lot with traffic exchange sites and traffic bot. Even Jingling helped me to make 30000 rupees in 3-4 months. I tried to increase my bandwidth to check if the jingling visitors increase or not. But there's no difference. Jingjing does not depend on internet speed. Same for Jingling, you may hardly make $5-6 per day using jingling, not more than that. Better to create a blog under any U.S niche. Fashion and beauty is a right niche to make money. Check keyword competition from KWFinder. Start posting quality articles every day. Once it gets a potential of traffic, put AdSense ads on your blog. Otherwise, you can do affiliate marketing. That means you promote some products (physical or digital whatever) and you will receive a commission on every product you sell. Amazon Affiliate is a good option for a newbie as well as experienced ones. I have a blog monetized by Amazon named Earphone Corner. You may take a look for a bright idea.  

Have you heard about hi-Res music? Well its a new concept. The sound of a song during recording time has a big difference with what we hear in MP3. The hi-res sound is a concept where you can enjoy every detail of a song. You will get the live effect of the recording studio. Just like our current format mp3. This format is called flac(Free Lossless Audio Codec). Being an audiophile, I have a high interest in it. I am planning to buy a hi-res walkman. Sony is the leading company for the hi-res sound device. Here is the walkman, I'll buy near future. This is SONY Walkman A series NW-A35 (B) (16GB)
There are also "Astell&Kern" which provides some excellent hi-res walkman but in that case, you have to pay few dollars extra. 

You also need a hi-res headphone to get the exact sound. Sony also has hi definition headphone, but I prefer Audio Technica. Here is this headphone, Audio-Technica SonicPro ATHMSR7BK On-Ear Headphones. Don't know about Bose, though I have a Bose's noise canceling headphone which works excellent. Audio-Technica is also a good option, been used in many professional works. 

Just got my Grammarly Premium account for $6 from Fiverr, which costs around $150. Moreover, this account is for a lifetime. It's helpful for writing articles, an excellent option for every blogger. If you need a Grammarly premium account, no need to buy an account from the official site. Just go to Fiverr and order it. Just a reminder- if you want the account for a particular email id, don't sign up with it. Directly provide it to your seller. He/She will ask for the confirmation link, provide that too, and he/she will give you the password. Bingooo!!! You have a premium account now for the lifetime! Currently, I'm using Grammarly and found 20-30 mistakes till now. Ohh God... how horrible was my writing in previous! LOL!!!