My birthday was on 17th March. I requested my parents in January to modify my room for my upcoming birthday. They did that. New floor, smooth wall, new room colour, new book shelves, new Vornado fan, revolving chair, a new clock and much more. Here are some pictures. I modified a little bit later. Added another single sofa to my room.
Sourajit Saha House 1

Sourajit Saha House 2

Sourajit Saha House 3

Sourajit Saha House 4

Sourajit Saha House 4

Sourajit Saha House 5

Sourajit Saha House 6
I posted a thought on my wall related to my birthday. Here is the screenshot. 
Sourajit Saha Birthday Post
I also changed my DP for birthday, here: 
Sourajit Saha Birthday DP
This picture has been captured by my bestie Uttiyo Dey, and I edited 2-3 months ago. I found it interesting somehow. I felt this one is perfect for birthday DP. Some of my closest friends came to my house. We made a great night together.

I have a regret about my age. 25 is not a small matter. If I used to learn marketing from earlier years, I could be more advanced. Honestly speaking, I never thought to come in marketing. Even I had no idea what the marketing is. I was keenly interested in programming, web developing (and apparently playing football :P). Software development was somehow unable to attract me. I did C, C++ programming during my school days. I was good at programming. Not according to me but according to my teachers and classmates. Our school was under West Bengal Board which was lagged behind far more. So, I learned my first HTML programming in class 8. The first program may be to print your name on the screen like "Hello, I'm Sourajit Saha". Somehow programming attracted me, and I started to write HTML programming on my PC. I had some limitations then. I know only a few codes. So, if I needed some more codes, I went to my neighbour's house. I learned some codes outside of my textbooks and applied them, just like how to set a background behind your page, how to set a mp3 behind your page as background music. Anyway, there is tremendous competition in the software market. You know there are too much private engineering colleges everywhere and each out Millions of students passed out and finding their job. Only a few get jobs on their campusing. Even the conditions are too bad now, they are looking for jobs in banks, in schools, in railway and everywhere. Pardon me please, I'm not blaming the students but the private engineering colleges. It seems like a business. If you have enough money, invest them, make an engineering college and get 200-300% ROI (Return On Investment).

I also admitted to an engineering college named Adamas Institute Of Technology. It is near Kolkata. The college looks beautiful. I went there to learn code. I mean to improve my coding knowledge there. Later I decided it could not help me anyway. Well, a few months ago I read an article in Forbes written by eminent Online Marketer Neil Patel, that going college is his biggest regret. He made a basic calculation and showed how much it would be profitable if he did not go to college. I will give you one more example. Do you know David Karp? I mean did you hear his name? He is the founder of popular microblogging platform Tumblr. When he was in high school, his mother told him to leave school and study at home. She was a teacher. She thought if David gets dropped out, he will get enough time to study computer science well in the home. Later David made Tumblr, which gets huge popularity. Yahoo then bought Tumblr with billion dollars. Many Indians may not hear about Tumblr, but let me tell you, you all know about Mr Amitabh Bachchan. He is a regular blogger, and he uses Tumblr platform, is his official blog. You can get his daily updates from here.

Apparently, there is less competition in web development market. Though every day the number of Internet users are increasing and competition is going harder at the same time. When my friend made an event blog for Happy New Year 2014,  that time the competition was very less. Very few have a decent idea what the event blog is. I targeted some events also, but the huge success came for Happy New Year 2016. I have a screenshot of 6660 live traffic on that day. You can see the maximum traffic before the day of the event except live streaming. Here is my screenshot-
Event Blog Statistics
Today I was trying to use some different mods in GTA V. This is my all-time favourite game. I did not play GTA IV, cause I didn't have that configuration that time. I played up to San Andreas. There was no concept of mod as far as I know. The only this we used is 'cheat code'. Cheat code for blood (God Mode), cheat code for ammo, weapons, jet pack, cars, chopper and much more. But in GTA V, there are very few cheat codes are here. Everything has been used through mod. Mod means modification. There is a site with largest GTA V mod collections named The site is great. I use some basic modes like Bodyguard, Native UI, VisualV (for Graphics Enhancement). Today I was looking for Tintin character and snowy. But somehow the mod did not run properly. Here are some screenshots of that mode. Hope all Tintin and Snowy lovers will love these. Really!!!

Do you want to see my gameplay? Then this video is for you. No, leave it. Video quality is not so good. I will record later and upload here. Can anybody tell me which will be the best software for capturing gameplay? Anyway, Take Care. With love.