This is the world full of piracy. Software developers, singers, give their best for their creations. It takes lots of effort, dedication and hard work to create a product. It is sad when the product is available for free of cost to anyone via torrent sites. It's sad for them and good for internet users. People save Thousands of dollar in his entire life by using torrent. We must pay the creator who provides these digital products regarding their hard work. "Kickass torrent" was the biggest torrent site till 2016 unless the founder arrested for uploading billion dollars digital products on kickass torrents. Yes, the founder has been arrested and check his story here. These type of torrent sites often change their URL, as the URL is banned after few days they register the domain. You may probably see the message- "Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India". This is only for Indian users. I hope other countries also has taken this step to stop piracy. I think we should go for a serious step against piracy. Though I also download songs from free download sites. Still, I will say, if we force every user to buy digital products, piracy can be controlled. Right now we like, why will I pay for that when x,y,z get that for free. We should make it compulsory for everyone. Technology is now very much improved nowadays; I think it's not an impossible job to protect digital products and for every active user.

A few months ago, the founder of 'kickass' had been arrested, and the domain is seized by them. And many more torrent sites likes, and now some of them restricted areas. Still, you can open them by proxy sites like 'kproxy' or proxy IP addon named 'Hola'. Those work excellent. '' is also a good torrent site right now, apart from ''. You may find almost every digital contents there. At that time, government rules that, if someone opens torrent site(s), he or she can be arrested too for violating the copyright policy. But now that has been uplifted I think, cause I heard nothing about arresting someone for copyright law infringement. People are using torrents just like before. Movies, Software, songs, games and adult videos are the five top categories of each and every torrent sites. YIFY is a channel of movie uploading. It's the biggest movie upload channel. You can find each and every Hollywood movie here in 720p and 1080p. Even they have their own website, where you will find films divided by genre, by year with IMDB rating.
The Social Network - My Motivational Movie
I've not very much crazy about the movie. I see selected movies. Before watching any movie, maximum time I check the brief story. If the storyline or the movie trailer attracts me only then, I go to the cinema hall. I've seen many movies like everyone. Few of them motivated me highly! Like "The Social Network". It's the story about Facebook. How did Facebook make and the story of Mark Zuckerberg? His loving for coding made him the youngest billionaire ever. This movie shows how many problems Mark had to face during the creation of Facebook. Though Mark said after watching this film that, he has been demonstrated as girls attention seeker in this movie which is completely wrong, and the similarity he found best is, the dress selection for Mark in this film cause Mark wore the same type of t-shirts during his college days. I will say you a small incident from this movie. One day one of his classmates came to him and said like- Mark, I've seen a girl, but not sure if she is single or commited. If there is a way to understand someone is single or commited. After hearing this, Mark rans away from the place and go to his dormitory, and added some codes in his social networks. That's how the "Relationship Status" was created. If you are a programmer or online marketer, this movie will definitely draw your attention.

Another film I will say, which is of course not any inspiration film, but it's motivational for me. "50 Shades" series. Both "Fifty Shades Of Grey" and "Fifty Shades Darker". Somehow Christian Grey's lifestyle motivates me. Though he doesn't have any habit of show off. He doesn't need to show off especially the status he has. Lavish lifestyle does not encourage me to dream about it. Instead of it helps me to work more and more that's why I can almost reach that place on the day. If you target 100 marks as your score in a 100 marks exam, you may get 80. But if you target 50 you may get 40. That's the difference. So life goal should always be high so that if we can not even reach our desired destination, yet we could able to reach in an excellent place. A few days ago I went to my teacher's house and heard from one of his students parents that their son reads in class 6, and he loves expensive bikes, supercars. Yeah, who does not like those kinds of stuff? We all wish if we could see them in our garage. But the main this is our perspective. Some people think to use atom bomb in a helpful way, in a way where the whole humankind can get benefits from it. So people think how to destroy humankind or to destroy a city, a region by it. So the same thing can be used in completely two different ways. That's we called a difference of perspective. So if we can change our perspective, it will be a blessing in our life. When we are younger we don't have any bright idea which perspectively is good and which is bad, we all have our perspective. So you can not blame a kid for that. Parents should motivate him by telling him motivational stories, motivational quotes. I didn't believe on motivation before, but now I strongly believe this. Yes, proper motivation even can change your entire life that even you can't imagine. I follow some motivational pages like "Millionaire's Sayings", "Dy Billionaires Club" and many others; even I save them in my mobile. If sometimes I get upset, I read them. Here are some of them-

Rockstar is one of my favourite movies. Even one of my favorite Hindi movies all time. You can see a man's huge change step by step here very clear. His dress, hair, beard and entire outlook. I firmly believe that the story writer Imtiaz Ali has a great vision and knowledge of psychology. Otherwise, this type of story writing is not a cup of tea for all directors. I respect him, his work a lot. I have seen many more movies like these which are absolutely not motivational movies but still somehow motivates me.

If you ask me to tell some people's name who motivate me? I will say about Satyajit Ray, Cristiano Ronaldo, Bill Gates and Shah Rukh Khan. Last three of them are still alive. All of them make a huge amount of money. Bill Gates is the richest person in the world. He never wasted a single day in his 20's. Srk is the most famous person in the world and 2nd richest actor in the world. He works 15-16 hours every day. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the finest footballers in the world, highest paid athlete in the world and one of the hardworking athletes in the world who has the high number of followers on Facebook among all celebrities. So passion, dedication, hard work and motivation can be possible anything. Don't give your hope. Believe in yourself, listen to your heart. One thing always remembers- "When you think things are going to wrong, if you hold on to them, they will turn around." These are not my words, its said by Shah Rukh Khan while giving a speech at Yale University.

Justin Bieber is also my inspiration, you may laugh after hearing that, but its true for me. I don't care about his age. He is three years junior to me. Still his extraordinary talent, his worldwide fame is unbelievable. He gets Grammy award in 2016, which is considered biggest award in music. He is the top artist of Vevo in 2016 due to the highest number of views all total in all his videos. His video song sorry is currently in the 2nd position of most viewed videos on Youtube. I never felt jealous of him. Instead, I get inspired by his extraordinary talent in such early ages. Same for Neymar Jr. who is one of the best footballers in The world and almost same age of Bieber. I always say myself if they can do so many things then why not you! Many guardians often say to their son/daughter- you couldn't do anything. Please never say like this. It's my earnest request to you. Sorry for inturrupting you, here is a video for you, made by popular film director Sujit Sircar, a must watch for every parents. If you are a student, watch this and then please ask your mom/dad to watch this too. 
If you can't motivate someone, then it's fine, but please don't demotivate someone. It may be so easy to tell them these kinds of words, but they hurt a lot after hearing from the persons who are the world to them! It's just a request to all parents. Hope they don't get me wrong. No more today. I'm now enjoying the sea breeze in Digha. Take care. Have a beautiful day.