​It doesn't matter if you are a noob or pro blogger. If you are a blogger, then you are surely familiar with the term- Google Adsense. Adsense is an ad network program made by Google, and it was started in 2003. Now Google makes billions of dollars each year from it. Though many people don't prefer Adsense as a monetization method, even I wrote an article explaining the reason why I hate AdSense. Still at the end of the day AdSense is the best ad network among all. Chitika, Bidvertiser, Infolinks, PropellerAds, Adversal could never reach the payout level of AdSense. So whenever someone comes thins field, he/she has a keen interest on Google AdSense. It is very easy to get approved by Google AdSense, still, if you face any problem, here is the solution for you. It is not tough to get approved by AdSense, but its comparatively tough to make money from it. If you want to earn money from AdSense, you need a good amount of visitors. If you are new to blogging, don't expect to make money overnight. It is better to work on it and get some organic traffic. The process is not an instant so be patient and keep working. 
Basic Google Adsense Tips For Bloggers

Many bloggers get frustrated when the get no money even after working two months. The quit blogging then and say it is not a good way to earn money. I did the same thing a few years ago. I made an amazon affiliate blog and posted articles for two months. Still, the number of visitors were extremely low. There is no sale from Amazon. So I decide to quit that. After six months, I opened the Amazon affiliate account for some reason and saw there are 53 dollars in my account. Aiila! Then I started to work on it again. When you get something in return, it will automatically increase your desire for work. Anyway, work for 3-4 months minimum to start getting money from AdSense. I got 10-12 cents from my blog at very first (not this blog). Then it started to increase, and even I've got more than $40 a day when I got plenty of traffic. So no traffic no money. Mind it.

Now niche plays the vital role in the case of revenue. Each keyword has its own CPC (Cost Per Click). It depends on the niche. It depends on location. "Railway Group D Exam" will get lower CPC than "Stock Exchange Tricks". And Google pays lower for Indian traffic as they have lower chances to convert. They pay higher for tier 1 countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, etc. So before starting a blog, it is always recommended to do keyword research for it. You can use Google Adwords Keyword Planner or Toolfeast to get information like CPC, monthly search, AdWords competition, keyword difficulty, etc. Choose higher AdWords competition keyword that means many advertisers are willing to pay for that keyword. Choose lower key difficulty keywords as they are easier to rank. The higher CPC is, the better. There are three more keyword research tools which are basically paid tool but work excellent. LongtailPro, Semrush and KWFinder. You can use any of them.

Ad placement is crucial. It is always better to keep all the ads inside the post cause now maximum traffics come from smartphones. And you can not see the side bar beside the post. Instead of that, it shows after the post. So generally those ads have a lesser chance to get clicked. Use two link units and two or three 336*280/ 600*300 text or image ad units. Responsive ads are always preferable. Try to use ad unit above the fold for maximum visibility. But mind that if your "above-the-fold" is conquered by ads only, Google may disable your account. Cause your main priority should be content, not ads. Check this post; a 200*90 ad has been placed above the fold still it never dominates above the fold. The bigger ad size is always better and bigger size increases ad visibility. Try to use 300*600 instead of 160*600, and use 336*280 instead of 300*250. You should blend your ad properly to your content so that the visitors may think that those ads are part of the blog content. Use the color of your blog theme to your ad units. If you face any problem while creating responsive text or image ad unit, here is an excellent guide about how to create a responsive ad, written by Amit Agarwal.

Whenever you are going to monetize your blog after adding codes in it, go to my sites option and verify your site in the list. If you don't verify your site, you can't make money even after clicks. Whenever you add a new blog, you just have to add that in verified list. It has great benefits. If someone is click-bombing (clicks on your AdSense ad continuously) your blog, you can take a help of it. Just un-verify your blog and let him click all the day. Once he gets tired, then verify your blog again. Never click your own ad, not ever for the test.

Google recently starts to show related post widget at the end of the post. You even can monetize this section by adding up to 3 native ads inside it. But this is optional. This option will decrease your bounce rate, and users will spend more times on your blog. Which is better for SEO and ranking. But mind that only high traffic blogs are eligible for this feature. You can alternatively make more money by adding page level ads to your blog. It will take up to 1 hour to appear AdSense ads after adding to your blog. So until you only see a blank space.

I have been working with AdSense for more than two years. It's always an awesome moment when you get the AdSense money to your bank account. When you will put your bank details, be calm and careful to put all the data correctly. There is one more step. AdSense also verifies your address. They send and post letter type paper containing a verification pin. When you will get that paper and insert it to your AdSense account, your account will be activated.

Now payment. Which is the most important thing? You will get once you cross 100 dollars. And their payment system is NET20. That means- this is April. If you can make more than $100, you will get that money in 23-24th may to your bank account, though the payment will be released on 20-21th from your AdSense account and you will get an email to your mail box. You may surprise that your finalized earnings get lower than your estimated earnings. This is for invalid click activity, no need to worry. It happens with everyone. Still, you may need to solve some queries. Well, check these- Why My First Blog Made $0 and Common AdSense Problems & Their Solutions. Hope you will find these useful. Still, if you have any question, feel free to ask me. Just do drop a comment below the box. If you think something more related this topic, share here. I would like to hear from you. If you really like this post, please share it with your friends via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and much more. Take care. Have a nice day.