Once I spent only 5 minutes to decorate blog post and then posted it to the web. Honestly speaking it was nothing decorative. Just write on a new page, add an image or two then post it. I worked with a senior named Amit Bhattacharya, and he taught me how to decorate a blog post, that will be easily readable to readers. The decoration is a very important thing. If you went to any big hotel, the one thing that draws your eyes is their food decoration, the way they serve the food, Salad, Biriyani, Hakka Chowmin or whatever the food is. This is the first impression of that food to us. Same for blog post decoration, which is important to readers. If would definitely need good decoration. So, let me describe one by one.
how to decorate a blog post

First of all blog post title. Give a short and cool eye catchy title, you also call that click bait title. Click bait title helps us to increase the click through rate of that post. People like eye catchy title. They have a high tendency to click and read the post which's title is interesting to them. Second is post body. First rectify all the spelling. Add hyperlinks if you need somewhere, bold any text if you need. After finishing these, select all the text and click on justify button on the toolbar. If you read any book or paper, you will see text are always justified. It looks pretty. If you have some points to say, use bullets and numbering. Whenever you use a hyperlink text, make the anchor text bold. Select nofollow or dofollow as you want. Nofollow link means that doesn't pass link juice to the destination URL, whereas dofollow link allows to pass link juice to destination URL. For affiliate link, use nofollow always. Otherwise use dofollow links. Make sure you open them in a different tab otherwise go to HTML and add target='_blank'. When you need to add a picture first compress the picture to decrease it's size. I use compressor.io for compressing images. After compressing, add them to the desired place. Click on the image, remove link from it. Click on extra large option. Add alt tag. Why alt tag is important? Cause when Google bot comes to crawl web page, it crawls all the text but it can not crawl images. It can't understand what the image wants to say. So its better if you mention google about the subject of image. So add title tag, alt tag. The body function is almost finished. Now go to tag option. Select the desired tag or add new one. Now go to URL. Use custom URL always. The shorter, the better. Use always short and appropriate URL for your post. Once you will select one, you can not change that again. Then go to meta description. Add a brief description of your post in 150-160 letters. Now everything looks alright? Click on post button. Your post is live on web now. Whenever you will make a new post, follow these rules. Your visitors will be pleased. I have seen many good blogs who don't even use justify option but this is not a good practice. And for images, always try to use stock photos, cause you have no headache on any copyright infringement issue or stolen content. I have an access to ShutterStock. If you need any picture from ShutterStock, send me the URL to my email address ( you will find that in contact) and I will mail you the good copy. And one more thing, try to update your blog regularly. It is a good practice. It will let Google bot to crawl and index your blog frequently. One more advice for your blog post, don't use copied material or word spinning tool. Googlebot [It is often called as spider or crawler] simply ignores copied material where as spinning content does not make any sense for the maximum time. Spinner use synonyms. Sometimes they use such a synonym that makes no sense. It will give a bad user experience. So better to stay away from this. And last but not the least, consistently is the key. If you keep posting everyday, Google will crawl your blog more frequently and index your blog more often. More over, your loyal readers will wait for your upcoming post eagerly. Try to write a bigger post, at least more than 1000 words. It is better if you use an infographic. There are much more rules of how to make a perfect post, well decorated post. Right now, I don't obey all of them. I don't make different paragraphs for different points. I don't use sub headlines inside the post as this blog was started as a personal blog. Anyway, no more today. If you have any question, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. If you really find my post useful, the do share it with your friends via social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and many more. Take care. Have a nice day.