Am I the only one who has a great fear of failure? Am I the only one who is much worried about career in my friend zone? Am I the only one who has a great thirst for success? Am I the only one who love to see the win only at the end of the day? No, probably not, there are much more people like me. I started my blogging journey from 2013 for the second time. Before that, I took rest from blogging for one or more years. I broke down so much when the Adsense account got disable. I thought nothing good is left for me. I am such an unfortunate person. But right now I feel that I was wrong. Everything has a proper time, and you will get that on that proper time only. 
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Well, as I said, I started my second-time journey on the very first of 2013, may be on 8th January, my best friend's birthday. I got my first payment from it probably the same time in next year. I still remember I bought a washing machine for my mum. It was such a wonderful feelings. It does not matter if you get 1000 rupees or 100000 rupees as your first salary but buying something with it for your mum/dad is such a great feeling.  Motivation is crucial for this time. Once you get properly motivated, you have not look back again. I was not as much motivated as now. Yes, right now I'm very serious about my work. I give a plenty time for it. I always think how to improve my blog(s), how to give my reader a better experience. I also wrote a post about the importance of motivation. You can take a look. I always check videos of Bill Gates, Shah Rukh Khan, Justin Bieber, Cristiano Ronaldo because they motivate me a lot. Today I want to share a video with you. It's an excellent motivational video. I am also providing a screenshot of a comment on this video. I hope you will like this. I see their videos. I learn a lot from them. Motivation is crucial if you want to succeed.

motivational quotes
How many of you use traffic exchange like Hitleap or Jingling? Here is a post I wrote on Hitleap, you can take a look. If you check TheBotNet, you will get many tricks to monetize Hitleap points. But again I'm saying; you will get a maximum of 1-5 dollars per day. 
Better to go for long-term blogging. Once they are made, you can get money even without working. Yes, it's a kind of autopilot system. I worked one of my blogs for 1-2 months and then it makes money till now without any effort. It's always preferable if you spend some time to update your blog, as you know Google loves those blogs those update frequently.  

I am really happy with what I have. But I should not stop. I need more. I need a good car. But still now what I have achieved, I am happy for that. The only thing I lost from my life is- the great thirst for reading books. Yes, I was a bookworm. I read an almost every book that I get in front of me. When I went to somewhere by train, I took a book with me and read that in my whole way. It was really really good practice. But now I can't read a book more than 15-20 minutes. I feel bored. I don't know what the reason behind this change is. Maybe the availability of the internet is a reason. But the reading habit is still inside me. I read plenty of articles every day. Not from books but internet. The reading habit has been shifted from book to PC/laptop or smartphone. I did not read English book generally in my childhood. I read only Bengali books written by Sunil Ganguly, Humayun Ahmed, Suchitra Bhattacharya, Samaresh Majumder, Buddhadeb Guha, Satyajit Ray, Sankha Ghosh, Dulendra Bhowmik, Narayan Gangopadhyay and much more. Those were the golden days of my life. Reading habit is excellent. It helps to excel yourself. Though I don't read the book much right now, bu I spend a lot of time for reading an article on the internet.

I often think how to increase visitors to this blog. If you use social media entirely or paid social campaign, you may get visitors right now. But you want for organic traffic you have to wait some more as this crawling, indexing and ranking process is not instant. The blog is 20 days old. And I get 7-10 new readers per day. So should I expect more? No, I think, it's alright. Just have to forget the analytic stats and keep working on the blog, and you will get succeed. 
patience is virtue
For example- I was talking about an autopilot blog. For that blog, I was working with one of my friends, Imran Uddin. And as the blog started, I asked him every day, brother, when the organic traffic will come? He said- be patient brother, it will come. It took almost two months when the presently of traffic started to come to my blog. I have another blog on a smartphone app. I though I should delete the blog as it gets no traffic. But after 3-4 months it started getting traffic and make some dollars every month. Obviously, it is profitable. One more blog, which I've mentioned here many times, earphone corner. I thought I would stop renew the domain as it generates no revenue. It is monetized by Amazon associates only. I was stopped checking my Amazon Associates account as I was bored by seeing zero dollar revenue every day. I did not open the account for four months, and then one day I was opened it by curiosity and guess what? I found 53 dollars in it. Such a happy moment for me. So don't expect for the instant result. Keep working, and one day you will surely win. Okay, no more today. If you have any question related this post, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. If you want to get all of my posts in a place, check Archive. Take care. Have a beautiful day.