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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Why Every Blogger Should Join Blogging Forum

I started my first blog in 2010. At that time, I just had coding knowledge only. I had no idea about online marketing, about content marketing, social media marketing, on-page and off page SEO, link building, etc. I mean I knew almost nothing about blogging. At that time we took broadband internet from local cable service provider. I always wanted to make money from the internet or better to say from home rather than going office every day in a fixed time. So I searched for how to make money online. I don't want to go blogging right that time; I wanted to find some shortcut way to make money online. The option I chose first was "click and earn" type, bux sites. 
Blogging Forum 1
Neobux is the famous all of them. I open an account, and I clicked ads every and got 1-2-3 cents per day. I was happy that time. Wow! I'm making money from the internet now! There are three types of account. Probably normal, standard and premium. I made an account to Onbux also, which site is no more exist. Their schemes are really attractive. If I spend 80$, then I will get many benefits, referrals and all. But I have no way to pay online. Then I asked my parents to make an account for me. The account has been created, I got a debit card and paid there. But there is a big difference between their theoretical explanation and reality. A little amount of money has been generated from that site. When I tried to withdraw the money, it was shown as pending. But after then, I did not get any money still now. The matter is simple- they are a big fraud. But as far as I know, Neobux is genuine, but this is not a good way to make money. 

Then I came to know about blogging. One day I found a site named Sitesell. The founder was Ken Evoy. They provided blogging course and blogging platform too. So that after finishing the course, you can create a blog on their platform too. It sounded interesting to me. I joined in their program within few days. They provided me with a ten days course material. I mean a PDF guide (probably). I finished that within 3-4 days. I had a pain in my neck for that. Then I made a blog which made $0. Check the story.

So the lack of knowledge could not fulfil your wish. It was on 2010, and now it is 2017. Very difference. During this time, I have learned a lot. At that time I have no mentor, no blogger friend to help me. But now the problem is not there anymore. I am a member of few blogging community and those help me to improve myself incredibly. I am writing this post just to share my experience with you, and I just want to explain why the forum is so important.

When I started my first blog, I have nobody to help, but right now there are many bloggers from whom I can solve my problem. The forum which helps me to improve myself a lot is "Premium Tricks By IftiSEO". It's a Facebook community page. You can not find it unless you are a member of it cause this is a hidden community and you can join here only from an invitation by someone. I have a friend named Abhijith Suresh; he is from Kerala, a very helpful person. One day he told me about this community in some context I can't remember now. And he invited me to join the community and told me to be active there otherwise the moderator will get you out. The day was really special for me, as it opened the door to another blogging world or better to say real blogging world to me. I came to know about the bloggers from the different corner of India. Before that, I thought, I am a good blogger, and there is nothing new to learn. After joining here, the total concept of blogging has been changed to me. I learned SEO tricks, social media promotion, content marketing, how to make a perfect blog post, etc. 

I came to know about Iftekhar Ahmed, who is three years junior to me and he is the founder of that community. He is a very humble person also, and very helpful. He is fantastic blogger and fantastic human being at the same time. Whenever I face any serious problem, I call him. He shows me the way to solve the problem. So it would not be possible if I was not in that community. And not only Iftekhar, but I also have much more friends who help me a lot. You will find there pro-bloggers, medium level bloggers and noob bloggers altogether. We discussed the latest SEO tricks, Google algorithm change, marketing tricks, ad networks analysis and all. If you follow the community properly for one month, you can feel the incredible change of yourself. So at least a forum or community is important for any blogger. A friend of the same profession is always preferable. Even you can work together with any of them. It will help to increase your knowledge. If you see the top companies in the world, you can see the power of duo, like Sergey Brin and Larry page. They formed Google together. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak formed Apple together. Evan Williams and Biz Stone formed twitter together. Bill Gates and Paul Allen formed Microsoft together. There are much more examples of the two-person company.
Blogging Forum 2
You should be active on the forum to gain knowledge. Sharing knowledge is always recommended. You can throw a thread; you can reply a thread. You can add your link to there. In this way, you can get visitors to your blog. Every day hundreds of thread post on any forum. If you carefully check them and their answer, you will be able to develop yourself. As I said you could get here blogger friends, when you need any help, they will help you. When I was working in 2010, if something went stuck, there was nobody to help me. And I thought myself so unlucky, why I am here in a small town; where nobody is there to help me. But now the scenario has been totally changed. So I will request all new bloggers to join at least on community or forum. There are much more forums like Warrior Forum, TheBotNet, Digital Point, Black Hat World, ShoutMeLoud forum, AllTechBuzz forum, etc. check the forum every day, check expert's comments. I learn every day something new from expert's comment. TheBotNet is not actually for authority bloggers. Tricks are shared here how to make money from ad networks, with bots, with Hitleap and others. I wrote and article to stay away from TheBotNet. It's just a time waste, nothing else. It's better to check other forums.

So forum or community is an important part of blogging. It's not necessary for your blogging career, but it's recommended. You can improve yourself a lot from here. Use for 3-4 months, and you can understand the change. So join today. If you are serious about blogging and want to sharpen your blogging knowledge, then you can join "Premium Tricks By IftiSEO". As the joining is completely invitation basis, so if you want to join there, send me your Facebook mail id and the details. No more now. If you have any question related this post, feel free to ask me, I am here always to help you. Just do drop a comment below the box. If you have any statement or suggestion, also inform me here. If you really like this article, then please share it with your friends via social networks like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. take care. Have a nice day.


  1. I want to join.. I loved your content, I am new in this field. I run a site http://www.eucnews.com/ we started this website around 20 days ago and we publish content daily over here, we cover viral news and topics. i want to understand how can I get more traffic to my website?

    1. I am glad you like it. Let me know your Facebook email id. Send it to my Skype id- sahasourajit17 mentioning your name. Keep publishing content to your blog. Google loves it. All the best.

  2. Sourajit sir! Mind blowing article,,,,I swear it took my heart away. One of the best and interesting article I have ever read on the internet. It encouraged me a lottttt. It really matters a lot, when it comes to the traffic on a blog/website and for beginners like me, at starting, it is very disappointing. But patience and consistency is the key Right?... i hope,it would be. Anyway! you are one of the good person I have observer by reading your article and story. Thanks for everything Sourajit Sir. Can I please be your friend on facebook if you don't mind?? my fb id is https://www.facebook.com/abbi.hassan and my email id is: [email protected]
    Expecting a brilliant and positive responsive Comment from you Sir
    Regards: Abrar ( Owner and founder at www.dprotricks.com )

    1. Glad that you like it. If you are interested to join in the community, let me know! And yes, I can be your friend definitely! :)

    2. Of course Sir! definitely, I want to be in that community :) It would be wonderful to be a part of that community and to be a friend of you. My fb id is www.fb.com/abbi.hassan Can you please send me a friend request and an invitation from that community, since I don't have yours. :) Thanks sir

    3. Sourajit sir! I am waiting for your precious friend request on fb from the last four days :(

    4. Sorry for the delay Abrar. Got your request.


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