​I went to a driving school today near Central Park, Kalyani. According to them, there are two types of class. Normal and special. In you go for special, you have to attend five classes. 1 class per week. So it will take five weeks to complete the course. They will arrange all the process including driving licence, which is really an important factor to me. When did I ask them what will be better- automatic or manual transmission? They said go for manual. I have searched a lot in google and finally came to the conclusion that manual will be better. 
manual gear
Manual is budget friendly, manual gives more mileage, manual needs less maintenance cost comparing to an automatic transmission. These are benefits. Automatic is better for go and stop the road. I think Kalyani is not like that, though we have several bumps, but manual can be fitted very well. I have to downgrade my budget, and now my choices are Honda City, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, Volkswagen Vento and Hyundai Verna. Vento will be out of the list from the very first because of its maintenance cost. As Volkswagen is a German company and they are famous for their build quality. Volkswagen is the mother company of BMW, Audi, Lamborghini. Vento's clutch and Audi's clutch are same, so the part's are definitely costly. So leave it. Verna is excellent by some features are outdated while Ciaz is a budget friendly, but it has the maximum width among mid-range sedans. Overall Honda City is the best with its long-time reputation.i have seen the new facelift Honda City 2017 model today. It looks amazing. One more interesting fact I want to share with you. When I was young, I don't know about BMW models, Audi model or Ferrari, my dream car was Honda City. So if I buy this car, it will be like a dream comes true.


Today is the Bengali new year. And I went to learn driving today. It is so easy. As I drove bike before, so I have the basic concept of the gear clutch combination. Amitda was my teacher. First, he taught me the gear function. Then we shifted to drive the car. I don't know why but I have a lack of self-confidence. Even 2-3 days before I thought how to drive a car, how to maintain the distance in front and left. But today when I started driving the car, everything became easier. There is nothing rocket science in it. Just one thing. This is the first time. So it is tough to control steering gear clutch brake and accelerator together. Steering is ok. Gear is ok. Even clutch is ok. Just have to practice more and more to control break and accelerator. Today my family decided it is not safe to learn in a normal car. They want me to admit to a driving school. Especially when they will take care of driving license issue. I don't know what should I do right now. Well, my parents will take the responsibility, so I should avoid all the headache. This is one issue. Another important issue is the parking space in my house. This is very small. The Elantra is 5.90 ft wide. Whereas I have only 6.50-7.00 ft wide space. Eight ft is at least needed. I think so. If the builder can make a 7.5-foot space, I believe that it is also perfect for me. I mean for my car. I was decided to buy Honda City even in the day before yesterday. Yesterday I went to Hyundai showroom with my mom and Amitda. I saw a white Elantra with an eye-catching look. It was just awesome. Honda city is obviously good buy it is never my first choice. It is my second choice. My first choice is Hyundai Elantra. Though it's costly, I think its better to wait for some more times and then buy a better car. I am working hard for my job, and I think I will be able to buy an Elantra one day.
hyundai elantra
I have some old blogs which I don't even check. I almost forget most of them. But they are now ranked well in SERP, as they are an old blog. Google's crawling, indexing and ranking process is not instant. It takes a long time. You can even control crawling with fetch by Google option. But ranking is very time taken process. I got 10-12 unique visitors per day on this blog for few days. Now it decreases to 1-2. The main reason probably is Google dance. It will take the time to be stable after few months. Until I have to wait. The main problem is that I have a lack of patience. After making a blog, I look for visitors instantly. Still, I know it takes the time to generate organic traffic. It depends on blog content; it depends on keyword difficulty and many things. So it is better to build a blog, write 30-40 quality articles and then forget about the blog. I will see the visitors after two months. At least it happens to me twice. So I have that experience. Okey, no more today. If you have any question related this post, feel free to ask me. Just do drop a comment below. Take care. Have a nice day.