When I started my first personal blog, it was- "sourajit.org". I began writing in Bengali. Each post contented 150-200 words with pictures. Too low for writing a standard post. If you want to write a blog post, a minimum number of words should be 500 or more. Now I write my each post that contains more than 1200 words. Writing in Bengali is not a good idea. Because if you compare a Bengali blog's audience and an English blog's audience, you will find the difference. The first one is local language whereas the second one is global. 
How To Write A Perfect Blog Post
Though you can get a lot of visitors from Bangladesh; but remember that their CPC is too small 1-2 cents per click. Where you can get the maximum amount for a click from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, France because they are considered as Tier 1 countries. Whereas India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh are considered as Tier 3 countries. For Indian traffic, I got 10-11 cents CPC in 2015, and now I get 4-5 cents, it has been drastically reduced. So better to stay away from any Indian niche, work for the global traffic. It's always better if you write your content yourself. I have seen many article writers; they just copy from somewhere use word spinner and send that to their clients. Better to write yourself. If you write ten articles on "Benefits of Green Tea", you can quickly write a new one. So what's the conclusion? Read more, more and more to write an article. Better if you mention the source of data. You can see references on every page of Wikipedia. Spammers don't like to give an outbound link to another article. But check any authority site, they use outbound links whenever it's needed. It helps to increase Google trust if Google sees that you are using relevant links as a reference like Forbes, Huffington Post, CNN, etc. It takes almost 4 hours to write a post, then decorate it, uses appropriate pictures, inserting links, alt tag, normal tag, post title, post URL, etc. If you copy a post from somewhere and paste to your blog, it would take 10-15 minutes maximum. Toyota takes 9 hours to build whereas Rolls Royce takes 6 months. See the difference.
Toyota takes 9 hours to build whereas Rolls Royce takes 6 months.

Anyway, then I realized that I couldn't continue a Bengali blog so far. I translated it into English then. Do you know the major difference between this and that blog?Honestly speaking, writing a 1200+ words article gives me more satisfaction and confidence. Once I started working with Imran (my friend and famous Pro-blogger); I told him- what if I write a 200 words article? Cause that niche was one line informational. Imran said- it won't work brother. Write more than 500 words. Now I can feel that yes, 500 words or more is necessary for any article, whatever the niche is. And one thing tries to write the best answer of any problem on the web to confirm page one position. Later I lost my interest from that blog and deleted it. Still, if you want to see the blog, check web archives.

At present, I'm working on this only. You can see the AdSense ad here, but still, they are in inactive position. When I see 10+ new visitors every day, only then I will start to monetize. You may ask me, then why are you showing inactive ads on your blog? The answer is- if I don't use them and keep blogging, and I added them after 1-2 months when the traffic started. It will be annoying for returning traffic. They saw it was an ad free blog, excellent. Now when they came again after 7-10 days later, they will see it has been filled with the ad. They will feel irritating, it's normal. Better to start showing ads from the very first day.

Blogging is a very interesting thing. It mixed all subjects, streams into one. Like, blog post, you need primary literature skills to write a post. That means Arts. If you want to create a blog, then you must have to know coding, which is considered under Computer Science. That means Science. And when you start a blog you definitely have some plans to promote, some plans to monetize. Those are under Commerce. So you have to apply Science, Arts and Commerce all three streams together to make a blog. I'm a science stream student, but I had a keen interest in literature even I still have. And I had no idea about commerce. That's my story.

I often think to start a vlog; even I wrote why you should start a vlog now. Top YouTubers make plenty of money each day each month each year. And they get extra benefits from Jio. As Jio offers unlimited data pack, YouTube started to get more views. Suddenly YouTube announced, they won't allow YouTube videos to monetize with AdSense which has less than 10000 views. Each video will get permitted to monetize with AdSense when they cross 10000 views mark. I think it has both good sides and bad sides. The good side is that many YouTuber's one and only vision- to make money from YouTube anyway. They copy video from different places, compile them change the audio with Softwares like Audacity, then upload it to YouTube just to make $$$. Obviously, some pro-YouTubers also do the same thing but you can feel the touch of creativity, so their video gets even millions of view. And they don't do that only for money. Obviously, money is a factor, but passion comes first. Those who came to YouTube only to make money and some of their videos get less than 10000 views so they could not make money from YouTube now. Even some people use bots to increase their video views, not it will be tougher to reach that level. And bad side? Some small YouTubers, who are dedicated to their passion, but they don't have enough equipment, enough marketing knowledge, how to promote YouTube videos both paid and free ways; it will be a tough challenge to themselves. Still, I'll tell. You don't have to record 1080p 60fps [Frames Per Second] video to get enough views. You can even use normal equipment to get more than 10000 hits if you have creativity. Check the video quality of "BB Ki Vines". He is the highest paid YouTuber in India with a monthly income of 40-50 lakhs. Well, no more now. If you have any question related to this article, don't hesitate to ask me. Just send me a message below the box. Take care. Have a nice day.