A few days ago one of our community members asked,"what's the future of SEO? is the SEO dead?" I was wondered a little bit. After 3-4 days Google released Fred and it literally shakes the SEO world. Don't know why people think SEO does not work anymore. But the really is totally opposite. Googlers are working every day to improve their search algorithm so that we can get more important and relevant data from search results. Yahoo and Bing are a little bit lagged behind comparing to Google. But no, it's your wrong conception, SEO is still alive even they are now kicking all the bad sites from their search result which have no value literally. You can check this article written by famous Indian blogger and entrepreneur Harsh Agrawal about this topic.
seo is dead
The template is always an indirect factor for blog ranking. When you first enter to any blog, you see first the template. So it creates the first impression to reader's mind. A neat and clean, good looking template can give you the extra advantage even if your content is not so good. If you check ShoutMeLoud, AllTechBuzz or ProBlogger, you will see they have changed their templates after 2-3 years. The biggest problem of blogger platform is that they have not enough options for the template like me. Whereas you will find thousands of awesome looking template for WordPress platform all over the web. As I have already started this site with blogger, right now I don't have a plan for shifting my blog to WordPress as you know WordPress and blogger have the same value in terms of SEO. But blogger is a little bit risky as those are hosted by google, so google can delete your blog anytime without showing you a proper reason.

I'm planning to buy a 2nd hand car temporarily. I have just one condition. It should be automatic transmission. It's easier to control. Though I have a practice of gear and clutch in the bike, but right now I use a scooty. Gearless is awesome! Hyundai Elite i10 probably have an automatic transmission model. I have to ask local dealers about the availability of 2nd hand car which is automatic transmission enabled. If you looks at all premium cars, they all have automatic transmissions like Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz.
automatic transmission
I want to share today some more meme from Facebook. whenever I see a meme, I think I should write something in the comment about my feelings about it, then suddenly resist myself from it? why? Even I don't know the reason. But here, in my blog, I love to write those. There is something that gives me more freedom in my blog. You will find a,b,c,x,y,z all on Facebook but there are almost no known person is my blog reader. So it's a relief.
school life
Well, I did the first thing. When i went to my school on the very first day, I cried so much that my mom had to bring me back to home. I went to school from the second day. I don't know but somehow I have a great fear of going school or college, I mean in some regular institution. I have kind of phobia. For this reason, when my college forced me to make at least 75 percent attendance, I decided to quit my college life. The second image is also right for me. I cried the day when I leave my school. It was the place where I played football with my friends. Studies were not so important to me as the football was. I still remember, I had attended few class only in my class 12 and all time I played football with friends, loved to bunk classes, sitting in library, gossiping and all. Really those days were so so good.
happy life
Yes, I'm really thankful. I'm grateful to God for giving me such a beautiful life. I am one of them who could fulfill all his wishes within so early ages. I wanted to work with Amazon Associates and Google Adsense. It was my dream job and right now I do that. I wanted to go foreign at least once. I went to Thailand in 2015 when I was 23 years old. I wanted to get dimple. I knew it was impossible, but strange, right now I have dimple. So I feel myself so lucky. Life is worth living really.
Terry Fox
Here is a news about an athlete named Terry Fox. you will surely love it. Just for the record, he wanted to raise one dollar for every person in Canada for cancer research. At that time it would have been about 32 million dollars. Since Terry Fox runs are now held in about 20 countries around the world the amount raised so far is far in excess of what he initially set out to do.
so what reaction button
Facebook needs a so what button. I see a too much useless post on my Facebook wall. Some of my friends who does not have basically any work and post all time about love quotes, feels, I can't leave with you- such type of idiotic activity. And I wrote a post about how Facebook wastes our time! Trust me, after 7-8 years experience; I can say that Facebook is nothing but a time waste. I do only for one thing. Our blogging community. I contact my blogger friends with it. I contribute there regularly. I take help from there and i help noobs also.
love to sleep
Sleeping is such an awesome thing. there is an interesting fact about sleeping. if you are sad from inside, you will sleep much. and if you are happy from inside , you will sleep for less time. we often talk one thing- he/she is in love and he/she is spending now sleepless nights. this is quite true. have you any experience related to this? Okay, no more today. if you have any question about this post, feel free to ask me. just do drop a comment below the box. take care. have a beautiful day.