Who is the CEO of Google? Answer- Sundar Pichai. Now even every child, especially Indian child knows that as Pichai is an Indian. Being an Indian, he went there and rule the silicon valley at present, the journey of Pichai is a phenomenon. He is arguably most famous person in silicon valley just after Larry page and Sergey Brin and Tim Cook (Apple CEO). Page now left from CEO post of Google and now they have been founded a mother company of Google called alphabet.  Google is a part of Alphabet
Pichai Effect On Silicon Valley
If you notice the journey of Google, you can see how rapidly they have been improved themselves. They are always working on search engine algorithm and change it when it is needed. Recently they have been launched an algorithmic update named Fred, which literally shakes the SEO world. It filters all the low-quality sites with bad backlinks. Bad means that are not natural, paid links, PBN links or others. Anyway, there was a time when iOS rules alone in the smartphone industry. Then android appears. 

I still remember the day, at that time I went to NIIT class. Our teacher asked, what is Android? Nobody answered except me. I stood up and said, it's an operating system made by Google and works on the smartphone. he praised me. It was probably on 2011. Why did I say this? I have mentioned that nobody answered. And now everybody knows what android is. They spread so fast all over the world. There are several versions of androids, and the current version named "Nougat". apart from search engine and mobile operating system, they make mobile phones [Pixel and Pixel XL], Gmail [their own web based mail service like Yahoo Mail and Microsoft Outlook]. Google Map is one of the interesting things that made by Google. When I was younger, I used Wikimapia then. Now you can find google maps app in almost everyone's mobile. I like both satellite view and street view, though satellite view was more impressive in childhood. It was incredible to find out my house on the world map. Zoom zoom zoom and then... yoo! My house! 

They introduced AdSense probably on June 18, 2003. Adsense is an advertising placement service, though which webmasters can show relevant ads to their website(s) and make money. google makes so many apps like Google Allo, which is literally a flop project, it is a messaging app like Facebook Messenger. Google Duo is another app which helps to video call. Still, I will say people use Skype and IMO more. Besides Google Street View, Google Translate, Youtube, Google Drive [cloud storage], Google Chrome, Google Plus, Gmail, Cardboard, My Business, Google Photos, Google Play music and much more apps they have developed. Pichai was the head of Android department before. google's main target is to provide relevant and best data from the web. they love to working on artificial intelligence. They have also developed a virtual assistant app who is a rival to Apple's Siri. Basically, these programs are very smart still needed more work on it. When I use Siri, I'm like,"Siri, play Love Me Like You Do." and Siri starts playing the song. I have seen some sites also where you can talk to them. You get bored? You need someone to talk? Then talk to them. It's like a virtual buddy. Though those are not smart enough, but you can see a huge change in Siri by 2022. 

Pichai said in one interview, "Growing up in India like many of you, I got my first telephone when I was 12. in my case, it turned out to be a rotary phone, so it was not that great for selfies, but I still loved to call my friends play with it and sometimes take it apart. That telephone cemented my fascination with technology. I remember at my parent's house in Chennai, reading about the invention of the transistor at Bell Labs. Of course, that initial invention help found what became known as Silicon Valley. And out of that came companies like Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel and all the computers and software that we all use today. You can draw a direct line from that invention to the technology that powers your twitter feed or your Wechat messages today. I remember reading about that and thinking it's the idea that matters. It did not matter where you come from or what your background is. One revolutionary idea, one brilliant invention can unleash other entrepreneurs to revolutionize industries in ways, you can never predict." 
Whenever I get depressed, I feel sad about my career, about my future, I just watch this video. It makes my day. his passion for technology, his foresightedness makes him be eligible for the CEO post of the search engine giant 'Google'. the source said, Pichai has a good relationship with ex-CEO of Google Larry page, who is alternatively famous as the Google founder. page trusts Pichai, so it is no more surprising that Pichai replaced page to keep the progressive pace of tech giant company. Another formal google employee said Pichai knows better how to manage Larry. Bonding is very important in these cases; a good understanding can make a big difference even in football ground to the corporate sector. some people say, Pichai is the new Eric Schmidt. 

There is an interesting story about Sundar Pichai's foresightedness. It is written by Jeff Nelson, a former Google. He wrote in Quora- "In a series of sometimes tense conversations with top brass around the time of a major update to IE in October 2006, Pichai argued that Microsoft could threaten a sizable chunk of Google’s business, according to two executives who were there. October 18, 2006, was Doomsday for Google's business because on that day, Microsoft suddenly and without warning changed the default Search engine on IE to Bing. For years, the default had been Google, so anyone using IE was automatically coming to Google. That IE driven traffic was worth billions of dollars to Google and by some measures represented about 65% of visits to Google. Losing that traffic absolutely was a Doomsday scenario for Google and everyone knew it. There was even some talk about whether this was going to drive Google out of business, because we couldn't suddenly lose 65% of our revenues. The stock market would have killed our stock.

Microsoft didn't even ask their customers for permission. They just automatically switched anyone who installed IE7 to Bing as the default. To use some ballpark numbers, if you assume Google had roughly 400 million customers on October 17. Suddenly, now 300 million customers were potentially going to Bing instead of Google.

Google immediately went into crisis mode and addressed this Doomsday scenario using a two prong strategy. The first prong was to use a feature in IE to create a pop-up window that was embedded in the Web page and, for users pointing at Bing, we simply ask if they want to set their default back to Google, then made the appropriate registry entry changes to point the user back to Google. That partially saved the day, because the pop-up was able to recapture the majority of customers. So, let's say 200 million of those lost 300 million customers ended up coming back to Google and changing the default Search back to Google.

However, we still couldn't lose 100 million customers overnight. The second part of the strategy tried to address those customers. That's where Google Toolbar as well as Google Desktop and Google Updater came into play. Google Toolbar and Desktop both provide a Search box that always points to Google, so any users with GT installed will also be recaptured and end up coming back to Google. Also, they can check the registry settings and prompt the user to change the default. Google Updater was equally important, because Updater periodically checks if there are any software updates that Google wants to install on your computer. So, if another Doomsday-like event occurs, let's say Microsoft rolls out a software patch that entirely blocks Google search, Google could respond with their own software patches."
Tim Cook & Sundar Pichai
Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google CEO Sundar Pichai were spotted in a famous restaurant in Palo Alto, California. We don't know the topic of their discussion. Hopefully, we will get more amazing products from Pichai's Google. Meanwhile, Larry will control Alphabet, which is basically a collection of companies where Google is the largest among all. Well, no more today. If you have any question related this post, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below. Take care. Have a nice day.