I had to face YouTube buffering problem since a long time. I use 1.5 mbps speed package (unlimited) for my work or entertainment purpose. The net surfing is almost fine. But it created a problem when I buffered some videos from YouTube. Not always, but sometimes. I called many times to "Meghbela Broadband" office in Kolkata; they help me a lot as far as possible via remote desktop software Anydesk. It was normally going for few days and started again. Yesterday night I faced the same problem again. I was rather confused about my package speed. Is it not enough for 1080p video stream without buffering? Should I have to upgrade my package once more?
How To Play YouTube Videos Faster Without Buffering
Then I searched to find out any good way to increase YouTube buffering speed. I got some working methods! Obviously, I want to share those to you.

1) Clear cache of your internet- Sometimes you might forget to clear your internet cache, cookies, browser history data, which can reduce your internet speed. So better to clean them regularly. "CCleaner" is a good software. you can use it to clean your cache memory, browser history, internet cookies, etc. to boost up your YouTube buffering speed.

2) Here is another trick by which you can increase your YouTube buffering speed a lot if you use Windows operating system. Microsoft reserves 20% bandwidth of your internet connection for their update related purpose. You have to disable them to enjoy the full bandwidth.
  • Click on start, select run and type “gpedit.msc”.
  • Double click on “Limit reservable bandwidth” and then select “Enabled” and set the bandwidth limit to 0 [Zero].
This try can you help you to play a YouTube video without lag.
3) You can even plug your Ethernet cable directly to your PC, Laptop, then a router. If the signal comes through a router, it loses by few percentage, so it's better to connect that direct to get better speed.

4) You can simply update your browser (Opera, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) to get better speed. Many times the developers give priority on minimizing the JavaScript through the browser. For that reason, Google Chrome is so fast than internet explorer.

5) If you use google chrome, then I'll suggest you to use few more browsers to check if it's the internet connection's problem of the browser's fault.

6) You can eventually lower the video quality, like from 720p to 480p. I know you will not be happy to see a video in lower quality. Still, it's the only way when the others don't work.

7) When you watch a Youtube video, you see that from the cached version from a Content Distribution Network (CDN) rather that directly from Youtube and the CDN speed can be different, so it's better to watch the video directly on Youtube. You will get a faster loading time by blocking IP ranges used by CDNs.
  • Open the Command Prompt.
  • Copy and paste this command into the window: netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="YouTubeTweak" dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes
  • Hit "Enter" to add the rule.
  • Close Command Prompt.
8) Lastly, you can upgrade your internet package, if you can afford. I used 400 rupees package 5-6 months ago, and now I use 750. I upgraded it almost double. And benefit? Apart from faster net surfing, I can watch Youtube videos in 1080p without buffering.

I bought my HD monitor (Dell) 5 months ago just for playing GTA 5. It's my all-time favorite game. You can not understand the effect of GTA 5 unless you use an HD monitor. Even you can also use a 4k monitor. 4k monitors are huge in size, and I could not afford at that time, so 22-inch Dell is pretty good for me with the 178-degree view. 4k videos are the latest technology. It is rising by time. Here are some top 4k videos available on YouTube, you can take a look for sure. 

I had not idea about 4k before or I didn't even hear the term 4k. I saw it first when trying to increase video quality of a Justin Bieber show and it shows "4k", and that resolution...OMG!!! Nowadays these are going to common; even 8k are also available on the internet. I installed Adblocker for YouTube too, and I make money from advertising. What a shame! But honestly speaking, it's an experiment with the internet bandwidth and buffing speed. I tried so many things, but the changes are no so noticeable still now.

This blog is more than ten days old, and getting few traffics from social, I think it may be google plus when I share my every post. I have decided to monetize this blog with Google Adsense, cause I could not find any more simple way to monetize. Amazon Associates is definitely a good way, but if you consider my articles, those are not product basis. Those are related online marketing, make money blogging, how to type posts and some of my personal thoughts. So how can I use Amazon Associates here? Maximum I can suggest any product, which I've been used, that's it.

Let the visitors grow; I will decide if I find something better to monetize. My idol Shah Rukh Khan completes his 25 years journey in Bollywood industry. It's a nostalgic day for him as well as for his family. The struggle can take you in the super top. So don't waste your time, do what you want, what your heart wants, and you will never feel tired of working. I'm listening to Bieber songs now. I told you before that, Bieber is one of my idols. This song is my very favorite- "Never Let You Go". Whenever he performs this song live, he uses an acoustic version of the song, and it sounds great.

A post on Minterest says it's enough to write 365 posts to make enough money. Ok, then, I will try. :P I will write here a single post every day. let's see how much I can make from it. When any friend of mine asks me to suggest a smartphone, I recommended him One Plus 3 or One Plus 3T. Both of these sets are just awesome. Many of my tech blogger friends use these sets, and they give positive feedbacks to our forum or their wall. so it can be a perfect blind buy if you can't select which will be perfect for you.

Today is one of the remarkable days in my blogging career. Today I add SSL in one of my blogs, and it's none other but thing blog. My personal blog. You can see a green color lock with secure text just left side of my URL, and I'm no more with HTTP, I'm now using HTTPS. Cloudflare gives SSL free. As this blog is new, I have to face fewer problems related to Google indexing and migration. So I did it today. My readers can browse my blog without any tension for malware, Trojan or something like that. Keep visiting. If you have any query related this post, please feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment in below the box. No more today. Take care. Have a nice day.