Blogging is very popular nowadays. Some people take it as passion while some take it as a profession. Some use it to grow their business while some use a blog for self-promotion. It differs man to man. I started blogging as a hobby; later it turned into a profession. I was good in coding since my school days. My computer teachers loved me a lot for that. I learned HTML coding when I was in class 8. It attracted me so much that I started to learn more HTML codes outside of my school and I made three offline websites, which were connected by hyperlinks and the hard disk worked as the server. I kept that backup disk for a long time, don't know where it is right now. I wanted to be a software engineer. 
Pros And Cons Of Full Time Blogging

But when I learned both software development languages and web development languages, I liked web development languages more like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc. Truly speaking, I was getting addicted to coding. Then I completed by 12th grade and admitted to college and left it after six months. Those whose read my blog regularly might be known my dropout story. Still, If you skip that post, you will get it under personal posts. The title was not dropout story, that was something different. But you will get under personal posts. Anyway, when I left the college, I was very much depressed about my career. What will I do? What about my future? Random thoughts were spinning in my head then. Anyway, then I started blogging. I did not start blogging from any creative desire. It was just to avoid unemployment. I need money that time. I had a great fear of being poverty. Even I still has that fear.

Anyway now I'm a full-time blogger. I work at home. I have a room which I call 'home office'. It's neat and clean and good for work. Full-time bloggers are self-employed. There are some benefits of being self-employed. Just like- today I started my work at 4 pm. I was sleeping throughout the day. It's not possible if you work for any company. They have their own rules and protocol. And you have to maintain that otherwise, they can fire out anytime. Being a self-employed, I can work anytime I want. If I need to take a rest for one day, I can take that easily. I don't have to apologies to anyone. If I need a vacation, I can take it anytime.

If you want as a part-time blogger, it sometimes becomes difficult to do want anytime you want. Just like you have decided to write an article on 10 p.m after returning from your office. But at that time you get so tired, that you can't do that, because you have no more energy to write an article at that time. Your boss has taken all your energy during the office hours. So you feel now sleepy rather than start writing an article. Working as full-time blogging gives you more energy as well as more enthusiasm. It will help you to work more freely and creatively.

Plus, there is no one to give you orders. The total time management depends on you. You can freely do your work and write articles daily for your blog. You can give more times to your clients, and you will get more time to find your customers. When you will get the full freedom, and you can start working freely, your working quality will be increased naturally. When I was blogging during my college days. I could hardly give 1 hour. And nowadays I can give unlimited times as I want to research for new articles, to write new articles and other tasks. It is always better if you work without any deadline and pressure, your working quality will be increased automatically. Everyone loves to work without any pressure.

You don't need any specific educational qualification for blogging or online marketing. If you have enough knowledge and ability to work hard, no one can stop you from becoming a successful full-time blogger. For me, I don't have any degree; even I don't have any basic computer certificate. Whereas almost my all friend has a certificate of basic computer knowledge at least. But I'm the only one online marketer among them. I am the one among them who has been invited by Google. When one of our relatives asked me that which computer courses I have done? I said- I did nothing. And when I tell them, they are astonished. So at the end of the day, your knowledge matters. It does not matter where you come from or how much marks did you get in your semesters. Many students complain about companies, why they are not giving jobs. Software companies have no obligation to give them jobs. They need their eligible staffs first, who have the best practical knowledge.

There are some disadvantages also of being a blogger. As I work a full-time blogger, I can feel all the problems. Sometimes I feel alone. Because I have to work alone. Even if you have any partner, in maximum cases, they contact via online. You have to work alone. Getting bored sometimes is very natural. Generally, I don't go outside for any purpose. I work from home, but when I get tired, I go to a shopping mall for refreshment. It's about 60 kilometers. So 60-60 120 kilometers plus spending few hours there, eating a burger from McDonald's and others, spends 7-8 hours, and it boosts my energy. So whenever you are bored, just go for a hangout with your friends and spend some quality times with them. It will refresh your mind. Working all times all days in front or laptop or PC does not make any sense. If you think Facebook or WhatsApp can turn it around, then you are wrong. Virtual media is not effective in these cases. So better to stay away from virtual, be social for sometimes also.

As you know blogger's don't have any fixed, income. It can be increased with time, as well as it also decreases. Just like, after google's latest algorithm update Fred's release, many blogger's traffic goes down, and it affects on blog's earning. The same thing happens to me also. It will take some times to get recovered from Fred, but that time I have to go through little earnings. Sometimes, when some blogger's blog when get penalized, their earnings also go down to zero, if they have no other blogs. So, it is better not to depend on only one single blog. Every blogger should build at least one authority blog and do not use any malpractice like spam link building, buy cheap links, paid links, etc. so your site may be penalized anytime by Google, and you have to go through low income.

Moreover, when you will complete your study and go for blogging, you will not be able to make $$$$ from the very first day. The blog takes the time to grow up. After a certain time, they start generating revenue. Until then, you have to go under financial pressure, and it's not strange if you have to face questions like, "what are you doing? 3-4 months passed, and you still made nothing. Better to go for a 9-5 job, which will give you fixed money every month". My parents are so much patient, and they did not give me any pressure when I started blogging, and not even when my earnings dropped. Anyway, you can not control your parent's thought always, but you can try to convince them. And the most important this is, you have to ready all time, for any situation to handle yourself.

Sometimes we get ill, and that time we can't do any work. A few days ago, self-motivation had extreme pain on my back and I could not even lay down to bed. I had to spend those days without any work. If you had to spend long time like this, you could not update your blog. And that may cause traffic loss. Whereas in teamwork, if you get ill, your team member will manage that. You will not get that benefit as a full-time blogger, unless you have a partner.

As you are your own boss here. You have to decide when you will work and when you will not. So self-motivation plays a major role here. If you get motivated by yourself and understand that you have to work hard to get succeed in this field. If you think, I don't want to do it now, I will do it tomorrow. If you have this type of mentality all times, then blogging is probably not your cup of tea. Sometimes later means never.

So these are advantages and disadvantages of full-time blogging. Don't get confused. I have been blogging since last seven years, and I enjoy this every day. If I get bored, I just take a break and go for some burgers. Your refreshment can be different from others, that does not matter. If you have that desire, you surely can be. No more today. If you have any question related this post, feel free to ask me. Just do drop a question below the comment box. If you really like this article, then please do share it with your friends via social medias like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and much more. Take care. Have a nice day.