I was thinking to provide some Search Engine Optimization related problem and their solutions which are common to many of new bloggers. Later I find a good way. I have collected all these questions in blue color from different different Blogging/ SEO/ Make Money Online forum and solve them the best possible for me! I will be glad if you will find these helpful. This is the third post of this series. Many more problems will be solved in the upcoming posts. So stay tuned.
SEO Solutions
I am working on my site last four months, but I don't see any change in my domain authority. Please tell me how to increase and when Google update it?

First of all, domain authority is a metric that does not controlled by Google. Domain authority and page authority has been created my MOZ. The update it. You will get the information about the next update date and all previous update dates from here. According to you, even after working four months your domain authority remains unchanged. Do you use the proper outbound link and proper interlinking? Backlinks are a major factor. If you don't create any or not much, you can start from today. First, build comment links on the blogs related to your niche. Update content regularly. Google loves the blogs which have been updated daily. You can create some awesome infographics, which are really shared worthy. You even can get backlinks in this way.

I have been working on a website focused on architecture and design - archistudent.net; It's an old site with a domain registered nearly eight years ago, but I am not getting the results in spite of all SEO. How can I optimize the website to get a good response and increase its organic traffic?

There can be many reasons. If the domain is penalized by Google, it won't matter how old the domain age is. You will simply get no organic traffic from the Google search. Second, give some time to your site to grow up. SEO is not an instant process. It takes sometimes. Just like a small tree. You can not expect fruit from it after buying it as an infant. You have to work continuously on it. Give it some time to grow up then it will starting to give you result automatically. 

I Still did not understand the concept of OFF PAGE SEO.

Offpage SEO is link building. Link building means when someone links your URL as a reference to their article. That is called linking. A link is considered as casting a vote to google's eyes. They more link your site will get, the more priority will get your site from Google or other search engines. It is a crucial part of SEO. 

Most of the "big" SEO gurus out there stay away from private blog networks (PBN's). Others say it is the thing to do, regardless of the Google slap. What's your authoritative conclusion?

If you are looking for a long term journey, then I would suggest you not to use PBN links. Otherwise, for micro niche sites and event blogs, you can use PBN links. It also differs how much experience he has, who made this PBN. Different IP, from different register and many things matter. Like this blog, I am going to make an authority blog. So I have no plan for using PBN for this blog.

I have read lot articles on dofollow BACKLINKS creating, and they contained a big list of site which can create dofollow links. But when I went that site it was not given to create dofollow links. Is it really dofollow link creation done by manually?

Yes, you are right, just like profile links. Most of them are nofollow links like from tweeter, Facebook, SoundCloud or Pinterest, etc. I don't know why some bloggers mention those as dofollow links. Maybe to attract visitors to their traffic. When a visitor sees "free dofollow link from PR9", he will definitely take a look at that site if he has no previous idea. What you can check by yourself is it dofollow or nofollow. Right-click on the page and select "view source". Check the tag rel= "nofollow" or "dofollow". If it mentions "dofollow" or nothing, that means the link is dofollow, and if the link has been mentioned as "nofollow"; it is nofollow backlink.

How Can I get a backlink with an infographic?

Infographic is an interesting way to deliver content. It is more interesting to read an infographic than to read a normal article. You can create a fantastic infographic for your blog. Embed them and write- don't republish it without giving a credit backlink. Now after one month of the post, you can check google image by your infographic. You will see which sites ar using the picture. Visit those pages. If they didn't give any credit, send the blog owner a mail by saying that you are the copyright owner of that infographic and request him to give a credit backlink unless you have to file a DMCA complaint again him. He will surely do that. Who loves to take a such headache? :P

Is there a web-based free or try before you buy a tool that can load 2 URLs and check for plagiarism?

The best tool for plagiarism checking is Copyscape. It is the finest tool for this, I have ever used. You can surely take a try before subscribing.

Is it odd to have no Facebook or Twitter links? How can I create a better balance of links to avoid penalization by Google without having a Facebook and twitter account? I'm trying to avoid having Facebook and Twitter accounts.

It's nothing odd not to have a Facebook page or tweeter handle, but I will recommend you to make one. The are the sign of branding. You will find the Facebook page or tweeter handle of each popular website or personality. When Google sees your presence in social media, it has a positive impact. Natural links do not have such balance proportion. But you can use a 70-30 for backlinks where 70 percent will be dofollow and rest 30 percent will be nofollow links.

What is crawler? And what is the use of crawler.

The crawler is a web program made by the search engine. It is also called as a bot. Google use this bot to collect data from websites and store it in your database. The more frequently your site will be updated, the more frequently Google sends crawler bot to your site to fetch the data and site the information to their database. 

There are so many spammy backlink providers including many on Fiverr that I was wondering what sites are trustworthy sites that provide high quality manual high DA and PA backlinks or .edu links.

You want to make a backlink by yourself, and you won't call that natural backlink. Yes, Fiverr sellers (most of them) provide spammy backlinks. So it is better to stay away from them. Work on your content as you know content is the king. If you provide some useful and unique content to your readers, they will automatically link back to your site.  

I am working on a big project with a client, and we added a ton of new content to our site... about 500 genuinely really good, useful, unique, authoritative articles to 500 pages which were previously very thin. We were expecting to see the articles bring not just traffic to those pages but increase our authority and rankings overall. Instead, our overall rankings have gone DOWN since we added the content. How can this be?

You have added 500 articles in so little time. I have doubt about the quality of the articles. Or if your statement is true, it may be Google dance also. You will get the stable position after some time.  

Some say that SEO has changed a lot of in last decade and some say that SEO is about to dead. Does really SEO is going to dead within next ten years? If SEO is going to dead then what will replace it?

I wrote an article on this topic- is SEO dead or not. You can take a look.

In SEO, Short URL works better or lengthy URLs?

Short and appropriate URL is always preferred. 

How to promote our website in Yahoo and Bing? What are the major differences in yahoo and bing from google seo? Thanks in advance.

There is not such big difference between Google and Bing SEO. Just focus on Google ranking; the other two will be done automatically.

I really need to get more knowledge regarding SEO to develop my business, can you guys suggest some books that can help me to improve my SEO skill?

Yeah sure. There are many books on SEO in the market. I will recommend you to read them all. Check these-

  • Search Engine Optimisation All-in-One For Dummies 3rd Edition
  • The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization 3rd Edition
  • ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income