I was thinking to provide some Search Engine Optimization related problem and their solutions which are common to many of new bloggers. Later I find a good way. I have collected all these questions in blue color from different different Blogging/ SEO/ Make Money Online forum and solve them the best possible for me! I will be glad if you will find these helpful. This is the first post of this series. Many more problems will be solved in the upcoming posts. So stay tuned.
Common SEO Problems & Their Solutions [Part 1]
My site Alexa ranking was improving continuously, but from March, it is decreasing continually, why? Is there any changes in the algorithm that affects Alexa ranking, I need your suggestions to improve Alexa ranking.

Well, first of all, you are taking Alexa ranking too seriously. It's not that much important in SEO world, neither for traffic. And if you are still bothering about Alexa ranking, then you should know about the Alexa ranking system. Alexa ranking based on the statistics of the users who use Alexa toolbar only on their browser. Alexa only collect data from them for ranking. So the ranking depends on your niche. As you know, bloggers who work on SEO, Google Adsense, make money online, marketing niche, etc., use Alexa toolbar the most. Comparatively beauty or fashion or health bloggers don't use that much. So it's very natural that so, make money blogging niche owners will get a benefit from Alexa ranking. So it's not necessary for blog's traffic or ranking. Don't worry about it. It's important only if you are looking for sponsors, who check Alexa ranking before their sponsorship, or if you are going to sell your blog on Flippa, in that case, Alexa ranking can matters.

Hello, Everyone!! What are some important SEO activities for a new website?

Let me rectify one thing first. One person said, "Register domain as long as possible." in a forum which is almost wrong. If you check the statement of Matt Cutts over the internet, you will find how wrong the answer is. Cutts clearly stated not to worry about the domain registration length. Although it may have an impact on ranking, it's too tiny that you can avoid. Better to concentrate on other ranking factors.

Now back to the question, as you are asking about the best optimization methods for a new blog, I will tell you not thinking too much about off page optimization which is called as link building. When a blog is new and if you make too many links for it, it seems unnatural to Google. There may be a chance of penalty. So better to avoid them, and after google's latest algorithm 'Fred', I can't encourage you for buying PBN backlinks or comment backlinks. Leave it, let's wait for natural link building tactics. How can you get a natural link to your blog? Simple, by writing quality content. So if you have a new website/blog, first focus on its content, on page optimization. Do proper keyword research and implement those in your blog. Use good URL structure; you may use https from the very beginning like me. Cause if you are going to migrate from HTTP to https, it may cause traffic drop to your site, better to do it from the beginning. You can get free SSL certificate for your blog from CloudFlare, as you know Google announced SSL as a ranking signal in 2016. So better you can go for it. I have many blogger friends, and I see most of them are now shifted their blog to HTTPS. Not the only secure purpose, but it also gives you web page loading speed faster, which is considered as another important ranking signal. Make sure that you are using a responsive template, which is perfectly viewable from the desktop as well as mobile or tablet.

How can we get more traffic from the USA on our website?

Make sure first, your niche is USA related. If you are creating a site on "Best five-star hotels in Shanghai", probably your niche will not get enough USA traffic. So, before making a site targeting USA traffic, do keyword research with Google Keyword Planner which is a free tool provided by Google. Type your keyword, Select Country/location as the USA. Now you will get estimated monthly searches for that keyword with CPC. Never go for a broad niche. Better to go for a small one and you can rank easier there. Like if you make a blog on gadgets review. It's very hard to rank as there are many high authority blogs are there. Almost nobody will visit your site which will be on the 4th page. Better to make a blog on "Drone Review" and it's much more narrow niche and it is easier to rank. And last but not the least, go to "Webmaster Tools" --> Go to "Search Traffic" --> Go to "International Targeting" --> Go to "Country" --> Select "United States". Avoid country level domain (.in/.pk etc.) for ranking in the United States.

I am brand new to this forum and am very excited to be here. I am interested in learning the basic of SEO. I don't have any prior knowledge of SEO and wants to know the basic and more. Please advise on where to begin. Thank you.

I was thinking to provide some Google AdSense problem solutions which are common to many of new AdSense users. Later I find a good way. I have collected all these questions in blue color from different Blogging/SEO/Make Money Online forum and solve them the best possible for me! I will be glad if you will find these helpful. Many more problems and their solutions are coming in the upcoming posts. So stay tuned.

Google Algorithm "Fred" Update?

Google's latest algorithmic change which is named as "Fred'. It affects all low-quality content site and sites those use PBN link (like me :P). Though I don't use PBN or any kind of paid link here, I used before the penalty. So if you still use PBN links for your site(s), stop using these. PBN may work, but Google hate them! If you don't have much idea about PBN, let me tell you that PBN stands for Private Blog Network. For this case, old expired blogs have been collected, which still have some valuable backlinks from higher authority sites like Huffington Post, Forbes, BBC, CNN etc.  Then blog post has been made on those expired domains including your website link. In this way, your site can easily get an initial boost in ranking and traffic in very less time, but now you have to think 100 times before using these links.

Do images help SEO, or do they not?

Definitely. Always think SEO as a user like you. If you are looking for some articles, and you found those with images or without images. Will this make a difference in you? Obviously, will do. The Same way a picture or a video can explain an article easier and Google loves it. Use "Alt tag" correctly for the image. What is Alt Tag? Well, when Google got to scan a page, it checks the full article with keywords, but unfortunately, can't scan a picture. So Google bot can't understand what the picture defines. So, here is the option "Alt Tag", where you can write the subject of the image so that Google can understand it. It will help to crawl your page and indexing.

I haven't worked on any Amazon page or third party product pages. One of my client wants me to work on an Amazon page, but I'm not aware of the strategy. Anyone here who can help me out with basic tips?

Probably you are trying to say about Amazon affiliate site. The SEO will not be different for that case. Do that same which you did for your Adsense blogs. Focus on the quality of the content as you probably know the word- "Content Is The King". So focus on these, and others will be done automatically. 

I am having an issue regarding keywords as they are consistently getting down. Recently I have moved my product website from HTTP to HTTPS. While I'm checking webmaster tool, my main pages are not appearing to fetch latest links. Apart from this, I have already a 301 redirect as I switched my site from PHP to WordPress. I don't know about the issue. All pages are redirecting to HTTPS. Do I have to wait for more days or I have done anything wrong?. please suggest!

I have shifted my site from HTTP to HTTPS 2 days ago and everything is going fine. You have to do some necessary works. Before explaining that I will request you to wait for few days as it's not an instant process. Have you submitted your site's HTTPS version to webmaster tools? If not, then do it and also submit your sitemap there. Besides, you have to change your robots.txt file like this-

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /
Sitemap: https://www.yoursite.com/sitemap.xml

I need help. I want to check my competitor site's backlink. Where they post and promote their sites? Is there any tool or technique to check them?

Trying to steal their backlinks hmmm??? I'm kidding. It's our usual job to rank better. Well, you can use Ahrefs.com for finding your competitor's backlinks, top ranking pages, top ranking keywords, dofollow-nofollow backlinks, referring domains and everything. But to get all these features unlimited, you have to use their premium subscription.