​Hi everyone, how are you? Vlogging is now very much popular. People are starting vlogs, few of them get famous, get millions of view in each video and make $$$$$ per month. Obviously your much be rich to do that. Nobody cares about the daily life of a poor person. You may not like Mohammed at all, but his luxury cars can quickly draw your attention. They have Rolls Royce. His sister Lana uses a Lamborghini. In a word, they spend a lavish lifestyle. 
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Even if you are adventure lover, if you love hiking, paragliding, or other sports you can start your vlog. I have a great desire for starting a vlog, but it's not possible at this moment. I'm looking ugly; my accent is not so good. I have nothing exciting to show people. My life is very very simple. Moreover, my voice sounds terrible. So in spite of high desire, I'm unable to start a vlog right now. For voice, I can change it to machine voice like Ivona which sounds so natural. But it does not have that natural expression in voice. So better to stay away because just think, when you see a vlog is not the vlogger's voice matters to you? Obviously, it matters. Even it matters when we can't see his face just like gameplay commentary. Anyway, my friend Iftekhar wrote an awesome guideline for those who are willing to start vlogging. Here is the post. Check it out. Now you ask me why I'm still staying away from vlogging? Well, I think not everything is perfect for everyone. If you ask an eagle to swim in sea or lake. Could it do that? Obviously no. So I think vlogging is not for me, at least not for right now. I feel comfortable with blogging. So I blog daily here, and I'll keep that continue. And I promise, for this blog, I won't go for paid promotion. I am not good in paid marketing. So I don't want to donate some money to Facebook. Better to stay with organic traffic. Organic traffics always best, and moreover, it's completely free. So optimize your blog properly.

Have you seen my last 2-3 articles which are written on SEO and AdSense problems. I tried to find some ways to help people through my blog under my niche. Then I came with this solutions. I collected these questions from some popular forums and answered them one by one. I think it is better than just to share my personal experience. Apparently, I have added here my experiences as an example still it is better somehow, I think. SEO is a crucial thing for bloggers. If you have to know idea about SEO and you are starting a blog will be like you are attending an examination without knowing how to get maximum marks in it and the detail of marks distribution system. Though marks are not an important thing nowadays, grades are the main think, but it is just an example. I don't even know if this site has been ranked in Bing or Yahoo. Ranking in Bing on little time is comparatively easy than Yahoo. My primary target is to rank well in Google for as many keywords as possible. It has been 12-13 days gone, and this blog gets rank for ten keywords with zero organic traffic according to Ahrefs statistics. It gets 2-3 backlinks. Though this time, backlinks are not so important to me. The quality of content matters the most as I'm going to build authority. I spent 3-4 years in online marketing. I faced a massive failure. So I just want to alert them who are new to this field and going to my way. I was planning to increase my domain registration length to 3-4 years. Before doing that, I searched for it and read some decent stuff. They claim it has a little impact as a ranking signal in Google ranking algorithm. Even most high authority sites hide their domain's expired date. So you can not make a decision without knowing that. Better to concentrate on content. My primary target is to write 100 contents then I will go for more. Solving some forum questions is not a bad idea. If people get answered by your reply, they may be your returning visitors. 

Yesterday I read an article on Kissmetrics that you should read more and more books on psychology, cause marketing is all about reading customer's mind, what they want. If you understand that matter, the 50% of this game will be favor of you. I told before that I never thought to come in marketing. Programming is my strong point, and I wanted to go with that. I created a website, and it failed. Again I created another site, and it failed, then again and again unless I understand that website it not only about programming, it's all about marketing. I am currently using SSL on my blog, and this is my first blog with SSL. It claims that it will boost loading speed. As you know, blog loading speed is a significant ranking signal in Google algorithm. So I am trying if I can reduce the loading speed. Taking too much time is annoying. So users tend to leave the site and go for something better. Here is an infographic made by Neil Patel, you will understand the importance of loading faster of a website.
I check daily news in my two news app. Those are Bengali apps. So I find no reason to share them here. But the latest news that makes me happy is- Priyanka Chopra has been named as second most beautiful woman in the world after Beyonce Knowles. It's definitely great news for all Indians. Priyanka and Deepika are now not only Bollywood actress, but right now they are the global actresses. They are the pride of India. A huge salute to both of you. The novel 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' is now in my hand. I Took it from my bookshelves after a long time. I was a bookworm. I read too many novels. But this one is one of my favorites. Maybe psychology is my favorite that's why. Well, no more today. I will solve more problems on SEO and AdSense in my upcoming articles. If you have any question about this article, feel free to ask me. Just send me here a message. Take care. Have a beautiful day.