Hii friends, how are you? How many of you office chair for your work or while sitting in front of PC? I have been using since last two months, and I am now suffering from extreme back pain. Is the office chair the reason behind my back pain? Even I can not sleep nowadays for the pain. Today I have changed my chair. I've removed the office chair and take my normal plastic chair instead of it. I have been used this one for 9-10 hours even continuously without any problem. I think this office chair is not for me; maybe I can try Ergonomic office chair with lumbar support. Office chair with lumbar support works better for this case. Have to try.

 Do you check your website loading speed? It's an essential thing for any website or blog. Google announced that site loading speed could be a crucial point for ranking. They include it as a significant loading signal. If a blog takes too much time to load, the visitors have a tendency to leave the blog and search for a new one. Research shows that each second is important for a blog's loading time. 

Here I want to share some tools to test website load time from different locations. Even you can check website speed and performance with these tools. The first one is "Pingdom". It is the best web page performance test tool available on the web. Here is the screenshot of my blog's speed test-
pingdom speed test 1

pingdom speed test 2
Another one is "PageSpeed Insights" developed by Google. I don't know why, but you will find a big difference between the result of Pingdom and PageSpeed Insights. Well, check my result of this website's speed score-
PageSpeed Insights
Damn low. Well, at the first I was tensed to after seeing this. Google develops this tool, and it shows this score! What's the wrong with my blog! Then I check some of my problogger friend's blog here and see such bad scores. Now, what should I say! Well, I feel relaxed! Haha! Another web page performance test tool is GTmetrix. This is great also. And I've checked my site and here is the result, check it. 
Speed test on GTmetrix
Here is an infographic on blog loading time made by Neil Patel. You can take a look for better understanding. 

infographic on blog loading time
So if you want to rank better in SERP, give priority to your blog loading speed. If you want to make loading faster, here are my tips for you. First, remove unwanted javascript. Don't use too much ads in your blog which increases the loading speed. Optimize your image. Do not use a 6 MB image file in your blog. Resize that with photo editing software like Photoscape and make a dimension like 800x600 or something like that. Use lower quality to decrease file size. It will help you to load your load faster! Try to reduce server response time. You can use https to load your site faster. It will take care of your browser cache. Javascript and others. You can use CloudFlare SSL like me. You will also get another ranking signal with it. Yes, SSL has been considered a ranking signal since 2016. Click here to check for Cloudflare SSL WordPress.

I am planning to use long tail keywords. As you definitely know the javascript of long tail keywords, if you are a blogger. Well, let me give an example. Like if you use "Best Hotels in India". This keyword is very competitive, and if you write an article based on this topic, I can bet you it's quite tough to rank as many authority blogs already rank for this keyword. So better to find something narrow like,"Best Five-Star Hotels in Goa", this one is much less competitive than the previous one. This is called long tail keyword. The best long tail keyword tool is "LongTail Pro". You can get this from here. It's paid tool, but this is the best. If you are looking for long tail keywords tool that is free then I will suggest you go for toolfeast.com. It's an excellent tool, and it's completely free. You will get search volume, keyword competitiveness, adwords competition, cost per click, etc.

I am looking for some new gadgets. I searched on YouTube and got a great video by tech insider. here is the video take a look. Tesla car, Microsoft Xbox, iPhone x, Samsung bending mobile and so more. Love to see them. Being a tech savvy, I like to update my knowledge about latest gadgets. 
2-3 days ago, I read an article that whats the future of smartphone- Will they be obsolete as a land phone or rotary phone? We never thought that bar phone could vanish and a phone will come where the full operation will be based on screen tough. Maybe a day will come when the smartphone will be old fashioned, and we will use gadgets like google glass. We will use that for every purpose, just like we use smartphone today. I like drone too. Nowadays many photographers also use to drone. In an old article, I post about it, and there was a video of "Gerua" song from "Dilwale" movie, a Bollywood movie of Shah Rukh Khan. The major part of the song has been captured by drone camera. Maybe someday, I will be able to use a drone! Hoverboard also a great gadget. It's like an electronic skate board. Well, I will try this too! I will try!

Do you watch YouTube regularly? I use YouTube more than Facebook, even more than google. YouTube is the number one site in my most viewed site; second is google. Third may be Amazon. Anyway, do you heard about the channel "Kidrauhl"? do you? I am a big fan of this "Kidrauhl", though it's not the original name. The whole world knows him by another name. I don't want to mention he name here. It's a little surprise for them who don't know the fact. Check YouTube and let me know. No more today. If you have any question related my post, feel free to ask me. Just drop a message below the comment box. Take care. Have a beautiful day.