It's always better to use stock photos on your blog if you want to go for long-term blogging. Otherwise anytime anyone can mail you and claim that you have stolen his/her picture without proper copyright. Most of the cases you can end this up by giving him a backlink. Otherwise, you have to remove it. Why will you take such burdens when you can access stock photography. Well, it's paid. But think one this, you are running authority site which makes $2000 per month and is it very tough to spend only 20-30 dollars for high-quality images where there will be no more issues like copyright infringement. For my old niche blogs, honestly speaking I have never used stock photos. But when you go to an authority site, and you are still using copyrighted photo, it seems like you are entering in a five-star hotel wearing a night dress. I will start using stock photos from today's post. Yes, I will actually start from today.
Stock Photography

ShutterStock is the best option. You can also use Fotolia and other stock photography sites as well. Have you ever seen stock photos in google image search? I bet you've seen. Here is an example. You can not use this pictures as it is stamped with their hallmark. And after buying this photo, it looks like- clear HD picture without any hallmark. It looks good and professional. So don't let and go for stock photos. Again I said it's recommended for an authority blog.

I have started promoting my site on Facebook. Facebook is one of the biggest platforms with 1.2 billions daily users. If you play strategically, you can even make a Facebook ad with 1 cent per engagement. Or even lower. I promote on Facebook not only for the audience but also for social signals which are crucial for ranking. Though Matt Cutts says social signals are no so important, I read a Neil Patel's blog post with gifographic, and he states clearly that social signal plays a vital role in Google ranking. I checked my blog tonight and saw 76 Facebook signals and one google plus signals. Each engagement costs 17 paisa, that means 1/4th of 1 cent. Is not it great? 
Let's go for more signals. If you can't manage a social promotion, then you can buy a social signal package. In the market, there are too many sellers. You will find then in Fiverr, Konker, SEOClerks, etc. Most of them are rubbish. I have tried some of them personally. If you ask me for the best one- I will suggest you go for PBNButler. They provide the best social signal service available in the market. But they are a little bit costly. So I will suggest you do social promotion by self. It's better if you already have audience otherwise go for Facebook ads. You will get lots of engagement if you use this wisely.

I am continuously working on the responsive template. Well, this template is responsive, but sometimes it's not so good for tabs. I have changed, so codes to make it more responsive. The header is still not perfect for the tab. If you consider a smartphone, laptop and desktop then it's fine. There was a header problem in widescreen smartphones; now this is fixed. It's not impossible if I change the whole template near future. But this is one of my favorite templates. If you check my affiliate site named earphone corner, you will see the same template with the same color. You are reading this from the different device, if you find anything wrong with the template, send me with a screenshot in Skype or Facebook or Gmail. You will find my contact here.

I check my google analytics report every day. This is the first blog of mine where I get traffic every day from the beginning. I spend a lot of times for it. How to write better content... how to help users more, these are my priority. It's not so tough to buy backlinks from high authority sites. But as I've seen the power of "Fred", I'm no more in the way. Last day I wrote about site loading speed. When I test my site loading speed, the major factor that makes my site little slower (still faster than 87 percent tested sites) is an image. I should compress image more. It takes almost 500-700 kb space of my home page. I should use the more compressed picture for better loading speed and better optimization. Here is the site where you can compress your images in both lossy and lossless mode. You can definitely take a try.

Another beast is coming from OnePlus family. It's none but OnePlus 5 with amazing features like 8 GB RAM, Snapdragon 835, Adreno 540, Quad HD Display, Dual rear camera, LI-PO 4100 mAh. What else do you need? Just awesome! The previous set OnePlus 3T was also popular in the market and even still now one of the bestselling smartphones. They can seriously be apple's or Samsung's competitor. If I was not an Apple user, I definitely use OnePlus 3T.

I was looking for a great sedan. Which will be the best? I have chosen three from three different company. Chevrolet Cruze, Hyundai Elantra and Toyota Corolla Altis. I love each one's shape. I have needed four things. Automatic transmission, Petrol model, sunroof and rear parking smart camera. My priority is Hyundai Elantra. Here are the pictures of all of them. Take a look. 
chevrolet cruze

toyota corolla altis

hyundai elantra
It will cost near about 20 lakhs, and I don't hand enough money to afford this unless I create a vlog like Mo Vlogs. Rolls Royce!!! Wooaahhh! Love it! What do you think about it? Suggest me one of them, please! No more now. If you have any questions related to my post, feel free to ask me. Just do drop a comment below the box and I will answer you as soon as possible. Take care. Have a beautiful day!