I wish if I could get a verified sign on my Facebook profile or Facebook page. What would it be? I think we all believe that this at least once in our life. Who doesn't want to get a celeb like status on Facebook which is called social network giant with almost 1.20 billion users every day. You can not verify a Facebook profile directly. If you have a related verified page, then you can link them up both, and then you can verify your profile. Verifying Facebook page is not such easy work unless you are simply worthy of it. I was searching today some of my known digital marketer's profile, and I saw Harsh Agrawal's page is still not verified, Kulwant and Jitendra Vaswani don't have a Facebook page. So better leave it. Go for something else. Lol.

I opened TBN (The Bot Net) after a long time and checking some new tricks. Nothing is so unique here for me. Some tricks are PTP with Hitleap, which I told in my last post. They pay very very very little amount of money. You can make 30-40$ if you use multiple VPS (Virtual Proxy Server, and you have to pay for them!) for 24x7. Honestly speaking this is not a good way to making money. I know still, there are some people who are seeking for 1-2$ per day. But I will tell them, if they use that time for any affiliate marketing program, they will get even 100x more from that. So please don't waste your time! Another trick is making money from adfly. I hope you all already have experience with URL shorteners like shortest, bitly, adfly, adfocus and much more. When we click the link, the page takes 5 seconds to load. Then we have to skip the ad to see our desired content. As soon as we skip the ad, the link owner gets $$ from it. But if we arrange any way to skip the ad by ourselves then? Well, TheBotNet members are trying to find out that way. They seek to make a traffic exchange program like Hitleap or to hits with auto clicking features so that you can fix a time when the auto click will happen.
Stay Away From TBN Tricks, Go For Affiliate Marketing
A few days ago I wrote a blog post, why I hate Google Adsense. Yeah kind of right, but not fully. Cause Adsense is the one who gives me $$$$$ and made me what I am today. So I can't deny AdSense's contribution in my life. I fulfilled almost all of my dreams through AdSense. The first and probably biggest goal in my career was to work with Google AdSense. In August 2016, I got an invitation from AdSense team in the park hotel, kolkata for a seminar. It's one of the prestigious incidents in my life. 
I was so so happy for that event, for that day. I met many company's managers, few Googlers (Google employee) and many AdSense publishers who came from different parts of our country. That was the first time I went to a seminar, that was the first time I walked into a five star hotel, that was the first time I wore a blazer apart from my college. i got an id-card from there, and this is so precious to me! Not only attending a prestigious event, I learnt too much from them. Their way of explaining was so good. I heard about Google before, heard about the headquarter- Mountain View, California. The Googlers work so freely. There are everything available. Free food, free laundry, free game parlor, fun and much more. If someone keeps you without any pressure and say do whatever you think right. You will be able to do your best, as per my experience. When I left my college, I was so sick really, so depressed about thinking my career. Then one day my father told me,"You have to do nothing, we'll take care of you." Those words relaxed me a lot. When I knew that I had a backup behind me, then I went to start my blogging career. Nobody gives me pressure. Not even my mom, not even my dad. They always told me, when you will get healthy, you could start something by yourself. I have never to listen from them- Everyone is going college, why you don't? Or such depressive words. Which are very normal at that moment. They are just God to me, what I am today, only for them. Even my neighbors, some relatives said why did he leave the college? Now, what will he do? What will he do rest of his life?

I wanted to buy some hi-res music products from Amazon. [I buy each and everything from amazon.com/amazon.in] but right now I have to invest many rupees on Exoclick for CPA advertising and almost 100$ for advertising on Flippa for one of my sites. "Flippa" is a definitely good marketplace and almost the likely one, but somehow I did not found any good response from them. The bidding was too small. The highest bid was 660$, whereas my reserve price was 5990$. Obviously, it's too much high price seems to me now, but I didn't want to sell it such a low price cause it gives a recurring type of money every month. There is some possible reason of low bidding. One, this is on Blogger platform, which is considered not so good comparing to WordPress. Second and most importance is traffic and revenue drop down. After the Fred attack, my blog's traffic goes down drastically so when you're checking the stats; it is nothing so tough to understand that the blog is now going down by its revenue and traffic somehow. So the bidding has been ended on 30th march it left unsold. Though some of the bidders contacted me personally to show them the screenshot of Google Adsense, I didn't provide them with any. Anyway, some money has been wasted. Hope for the best in future. The summer is going to kill me once again. Too much hot in my room. I've taken my Vornado to my working desk, and it works fine. I was planning to buy some imported thermal blackout curtains from the United States. It would take near about 8000 rupees, but the only disadvantage is, it won't allow sunlight to enter the room. Now I'll watch " MO Vlogs". I'll be back later. Stay connected. Have a nice day.