​How many of you hear about event blogging? Event blogging is very popular among bloggers nowadays. It's like a make quick money scheme, where you can make even 1500-2000$ in a single day. Sounds interesting? Well, it is now very popular as you can get good amount of money in so little times. Now the question is, what is event blogging? Well, event blogs are made for generally a single day targeting a particular event. Suppose, Happy New Year, it is one of the biggest events in world. What do you do at that time? You search for happy new year image and messages and send them to your friends. Everybody does it. So on that day a huge amount of internet users search for happy new year image, wallpaper, quote, messages etc. Suppose you make a blog targeting Happy New Year 2018 and rank among first three results for "Happy New Year 2018 Wallpapers" keyword. What would it be? You will get a hell of traffic on the day before the event, that means on 31st December. Because people will search in advance and ready the stuff for wishing their friends and family just after 12 PM. So this is the basic concept of event blogging.
Step By Step Guide To Event Blogging

Once I made a blog on happy new year and I ranked well for few keywords that helped me to generate $1200 overnight. You can also start your event blog targeting any event. But the problem is now the competition level is damn high as each year many new bloggers come to this field for making quick money. This sounds really attractive. For example, my friend Imran Uddin made an event blog based on happy new year 2014, and he made over $2000 from it. I am not an expert level player, but I can share some tips with you so that you can easily make a blog and make money by targeting any event, local or global whatever.

1. First of all select an event. You can choose whatever you want. Here is a list of all Indian and USA events throughout the year. If the file does not load properly, download it first and open then. You can choose any of them and start a blog. But I will be recommended you first try to select an event that is not so much popular, cause popular events like the happy new year, valentines day, friendship day are too much competitive comparing to others like World Aids Day or others. Try to target global events or USA events rather than Indian events only like Holi. Why? Because Google AdSense or any other advertising networks pay extremely low for Indian traffic as they have a less tendency to convert. Comparatively, if you target USA traffic, you will get at least 10x more revenue for the same traffic. You can even target only USA event also like President's Day.

2. Always create the blog on blogger platform. Why? Cause when you are a newbie, it is not impossible to flop your first or second project (it happens to me also, happens to almost everyone). So if you use WordPress, you have to pay for the domain, have to pay for the web host. More over event blog needs higher package cause on the day just before the event, traffic comes the most and sometimes the live traffic crosses the 10000-12000 boundaries also [that means 10000 traffics at the same time, huge!]. I have got maximum of 6660 live traffic for Happy New Year 2016 blog. 

So normal web hosting package could not control that amount of traffic, there is a higher chance to crash the server. Whereas you can be safe in blogger, as this is Google hosted and blogger even can handle 80000-85000 live traffic without any problem. For blogger, you just have to buy a domain. You can buy it from NameCheap of GoDaddy. I personally use NameCheap for all of my domains. Otherwise, you can use Blogspot domain also which is free. I have seen many blog, who ranked in first page without any custom domain, just using proper SEO tricks.

3. Domain name is a major factor. For domain name, the shorter the better. There is a frequently asked question about evening blogging, should I use EMD or not? yes you can use any domain for your post. for example, see the second site of the query, which post has been ranked from Jiocare.net, which is entirely different subject from valentines day. Even I have done the same thing. I made two posts for an event from a DA28 blog. The niche was different but those two posts they generated massive traffic on that day. So if you have any other blog, which is not too much important, which does not care about reputation at all, which is basically a casual blog, which is not like a blog that you want to make an authority blog, you can try definitely to use that for event blogging. Otherwise I will recommend you to buy a new domain for this. Though Google official said, there are no such benefits of EMD nowadays, but still, EMD (Exact Match Domain) can give you extra benefits. like "valentinesday2018.com", "happyvalentinesday2018.com". But unfortunately, most of these domains are booked 1-2 years before. Some people use lengthy URL to make sure it's unique and insert keywords inside the domain name like "happyvalentinesday2018imageswallpapers.com". Lengthy URL is not easy to remember and not even good for SEO. So in case if you don't find your desired one you can try like this- "valentinesday2018i.com". Always try to grab .com domain. if you don't get that, go for .net or .org. If you want to target Indian traffic only then use a .in domain. If you use .com and want to target the mainly USA, them Google to google webmaster tools. click on search traffic from the left-hand sidebar. Select "International Targeting". go to the "Country" and choose the United States. but top level domain does not matter at all. you can alternatively use .wiki, .club and others like these. I have seen a .wiki blog ranked really well in Happy New Year 2017.

4. Use HTTPS in your blog. You can get it for free in CloudFlare. HTTPS has a great SEO value as Google authority announced it as a major ranking signal in 2016. So why will you miss a chance when you can get a ranking signal for free of cost? Or if you want to use Blogspot domain, you can get HTTPS from the blogger platform itself. Check settings. select HTTPS. Now your website looks more trustworthy.

5. Now the topic is content. As you know the famous sentence in blogosphere, "Content Is King". A great content can even beat higher authority blogs. For event blogs, if you check them for a fixed term, you can get an idea. Let me help you. I'm searching for Happy Valentines Day Wallpaper 2017. Here is the first page result. Look, 3 of first 4 results have HTTPS now. 
happy valentines day 1
The scenario was different even before 3-4 years ago. When HTTPS is free for custom domain or Blogspot domain whatever you use, then you should take the full advantage of it. Check the DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) of those blogs. look at the last result and the second result. A DA13 blog outranked DA72 blog for that keyword. 
happy valentines day 2
Here are two reasons. One, the event blog's subject is more specific. Just like Sony is a big company, but you will buy headphones from Sennheiser cause they are specialist only on headphones. Same for this. second, keyword stuffing and spam link building can rank a blog well for a certain times. Though I never prefer spamming, cause Google hates this and if you spam today, Google even can penalize your blog after one year. But for event blogging, you can do spamming. even I will recommend this to you. :P It will help you to rank better. When Google will notice this and penalized you, you have been banked $$$$ already.
For this type of article, just do a keyword research from Google Keyword Planner or Toolfeast (Above screenshot), and collect some keywords. Stuff them in your article. If it is on images article, then collect pictures from all over the internet. Go to google images and search, go to Yahoo and Bing for the same. You can search Shutterstock and buy some images. If you don't want to spend much, you can alternatively go to Fiverr and search for stock photos. You will find something like this- "I will give you 30-40-50 high quality stock photos for $5". 
fiverr gigs for stock photos
Choose one of them with good rating and order. Check your competitor's site for images, as well as quotes, messages. You can copy them. Cause you can not make a quote/lyrics and such type of things. You can give him credit as the source with a no-follow backlink. Add as much photos as you can. Don't post them directly after downloading it. Compress them using some photo compressing software. I use compressor.io compress for compressing pictures. Here are two different options- Lossy ans Lossless. Go for the second one. It will reduce your image file size so that the can be loaded faster. 

As you know blog loading time is an important ranking factor. You can add some keywords (10-15) as related searched terms. But I will suggest them to do this 8-10 days before the event. Use "Alt tag" and "Title tag" for each image. It is very important as Google can not understand the topic of a picture, so if you mention the subject of the picture in the alt tag, it will be easy to crawl for and index them in google images. While keyword stuffing, try to use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing). Just like use image, picture, photo sometimes instead of wallpapers. Try to make 20-30 posts total.

6. Use the proper Title, URL and Meta tag. Use the most important words in the beginning of the title. URL should not be longer. The shorter URL is better always. For example, check the URL of the 1st blog for the keyword "Happy Valentines Day Wallpaper 2017". Short and simple. Use your main keyword inside meta tag and write properly so that your visitors can understand about the topic of the page.
blogpost url
7. Link building is very important. If content is the king then backlinks are definitely the queen. Each incoming link to your side considered as a vote for your site in search engine's eyes. First of all, try to make a good interlinking. It will help to flow link juice all over the site. Now for backlinks, you can use different policies. like you can use blog commenting. This is really an effective way to build backlink for event blog. First try to find your competitor's backlink with backlink check tools like SEOProfiler, Ahrefs, etc. If you want to do it quickly, you can hire someone from SEOClerks or Fiverr. search for auto approve do-follow comment box and comment there. otherwise, you can buy 132 SEO blog comments backlinks pr2 to pr6 for $5 and I will make 200 Blog Comments on High PR for $5. Personally I have tried these and both are good and all are do-follow link. You don't have to buy these services for each time, for each event blog. When you will order for the first time, you will get the details backlink report as an attachment once the gig will be completed. Use DropMyLink or find CommentLUV blogs in the same niche and you can comment there. those are do-follow links. you can also use response links to build backlinks fast. Go to Google.com>> Search "My response is on my own website". Add your name and site URL then post it. Those are also auto approved. Unfortunately, those were do-follow links previously; now they are turned into no-follow links.
response site 1

response site 2
There is one more way to create a massive amount of backlinks in short time. Sitewide links. You can get a lot of backlink by just placing your link in a blog's sidebar. The thing is that the sidebar is common for all page. So once you add a link to the sidebar, it will get link juice from all pages of that blog. If a blog has 250 posts, you will get 250 do-follow backlinks just by putting a sitewide link there. But it is not such type of links what you can add to any blogs like blog commenting. Many sellers provide sitewide backlinks for 7-10 days. Just contact them and add your link to their blog just 4-5 days before the event. If you place it for a long time, your blog may be penalized by Google as this is a wrong practice in Google's eye.

8. Monetization method is the last part. You can monetize our blog in may ways. But the best way is Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliates. If the event is like mother's day or father's day, you will surely post an article about gift ideas. When you list down about top 10 gifts, you can easily add your affiliate link as a contextual link. Use amazon.com affiliate program rather than Amazon.in affiliate program. For Adsense try to use ad units inside the blog post. Two link units and two or three 336x280 / 300x600 units. Responsive units are preferable always.

So here all the topics have been discussed. Now choose the event, buy a domain and start your event blog and wait for the day just before event day. Rank and bank $$$$. All the best to you. If you need any more help related event blogging, feel free to ask me or if you already have any experience, share it here. Just do drop a comment below. I would love to hear from you. No more today. If you really like this article, please share it with your friends via social networks like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all. Take care. Have a nice day.