After announcing that HTTPS is a ranking signal by Google [in 2016], the bloggers have a high tendency to shift their blog from HTTP to HTTPS. I have mostly seen the tech blogs to here. This an example of the query and see the search result. Comparatively, you will find less SSL certificate in health blog, food blog and fashion blog. This is normal. tech bloggers are much aware of Google ranking signal, so they want to take advantage of it. But at the end of the day content says all, cause I've seen some thin contented HTTPS event blog, which is basically worthless. Suppose the upcoming event- Happy Friendship Day 2017. 
https secured protocol

tech blog with https

health blog without https

food blogs without https

event blog with https
When I search for the images, here is the result. This site with HTTPS rules the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) literally. Still, I will say, if you focus on the content, you don't need SSL certificate. You still can get better ranking.

Justin Bieber's purpose world tour of India's ticket has been available now again for other phases. The ticket price starts from 5000 and ends at 76000 rupees. So if you are a true Belieber and you can afford the cost, here are the biggest opportunity for you. As I am quite busy on blogging and the making of the outdoor gate, garage and all, so I think it's not a good time to leave my house even for few days. 

Yeah, Bieber is still my idol, but let me finish the work first, cause Bieber's show is temporary entertainment and home is my permanent issue, so definitely is more valuable to me. But I hope one day I'll be able to see Bieber's concert.

We are planning for a huge outdoor gate for our house. The basic design is done, now the final design will be done, then the maker will start building the gate. The whole process will take almost one month. I will upload the picture of the gate once it is done. I took some photos of my room yesterday; all are taken with a vintage filter. I want to share these pictures with you, including one selfie of mine. Here are the pictures. Take a look. I have to go to driving school tomorrow. I don't even admit there till now. Better to join there fast. I have not decided what car will we buy and when will we buy. At least let the gate and garage be completed.

My PC's internet speed has been increased. It was 1.5 Mbps for 750 rupees, and now it's 5mbps for 570 rupees. Less price yet more speed. Thank you Jio, you are the reason of it. The internet is now available for almost of all. That revolution was needed. It is literally blessing for internet marketers. YouTube takes the maximum benefits from it. YouTube video's view increases dramatically. When I was in class 11 or 12, I often thought how I could connect to all friends via Orkut or Facebook, when the only limited person use this. Now the scenario has been changed totally. Each and every one of our age, our junior, senior all are on Facebook. Facebook ads is a good invention for marketers. It can give you highly targeted traffic based on age, relationship status, locality, profession, and all. I wrote an article on why Facebook is a big time waster; you can take a look. Zuckerberg concentrated on his passion, and he made billion dollar company, and we only waste our time on it. It will be better if we chase our dreams like Zuckerberg rather than scrolling down on the Facebook news feed. Facebook is called the greatest time waster in the history of human civilization. I have totally agreed that Facebook is highly addictive.
facebook addiction
People's eyes are stick to their smartphone screen, typing all time, when they could do something productive, that has some value. You can do a lot of better things as an alternative. You can read an ebook or some blog to improve yourself, your knowledge. You can play chess; you can solve Sudoku (though it is not my cup of tea, definitely for some people's). You can join in a computer course like Photoshop or tally. You can learn a new language like Japanese or Spanish. There are so many works to do in real life than chatting all days with fake friends and waster your time. For me, I have stopped Facebook almost, and I write my blog at that time. It helps me to think more better, to do something that is creative literally. There are some more interesting facts about Facebook too. Like women do more status updates than men. The more Facebook friend a person has, you can find him more active on Facebook. A person named Sneha Kerkar wrote on Quora some interest things like- 
  • ‘Baby, why have you not updated your relationship status on FB? Don’t you want to tell the world you love me? Are you hiding something from me’ gained importance over ‘I truly love you’?
  • Husband forgets his wife’s birthday. Wife is more furious over the fact that she couldn't put cheesy status/photos that read: ‘The best surprise ever by my bestest husband’ Mwah Mwah! Love you shoooo much Jaan! :* :* :* ’ because keeping things personal and special is too mainstream.
  • Birthday wishes overflowed on my FB wall for six years until that one year when I removed my birthday information from my FB profile. The stats dropped dead to may be 20 phone calls?
  • My relative asked me to put up my best-looking DP because he/she was going to send my FB link to a prospective groom. Also to take down a few photos as my chances of being selected might go down. How I am on FB is how I’m in real life. Right?
  • ‘Let’s take a group pic.’ ‘Did it get uploaded yet?’ ‘Did you tag me or not?’ ‘Oh no, not that pic, I look fat/horrible/dark.’ ‘Oh, look 33 likes already. We rock!’
Basically, the news feed is the biggest time waster. When we log in our account and tons of posts are coming on my screen, most of them are utterly worthless. Here is a video on why you should stop Facebook right now. Check it- 

Actually, we should be aware of that Facebook is a business first. Business is their priority. Some of us (non-techy person) may think we so Facebook at free of cost so how do they make money? It's very simple. They make money from advertising. Difference small, medium and large company use the Facebook ad to promote their products. We do constantly check our mobile for latest notifications, messages, even after 5 minutes. Is not it a time waster? figures out an important point, and it's damn true. Check this- 

"You are stuck in the validation game where only losers prevail. Do you ever question why you really pressed the like button on your friend 16th selfie upload this week? Is it that you really enjoyed the photographic creativity, or is there something going on here that influenced your admiration? Maybe even this type of thought enters your mind,  “if I like Becky’s photo today hopefully she will feel unconsciously pressured to reciprocate this phony flattery the next time I upload a picture”. See what I mean by a loser's game?"

So think 100 times before doing Facebook. There are 1000 of options are here as an alternative. Do something productive, do something that has some value. And thank me after ten years. Well, no more today. If you have any question, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. If you really like this article, please share it with your friends via social networks like Facebook, google plus, Tweeter, LinkedIn or others.