​Are you new in blogging? Looking for the best website or blog to get all information in the same place? Then let me help you. I have been blogging since 2010 and I have failed many times at the beginning. Even I stopped blogging for a year as I got frustrated so much. I was writing (actually copy and paste) so much still no visitor. Basically, bloggers should need patience because when you will start a blog and work hard on it, that may be link building, writing articles, template decorating, social media promotion and all. But you will hardly find visitors. You are working hard on something, but you don't get the expected result or better to say any result. That is highly disappointing. But don't worry my friend. Blogging is like planting a tree. You can not expect flowers or fruits from a sapling. It's better to water it, feed it properly, give protection and shelter. One day it will give you fruits and flowers. At that time you don't have to worry about it anymore cause it will collect its necessary food and water with its roots. It will be like autopilot.
Ultimate Blogging Resources To Create A Perfect Blog

So the beginning is always frustrating but never give up. For example, this blog is one month old, and I've posted already 52 articles. Still, I get only 2 cents from it. And almost no traffic. 6-7 new visitors per day. But I'm not bothering at all rather than working on it continuously, thinking for the new topic to write. When you are reading this, it can be guessed that you at least search for some blogging resources. As I spent 3-4 years just searching resources from all over the internet. It's true that I could not recapitulate all the resources at this time. Still, I could suggest you the top resources which can be helpful to you. So let's start.

I hope you know what a blog is. A blog is a type of websites which is frequently updated. That is the simplest definition of blog. Still, if you want to know more details about blogging, history of blogging, future of blogging, then you can check this post. People do blog for various reasons. Some people blog for fun just like you get fun from Facebook, some people blog for the profession. Just like a jersey seller, who sold jersey only to his own city from his shop. Now he made a blog and sold the all over the world. Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, real Madrid, AC Milan, Barcelona too much clubs are there. And the fans are all over the world. So he is taking advantage of blogging and making more money. Blogging is a great way for self-promotion. You can be a popular also in your field by sharing your knowledge and experience. There are much more reasons behind blogging. Check this article to know the details. 

Now you know the basic of blogging. Before starting a blog, you have to choose a platform to start a blog. The blogging platform is that thing, which will help you by providing essential sets of tools and functionalities to publish your content on the web, where you don't need any coding skills. Still, I will suggest knowing some basic code like HTML, CSS, Javascript as I said before- Coding is necessary for blogging especially if you want to be a professional blogger. There are some popular blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr, medium, Squarespace, quora. Here is an article where you will get the details about these blogging platforms with pros and cons. Check it.

Now it's time to register your domain name for your blog. There are two types of domain. You can start with a free subdomain name like abc.blogspot.com or xyz.tumblr.com. But I will suggest you use a custom domain like abc.com; it looks more professional. Apart from that, there are some benefits of selecting custom domain over a free sub domain. Check this post by Harsh Agrawal to know in details.

Now if you want to register your custom domain like yourname.com (just like sourajit.com), you have to go some domain register site, like GoDaddy, Bigrock, Namecheap, etc. personally I use NameCheap for all my domains. If you don't want to register the domain as your name, you can obviously use some other names. It can not be said that which is better. Just like Neil Patel has a blog named neilpatel.com, whereas Darren Rowse has a blog named problogger.com; they both are famous bloggers and both blogs are popular in the blogosphere. So it depends on you. But in general, it's easy to get available the blog on your name. Suppose you are want to make on blogging tips and tricks and your name is Rahul Pandey. It's easier to get available the blog- rahulpandey.com. Whereas the domains like bloggingtips.com or bloggingtricks.com have been registered already. anyway, you can choose any of them. But always remember to get a domain with a shorter name. Studies have shown shorter domain has a tendency to rank well in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Here is an article on how to register a domain name from NameCheap. Check this post and register your domain.

Now you have a custom domain of your own. And you have to create a free subdomain in blogger [if we choose blogger as blogging platform]. Let's say your sub domain is abc.blogspot.com and your custom domain is abc.com; You have to redirect the subdomain to your custom domain. Don't get tensed! It's not rocket science. All you need is some tutorial and guidance. And I'm writing this post for that. Well, here is a tutorial about how to redirect your domain. Hope it will help you. Still, if you face any problem, contact me.

You have to use a good template now. Remember that, Google now prefers responsive template. Responsive template means a template that works fine in both mobile and desktop. And tablet too, better to say, that works in any device with variable dimensions. This is good for users, and you know google's main priority is better user experience. So Google announced responsiveness as a major ranking factor. If you check my blog, it is totally responsive. You can see it perfectly from mobile, laptop, tab, desktop, any device. Check this site for more than hundred responsive templates. If you use Wordpress platform, then here are 40 responsive WordPress themes are for you. 

The template will not be 100% perfect; it can be different as you want. So it's better to edit your template. Go to themes then select edit HTML. You should not edit anything if you have no idea about coding. But if have enough idea about how to edit your template, then first backup your template, then start editing. You can add here Javascript; you can change the width of the blog, the height of the header, width of sidebar, footer, you can edit your navigation bar from here. The navigation bar is crucial to a blog. It works like a content page which makes easier to find any page or chapter. For that reason, I suggest you get some basic knowledge of HTML. It's so easy that even a 3rd-grade student can understand this. If you need a resource, then this article can help you.

Create a logo for your blog and add this to the header. You will get header option in the layout. You can see my blog logo, it's made by me, looking not so profession but I like it. A logo is crucial as it creates a brand. Suppose you went to a parking place. You can understand which one Ferrari is, which one is Toyota and which one is Audi. How? By watching the logo. So it helps to expand your blog popularity. If you are unable to design one, you can go to Fiverr and search for logo makers and order a logo for $5. Now favicon. A favicon is a type of logo that has been used only by web browsers. So it's also important. You can not set a jpg image as your favicon. You need a special format for this. That is .ico; ico comes from the icon. Search for favicon generator online, then upload your logo there and get a 64x64 favicon from it. Still you need any guidance, then check this article. Hope this will help you.

Now it's time to publish your first post. Before that, make sure you gave the proper title, description of your blog. It just takes a single click to post an article. But it takes 2-3 hours almost to write an article. There are much more works after that like proofreading, adding images, adding an alt tag, title tag, labels, metatag, permalink. To get all the details, check this post- how to write a perfect blog post. Remember that, decoration plays a vital role. Decoration and template are the first two thing that creates an impression (good or bad whatever) to visitor's mind. So, give the extra priority. Another tutorial is here for you.

Now your post has been published. Don't stop. Keep publishing more articles. And remember quality is always better than quantity. Put some value on your post. It's time to create some pages like contact, about archives or sitemap, privacy policy, a disclaimer. Those can help to improve your blog's position in SERP and very necessary for better SEO. Try to mention all in details on your about page. You can even add your domain information like domain provider, domain registration date. Try to add all social media links in contact page along with Skype and email id. The archive page is not necessary, but it helps the visitor to find contents easily what they needed. Check this post about how to create an HTML sitemap for your blog. After creating all the pages, add them to navigation bar.

Now you need to add your site to webmaster tools to track your blog's performance. Webmaster means someone who owns blog or website. Check this tutorial on how to add a blog/website to webmaster tools. Now you site has been added to webmaster tools. Next, you have to submit your sitemap to webmaster tools. The process is very easy. Check this guide to know what a sitemap is and how to submit it. still if you face any problem or you have any question, feel free to ask me.

Next, you needed to track your blog visitors. You need to know who are your blog visitors, where [country + city] they are coming from, what they are watching, how many pages are they watching, how long they stay on your blog etc. if you know all these information, you have to use google analytics. Analytics give you a small code, and you have to add that on your site. Sounds confusing? Then read this tutorial, everything will be cleared.

Now you need to know basic tips of SEO. SEO means search engine optimization. To know in details about SEO, here is an article was written by Neil Patel. Check this. Now you know that there are two types of SEO. One is on-page SEO, and another is off-page SEO. in the past post about how to write a perfect blog post, I discussed on-page tricks. Now I will discuss tips about off page SEO. Off-Page means link building. If some blog links your site or any article in their post, that means your site gets a link from them. A link has been considered as a vote for your site. So backlinks play a crucial role in ranking. Here is a tutorial post about how to build backlinks. Read this thoroughly.

As I said about SEO, which helps for ranking better in SERP. But you should know about the ranking factors of Google. When you use a keyword to search anything in Google, it takes about fractions of second to provide the data to you. But the internal process is not so easy. Google uses over 200 factor to determine the ranking of a site. If you know the factor, it will be easier for you to rank your blog. Here is the full list of 200 ranking factors of Google. Don't miss any of them. 

Now you have created a blog and written some posts. But you have no traffic. That's very natural. Traffic are three types. Direct, referral, social and organic. Direct means the traffic that will come to blog directly. Referral means the traffic, which is coming from backlink. Social means social media traffic. Organic means the traffic that will come from search engine. We have discussed SEO, both On-page and off-page. SEO will help you to get organic traffic. Off-page SEO means link building. So if you create any link, link a profile link on Facebook or twitter, or someone gives you link and traffic follow the path, then they will be referral traffic. You can't control direct traffic. If anybody knows your blog URL and then type and visit your blog, then they are direct traffic. But you can increase your social traffic by yourself in no time. You can promote your blog in social media by two ways. Normal promotion and paid promotion. Here is an article on how to double your traffic with social media. Take a look. Another way is pad promotion, that means you have to run advertising campaign to get visitors. In this way, you can even get traffic in a 2-3 days old blog. Check this article. Paid promotion is profitable only if you use them correctly. Most of the paid campaign fail to make profit or ROI (Return On Investment). Just for lack of proper knowledge. So if you are not experienced a lot, I will suggest you stay away from paid promotion otherwise you just have to pay money to Facebook (or others), and you will get almost nothing in returns.

This is the basic idea of blogging. Here are many resources in this post, read all of them carefully to improve your blogging knowledge. Apart from that, I want to share some blogs also which all are authority blog, and you will get huge information from them. Follow this blogs-
Backlinko by Brian Dean, Problogger by Darren Rowse, ShoutMeLoud by Harsh Agrawal. NeilPatel, Kissmetrics and Quicksprout by Neil Patel, IftiSEO by Iftekhar Ahmed. These are enough for a beginner. If you want to make an event blog then here is a complete guide for you. Check this. 

No more today. If you have any question related this post, or if you have still any more tutorial, feel free to ask me here. I am always happy to help you. What do you think about this post? Is there more relevant resources to add here? Just mention that in comment. Just do drop a comment below. If you really like this post, then you can share it with your friends via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc. If you want to read rest of my articles, the visit archive page. take care. Have a nice day.