​Education system is the pillar of a nation, of a country. if you consider our basic needs, then education will come just after food, cloth and home. a nation's progress level can be measured by its educational qualification. Only education can enlighten your mind, explore your thoughts and much more. but I think our country India is still not properly developed in terms of the education system. well, I am nobody to say this, especially when I am a college dropout. Still, real-life experience taught me a lot regarding this. I studied up to the first semester in B.Tech; then I left my college due to the pressure is given by college authority for my poor attendance. I was very depressed at that time thinking about my future, my career, my life. I took rest for few months to come back and then started my blogging career. 
Indian Education System
Becoming  a blogger or digital marketer was not from any creative desire of mine, but it was from my fear, from my insecurity of being unemployment, fear of financial crisis that may cause in future. Thank god, that I started my first successful blog in the very first of 2013 and it started generating money since the end of the same year. That ad network was Adversal, who paid my first salary and it was 4500 rupees. I was so happy for that. Then one time I ended working with Adversal and start with Google AdSense, and I'm still working with AdSense. Apart from that, I have been working with Amazon Affiliates, Flipkart Affiliates, Shorte.st, Infolinks and many others. So, basically I started my professional career since I was 22, when most of my friends were doing B.Tech. But the matter is, it's very hard nowadays to get a job. Most of my friends are now unemployed now, and they are searching for the job. Are they not meritorious? No, definitely not all of them. I have seen many of my classmates who were academically successful in school life. But they are still unemployed. 

When you are 25 years old and still unemployed, it's definitely not a very simple issue. And it is their really tough time. some of desperate now to get a job anyway. plus family pressure. why are you unemployed still now? Why you can't get a job still now? Look at your friend a,b,c. they are working now in Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Delhi blah blah blah. I am so lucky that my parents never pressurized me about any job. When I was so depressed, they stood by me and said, don't worry son. You don't have to do any job. We will look after you. Yes, they said this even though our financial condition is not very good, I'm from a lower-middle class family. anyway, those words give me a huge mental strength. As they did not give any pressure on me, I was started to get matured, became more conscious about my career. It's very natural when you get a pressure-free environment; you can definitely do better performance.

Back to the topic, yes my many meritorious friends are now still unemployed. It's not that they are doing MBA, M.Tech or others. Is not it a strange matter that academically qualified people are literally failure (some cases) so is it their fault or our education system sucks? Each year you will see so many engineers are pass out, but only a few of them gets job. I will say, our education system is lagged behind comparing to first world countries. Our system is outdated now. Why? It's very much depended on textbook rather than practical knowledge. And reading textbook is a boring thing. How many of you love to read those boring History, Geography, Chemistry, Biology? Some of us do love obviously. But if you check survey on this, the major part find it boring. On our school or college- a common dialogue for every parent- go to study now! we are tired of hearing this literally. only texts are not attractive (except literature). Graphical use can grow up the interest for any subject. Such as infographic. Being as online marketer, I know how effective the infographics are. They draw the attention of readers, and readers love them. 

Sometimes I have to face a question from noob bloggers- is an image important for blog post? The answer is definitely yes. The use of graphical presentation can increase the value of the text. People love infographic. People love to see video tutorial. Those are more attractive and more effective. If you notice the Facebook now, you will find many videos clip share on your wall. It was not so much popular even before 3-4 years. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine over Bing and Yahoo for this reason. People search for the solution on Youtube rather than those two search engine. And nowadays especially in India, Jio provides high-speed 4G internet almost free of cost. so, users have a tendency to watch video now. If you check the history of the computer, you will know how the computer transform from CUI (Character User Interface) to GUI (Graphical User Interface). Why? the reason is same. Only font is too much boring just like ms dos. then the windows came to market; the first one was probably Windows 95. so if our study system or our books use more graphical representation and practical work, I think it will be better.

Our education system teaches technology at the very basic level. I learned HTML first when I was class eight. Our board is so lagged behind. Whereas western countries teach their kids from 3rd grade. Basically, HTML language is very easy; even a 3rd-grade child can learn that easily. Days are passed, but our syllabus still remains the same for years. We should be updated every time with the latest topic in the world. That will help students a lot. Especially it is for computer science. 
Programmer Kid
When I was in class 12, we only 4-5 students used Facebook. Facebook was not so popular like nowadays. Now there is no more high school student who has not profile in Facebook. Not only they, but their parents, neighbors, relatives all are also on Facebook now. Though I mention before Facebook as a biggest time waster, still some people, specially celebs use this for their promotional purposes. To contact with fans. Marketers, blogger use Facebook for promotional purposes also. As you know social signals are a important ranking factor. The much a article will be shared, liked search engine considers these as vote. The post is surely important so for that many people share this. Our CM (Mamata Banerjee) use it to contact with common people. Celebs even come at live to interact with fans. Fans can send them message in live video. So basically it's a huge change between 2010 and 2017. Not only for Facebook, Google changes a lot. The term 'Android' was unknown to most of the students. And now even a class one kid familiars with this term. 

Why I'm saying about Facebook, Android, Google? Because as our technology evolves day by day, if you want to keep pace with this, you must upgrade syllabus in every 2-3 years. Cause all these are the practical field. And wherever you come from, whatever your marks are, if you have no practical knowledge, those semesters marks will be just a number only. When an interview board comes to any college, they check first about his practical knowledge on that field. And as I was in an engineering college for six months, I know how they study. Only a few of them are serious. 1-2% of them passionate about their stream and rest of them has been admitted just to take a degree cause its necessary to get a job. They studied only the last time, cheated in the exam hall and get good marks. But the internal knowledge gain? Zero!!! 

Now think yourself as a company CEO. You need some employees, and you are willing to pay good salaries for their work. You took them on the basis of their merit certificate. 8.0,8.5,9.0 are such good marks. But as they have no practical knowledge or sometimes lack of theoretical knowledge, they failed to fulfill the company's target. So being a CEO, will you want to pay them every month when the are worthless. You will probably kick them out from your company and try to recruit someone better. For that reason, so many B.Tech students are jobless. That does not mean I was too good student, I studied hard and all. No, nothing like that. I was an average student. I didn't like History, Geography, Chemistry. I love two subjects the most. Computer Science and Mathematics. But I didn't like the textbooks. Especially computer science is a subject where practical knowledge is the core thing of it. I went to college just to learn to code. I didn't like English, chemistry, math which were in the first semester. And for some reasons, I left my school. Those who are my regular blog reader may definitely know that I'm a college dropout. Till then what I have read, I have to read them, in many cases, I was not interested. Like many students. Parents say- go for study now. You play all day all night. If you give this time for your studies, you could get better marks in the exam. Anyway, so academically I was not successful. 

After the end of college going, I started my coding again. Then I made my first blog which made ZERO dollars. I didn't stop. I always tried to improve my knowledge. Even every day I follow some websites regularly like TechCrunch, Engadget, Gizmodo, problogger, CopyBlogger, Business Insider and few more. The main thing i want to say that now nobody says me to go for study, wake up now, starting working. Whatever I do, I do it passionately. As blogging was my passion and now that turns into profession, so I enjoy my work. It doesn't create pressure upon me. Everyone should be like this. Whatever your subject is, just do what you love. Follow your heart and you will be successful one day.

For some schools, where English is not the first language, you have to focus more on English. I am from Bengali medium, and I can't speak English well till class 12. Now I can at least talk to anybody when it is needed. I learned English from YouTube programs like vlog, interview of celebs, smartphone reviews etc. The main thing doesn't pressurize them to do something. Motivate him/her what he/she loves most. Dancing, drawing, literature whatever. But not the only teacher or school, but guardians also have to be friendly with them, to feel the more secure and comfortable. I saw a video a few days ago. A short film type, directed by Shoojit Sircar. Why so many Indian student suicides? Just because of their parent's pressure and expectation. Here is the video. Take a look-
How was it? I was literally cried when I saw it for the first time. It is so much soul-touching, it speaks for every student in every corner of India. Hats off Shoojit Sircar. I want to thank you on behalf of every Indian student. Anyway, what do you think? Does Indian educational system really suck? I would love to hear from you all. At the end of the day, I can say, India has a huge potential. Even Sundar Pichai said that India would be the global player in the near future. If we can use them properly, it is not impossible for India to rule the world next to the United States. No more now. If you have any question related to this article, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. And if you find this article share-worthy, then please share it with your friends via Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Take care. Have a nice day.