​There was a slight problem in the footer of this blog. I fixed this today. Now the entire blog looks perfect. I also had downloaded and saved the template of the blog. A template plays a vital role for the blog. This is the first thing through which your readers interact your blog. So don't neglect your blog template. I was trying to find some more templates if they suited better. 
template design
But this one looks best, at least to me. The color is also my favorite, though I don't know the color name. There are millions of colors if you check color code chart. It starts with 000000 which means black. It goes up to FFFFFF which is white. This is the color range. The color code of my blog is- 028080.

I often though, why I write these post? Will anybody read them? Will they like them? Will they think like- this is an excellent blog, let's bookmark it. I will be fortunate enough if it happens one day. If someone likes my blog, love my articles, what can be better than this? I got two comments on my blog for the first time. But both of them are spam comments. So, I had to delete them! Unlucky me! I write mainly on blogging here and my personal thoughts. It senses more to those who are interested in blogging. Maximum I write on blogging tips. 

blog writing
Here is a reason. Nobody will be interested in your personal life, personal thoughts unless you reach a certain level. And people looks for solutions. If you provide high-quality posts with proper solutions, people will definitely come to your blog and read. It doesn't matter who you are. But if you think of writing only personal thoughts even being an ordinary people, then your all efforts will go in vain unless you don't have any intention of making money from your blog. In my very first post, I told about the vision of mine for this blog.

Losing friend is very much pathetic. You can lose a friend by two-ways. The first one is through your fights and then being separate. I love a song very much and it is sung by James Bay. He is such a beautiful singer! He wrote a song named- "Let It Go". I found it while I was Searching for the Frozen song. Here are few lines from that song.

So come on let it go
Just let it be
Why don't you be you
And I'll be me

The second one is more pathetic. When there will be no more physical existence of your friend on earth. Just like Paul Walker and Vin Diesel's friendship.

It's been a long day without you, my friend
And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
We've come a long way from where we began
Oh, I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
When I'm writing this post, the song is starting in my headphone in a random way, such a co-incidence. It's a very emotional song. When a friend is missing his best friend, and he recapitulates their memories. I cried on the Day when I heard this song first. We want to stay with our loved ones till our last breath, but it's not possible. The world is so cruel.

There is a newspaper in Bengali which publishes generally all baseless news with clickbait title. You may use clickbait title, but the main news is too much different from the title, it's not right. My best friend asked yesterday, that newspaper published a piece of news, is it right. It shows- you can use the Internet without an internet connection or data pack. I don't know how do they publish such news. 
access google
Yeah, one think can happen. If you let your browser all the cache and the next time when you will open the page without internet. It will open then cached version. But if you think you can transfer data, no buddy, it's not possible. Some things like JavaScript is unable to load without an internet connection. So if you want to access the internet correctly, you obviously need a proper data connection.

I can't remember what I get messages from someone apart from my sister, best friend? But if I consider, I got messages even in 4-5 months ago. There was a girl from Bagnan, West Bengal, India. I used to talk her every day, and she claimed she loved me so much. Really? I'm such a fortunate person. Thanks for that. But I am the one who can not sacrifice. I am the one who doesn't know what understanding is. I think I don't need any partner. I love my family. I love my best friend. That's enough for me. And I'm much focused on my career. So if someone texts me or not, that doesn't matter so much for me. 
no message
I will do my best. As I'm already 25. I left a big time behind. It's a high time to do something for my career. If you consider an ordinary man, then my earning is right for me. But as I wrote don't stop till you get enough, I need more and more. Even I think I deserve more. So I keep working. And I love my job. So I never feel tired. But I have a lack of patience. That's fault in me. I try hard to overcome it. May be one day I would do that. Nothing is impossible; you know that. Well, no more now. If you have any question related this post, feel free to ask me here. Just do drop a comment below the box. Take care. Have a beautiful day.