​I started this blog on 21st March. I have a little regret on myself about it. It would be great if I made it four days ago, on my birthday. It would be easy to remember for me, and it would be a special, my birthday and my personal's blog's registration date will be same. Anyway, I have nothing to do now about it. I was very busy on 17th March as it was my 25th birthday. I think I am old enough and now I have to do something seriously, that can help me in my future days. I have taken two great decisions of my life in 2017. One is, not to do Facebook anymore. I mean some worthless scrolling down to news feed continuously, watching some baseless status, love-related quotes and all. I always say everyone to quit Facebook and do your job. After ten years you will get nothing from Facebook, but your hard work can give you a big mansion, a super-car. 
My Blog Report After 6 Weeks

I did not quit the Facebook totally. The account is still active. I have removed Facebook and messenger app from my mobile and installed Adverts, Pages, Group which apps are also Facebook products. "Groups" helps me to connect with my blogger friends all over the India. We have a secret blogging group named "Premium Tricks By IftiSEO". It is made by Iftekhar Ahmed, a very good friend of mine and a leading young blogger and entrepreneur from Bhopal, India. I don't need to see my news feed right now, but the community is very important to me. On the other hand, "Page" helps me to control my Facebook page. Yesterday I made my Facebook page and the URL here- https://www.facebook.com/sahasourajit17 A page is necessary for a blog especially when you are going to authority. It has been two days, and my page receives more than 2500 likes. I've promoted my page also among "targeted audience" and got a massive response. It is very cheap if you can optimize your Facebook ad campaign appropriately. I have paid 25 paise (0.004 dollars) for each Facebook likes and 8 paise (0.001 dollars) for each post engagement. It helps me to get an initial boost for my Facebook page. Here are some screenshots of my page. Check these.
My Fcaebook Page

My Facebook Post
The another important decision that I made this year is to make a personal blog. I registered the domain www.sourajit.com on 21st March, as I said before. I had no plan even on 17th March. Otherwise, I registered the domain on my birthday. I made this blog cause I felt to do something worthy apart from event blogs and niche blog. One of my main domains has been hit by google's latest algorithm, Fred. So I found a massive traffic drop to my blog. It reflects on my earning. This incident helped me to think about my blogging journey. Is it okay to depend on a niche blog or I need to create an authority blog? I had nothing to do except removing bad links and duplicate contents from my blog and create some fresh one. It sometimes takes to recover from Google penalty. Meanwhile, I'm working on my personal blog.

I started this blog as a time pass, recreational type. But once I started posting on blogging, I felt like I should write such type of contents instead of the detailed description of my birthday party. Now I've written 55 articles on this blog. And most of them are on blogging topic. Some posts are more than 2000 words. It is always better to write a post in details so that the reader gets his solution easily. Anyway, today this blog completes six weeks, and I want to share some reports of it. Blog reports are excellent for any blog so that you can understand the improvement from statistics. Moreover, it helps the new blogger to understand that it is not an overnight process. It's not that I planted a tree and it starts to give fruits from the very next day. Better to keep your eyes on statistics, so that you can understand the improvement of your blog.

Authority blog does not mean only a blog, it's traffic, and it's revenue. Building a brand is the mantra of authority blog. Brand means your overall presence. If you consider about just online presence. Then you should join the blogging community, and help others. You should join tweeter; you should join on Facebook and post your latest blog posts (as well as the old ones). It will increase your blog traffic as well as help to boost social signals. Check this screenshot of 11K Facebook Signals.
Social Signal
When people identify you as a helpful person, the will come to you and helps to promote your blog. Words of mouth also play a vital role for a blog/website/facebook page. Apart from that, your reader will share your post if they find them useful and share-worthy. So it's better to create more valuable contents rather than seeking for paid backlinks.

Now let me tell the progress in details. I made 55 posts in this six weeks. I've got few comments also in some of my posts. Some of them are spammy and let me tell you; I'm very sensitive about spamming. If you need a comment backlink, then add it inside your name. Choose "URL" option for commenting and add your site name in it. It's better not to use links inside the comment unless it makes sense. I did a lot of experiments with my blog's template, especially the responsiveness. A blog should be properly viewable from any device- smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC whatever. It was not so good for tablet devices (according to). There was about 300-320px free space appeared on right side of tablet device. So I fixed it. Now, some of the JavaScript widgets are not looking good on tablet or mobile, like 300X600 ad, subscribe box, social media profiles, etc. so; I hide them in lower resolution devices like tablet, smartphone. Social media profile is very important. I made a twitter handle and posted some of my best posts and tagged some pro-bloggers (friends of mine) to know their point of view and got good responses from them. Jitendra is one of the best bloggers from India, and he retweeted one of my posts, the moment was such an amazing. These type of encouragement always motivate me, as well as everyone. Apart from that, Iftekhar likes two of my posts, that helped me to be sure that my articles are not so bad. After Jitendra's retweet, I've started receiving twitter follower, and now I have 50 followers on Twitter. Three Of them are verified profiles. It feels awesome when any verified profile follows. 
Jitendra's Retweet

My Twitter Handle

My Follower 1

My Follower 2

My Tweet
Now let's discuss Facebook page. I made it yesterday, and now it gets more than 2500 likes. Obviously, I did some promotions. A Facebook page is always important for branding. If you check some of the pro-bloggers, they all have a Facebook page. And you need a good amount of likes on that page. 24-25 likes on a page do not help to create any positive impression on your visitor's mind. When you reach at least 1000-2000 likes, it will force your visitor to think about your blog's expansion on the web. It is debatable that Facebook fan page likes help SEO or not, but it definitely helps to brand, it leaves a positive impact on your visitor's mind. Twitter feed box also have another importance. If you don't update your blog for some reasons. If you use Twitter every day, then your tweets will be considered as adding text to your blog. So Google will think, your blog is updating on a daily basis. I added the policy page 4-5 days ago, cause I felt, there are always some legal issues depend on your privacy page. Copyright issue, cookies, advertising and all. I've mentioned them in details on my privacy page. My mentor Imran Uddin gave me a compliment. Here it is-
Compliment From Imran Uddin
Now the traffic part comes. I receive between 6-10 new visitors every day from different countries. Check the screenshot for better understanding. Revenue can not be a topic now cause it will be stupidity if I discuss the revenue from this, and I have no headache about revenue. This blog makes 8-10 cents till now. And it is from the impression, not from the click.
Analytics Report 1

Analytics Report 2
I am concentrating on the content now. The better content it will be, the better amount of traffic it will receive. Anyway, no more now. If you have any question related this blog post, feel free to ask me here. Just drop a comment below. If you really really like this post, then please do share it with your friends via social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc. If you want to get all my latest posts directly in your mailbox, subscribe my blog's feed. Take care. Have a nice day.