​Blogging- the term is very popular nowadays. Internet's incredibly expanding is the main reason for it. Even five years ago, the internet was not so popular in India. Only selected people used the internet, and that was mainly for working purpose. But the scenario has been changed now. From 15-45, almost everyone has a Facebook account. Facebook is now a part of the entertainment. People click pictures and upload it instantly to Facebook with place tag, friends tag, emoticons (like feeling happy). Whenever people gets bored, they start to check Facebook news feed. And the latest option is Facebook Live. These options are basically helpful. But people misuse it. Even I month ago, I got many unnecessary status pictures, posts in the news feed and it's really annoying for me, especially when I need the internet for my livelihood needs. Facebook is really a big time waster, but some people who are tech savvy or blogger or internet marketer, they use it correctly. We have a secret blogger's group on Facebook where we discuss blogging tips and tricks. Now peoples are more interested in blogging, for many reasons. Especially when you can work from home. Noob bloggers think it is very easy and they can make money overnight. I would like to inform that my first blog made $0 and you should also know how I have to deal people for this profession.
What Is The Future Of Blogging?

I have almost five years of blogging experience, so I know how many people join in blogging every year. Within this period, Google released several major updates in search engine algorithm. Fred is the latest algorithm update. A noob friend of mine asked, is SEO dead? No, obviously no. Google is working on it every day for improvement. Ten years ago you can easily rank a site with spammy links from high PR site. But now it's tough, and I think it will be almost impossible to rank with spammy links. Fred penalized those site which had spammy links, paid links and duplicate contents. Literally, Fred shakes the SEO world. So you can easily understand that SEO it not dead, it's still running and keep improving itself. We will see a huge change in SEO by 2020. Five years is a long time and Googlers (Google employee) are keep working on it. You know Google hires the top quality professionals for them. So, it's not easy to cheat with them with spammy backlinks for a long time. Anyway, let's start and let me tell the possibles changes of SEO.

There are three main things in blogging. Content, optimization and promotion. The proverb is that- "Content is king". You don't need to create many backlinks if you already have or if you write good quality content. Such type of contents attracts links automatically. No need to build them separately. As Google keep always improving itself, so it is expected that quality content will rule the blogosphere near future.

Optimization or better to say search engine optimization is a crucial thing in blogging. It is of two types. On page optimisation and offpage optimization. As you know, onpage optimization depends on keyword density. Many bloggers have a tendency to malpractice like keyword stuffing. Even some people often asked- what's the perfect percentage of the keyword? Well, there is nothing like that. The best way is to write an article in a natural way without thinking about perfect keyword density. I've seen many event blog rank with the help of keyword stuffing. It sometimes takes to caught by Google, within this period they already make a good amount of money from the event. But by 2020, Google will be much smarter, and it will be tough to rank in Google just using keyword stuffing.

Next, comes to offpage link building. offpage optimization means link building. The link is crucial for ranking. Every link is considered as a vote to that site. The more links will be pointed to your site; the more links will be, the more authority you will gain. But many people manipulate this with paid links, spammy links which are basically a wrong practice. By 2020, it has a great chance that Google will give less priority to link, cause there are many more priorities they have to consider. Either they will be very smart to choose only the organic links otherwise they will decrease the priority from links. Cause when Sergey Brin and Larry Page thought to make links as a ranking signal, social media was not popular that time.

Now comes the promotion part. Social media now play important role for ranking. Though many webmasters don't think so, Neil Patel confirms this to one of his articles that social media definitely plays a role for ranking in SERP. People are sharing your content means somehow they find your content helpful and interesting. Now more than a billion people use Facebook every day so if you get just a very very small portion traffic of it, would not it be great! By 2020, the numbers of social media user will increase extremely. And at the same time, the importance of social signal will increase for ranking.'

Event blogging is now very popular, but it may not be such important in near future as Google is starting to show rich snippet at the beginning of search result page, so they are literally destroying the event blogs. Event blogs are ranked with the help of huge spamming and PBN link. And Google sometimes takes to identify that. If you know about clickjacking, then you will understand how much Google has been improved itself. Even 3-4 years ago, some people used clickjacking script in event blog and made even $1000 within 5-6 hours. Then removed that before they get caught by Google. But it's not possible now. As Google is very smarter now, if you use clickjack, they will identify you and disable your AdSense account in no time. Same will be for spam links or sitewide links. If Google doesn't find any niche similarity between two blogs, you may get penalized. So it's better now to create an authority blog, which can generate a good amount of money per month. That's it.

If you think you can make fool even in the near future then it is entirely wrong, artificial intelligence has been grown rapidly, and you will see the impact everywhere, from 'Siri in iPhone' to NASA space station, even in search engine too. No more today. If you have any doubt or question, feel free to contact me here. Just do drop a comment below. If you really really like this post then please do share it with your friends via social networks like Google Plus, twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, StumbleUpon, etc. if you want to get all the latest updates of this blog, you can like my Facebook page, follow on Twitter or subscribe my blog feed. Take care. Have a nice day.