​Motivation is very important for any profession. It can be helpful for footballers, singers, painters and online marketer whatever the profession is, wherever he came from. I wrote before the reasons why motivation is so important. I saw a book on many bookstores from my childhood; it was a book named you can win by Del Carnegie. I saw that book in our regional language Bengali. It was translated. Motivation didn't make sense to me then. I thought it's something meaningless. Truly speaking, I won't believe in motivation. But as time passes, I've faced many situations and incidents, and now I can tell- I was totally wrong. I think nobody motivates me in my childhood; nobody shows me the way where I can excel myself. My family gave me too many books for different occasions, but none of them was motivational. So I have no idea or basic concept about motivation, for that reason, Del Carnegie's book seemed meaningless to me!
How I Get Motivated By My Idols

I was watching an old documentary on Bill Gates yesterday night. Gates' family, his mum, dad, his co-worker Paul Allen, his growing up, childhood days and so much. He memorized the complete encyclopedia in childhood. His addiction to computing, his immense power of coding, his extraordinary prudence and business intelligence made his the richest man in the world with 80 billion dollars net worth. I just love to see now any motivational video, love to read any motivational book. Now "Impatient Optimist: Bill Gates In His Own Words" is beside my MacBook. Not only that I've ordered few books from Amazon. "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish", "Think And Grow Rich", "How To Win Friends And Influence People", "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and "How To Stop Worrying And Start Living". These books are suggested by different sites. "Rich Dad Poor Dad" has been suggested by many blogger friends of mine. The tagline is beautiful also- what rich dad teach their kids about money that the poor and middle class do not. It's really eye-catchy tagline.

Every successful person always tells-"Follow your dreams". It may be very simple to hear, but it's the main mantra for today's generation. Wherever you live, whatever your stream is, choose the way, that you love. I explained before why Indian educational system sucks, follow these lines and do whatever you love; nobody can stop your success. My childhood idol was Satyajit Ray. I love his versatility. We wrote stories, novels, scripts for movies, film directing, music composing, painting and much more. He is my first idol. Still, he is and always will be. Yesterday was his birthday. I have three more idols- Bill Gates, Shah Rukh Khan and Christiano Ronaldo. They have a great influence in my life. Gates is an entrepreneur; Shah Rukh Khan is an actor while Christiano Ronaldo is a footballer. They are from different profession but their talent, their hard works motivate me a lot. They have a common nature also. They all are famous for their philanthropic works. Now let me tell about them one by one, how they influence me. Bill Gates is my idol not for his wealth, but for his hard word and intelligence. There is a song named "Billionaire" by Bruno Mars. 
My Idol- Bill Gates
It seems like the song says about Bill Gates. "I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad, Buy all of the things I never had, Uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine, Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen." Gates said in an interview in 2011- ‘I never took a day off in my twenties. Not one. And I’m still fanatical, but now I’m a little less fanatical. I play tennis; I play bridge, I spend time with my family. I drive myself around town in a normal Mercedes.’ are not these words inspiring? Entrepreneurship is not so easy. You have to face a lot of obstacles, back pain, neck pain to reach your destination. Microsoft and Bill Gates is a perfect example of success.

Now comes to Shah Rukh Khan. He is known as King of Bollywood. SRK's struggle is very inspiring for anyone. Even he spent some days in Mumbai central railway platform. He got 50 rupees only as his first salary, and now he is the second richest actor in the world with $600 million net worth. The main thing that attracts me is the struggle. He works almost 16-18 hours per day. "My family asks me why I do so much work. It is fear of losing what all I have attained that makes me work hard. I neither have high blood pressure nor am I a heart patient. But I get headaches when I don’t work hard." said the King of romance.

in 2012, Khan went to Yale University and delivered an inspirational speech. "I come from a very normal, lower middle-class family. I saw a lot of failures. My father was a beautiful man and the most successful failure in the world. My mother also failed to stay long enough with me to see me become a big movie star. At an early age, after my parents died, I equated poverty with failure. I just didn't want to be poor. So when I got a chance to act in films, it wasn’t out of any creative desire that I did so. It was purely out of the fear of failure and poverty. Most of the films I signed were discards of better-known actors, and the producers could not find anyone else to do them. I did them all to make sure that I was working to avoid unemployment. The timing or something was right, and that made them happen. I became a big star. Whatever happened to me happened because I have always been terrified of failure. I don’t want as much to succeed as much I don’t want to fail." It's really inspiring that a lower-middle-class boy came to Mumbai 25-26 years ago and now he rules the Bollywood industry. His fan is all over the world. Here is a sample for better understanding. So this it the story of Shah Rukh Khan.

Now Cristiano Ronaldo, who is no doubt one of the best footballers in the world. his journey is also very inspiring. From Lisbon to Madrid, they journey like a movie story. Even a movie has been made on him- "Ronaldo". If you like him, the movie is a must watch for you. his family was really poor. His father worked as a kit man in Sporting Lisbon, drank too much and went to bar and shouted, "My son will be the no. 1 footballer in the world." his prudence was really admirable. Ronaldo always says about himself- "I am number one", Shahrukh Khan also say that. They both were asked the same question- why are you saying yourself as number one? They both gave the same answer- if I don't think myself best, then why other people think me as the best. Brilliant answer. I am his fan, better to say die-hard fan when he played for Manchester United. Every weekend I watched the full match for Manchester United up to 2-3 am. I was crying when Manchester United lost. It made me so sad when Cristiano left Manchester and join real Madrid. I was stopped to see his match. That effect stayed about one year, then I gave solace to myself- it was his profession, and if he thinks real Madrid is a better option for him, then he can obviously go for that. Cristiano started to play even better than before. Manchester made him a good player, and he turned into Beast in Madrid. His hard work and dedication for his work make him what he is today.

So their motivational stories have a huge impact in my life. I always get motivated by them. I love them; I respect them, I follow their ideology, they are so much important in my life next to my parents. Well, no more today. If you have any doubt or question, feel free to contact me here. Just do drop a comment below. If you really really like this post, then please do share it with your friends via social networks like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon etc. if you want to get all the latest updates of this blog, you can like my Facebook page, follow on Twitter or subscribe my blog feed. Take care. Have a nice day.