​I have not written anything on the blog for many days. There have been many incidents in these days. There is a problem with someone close to me. For a while, I was really sad for this reason. It is very sad when you have to lose someone really close to you. I'm afraid about this if a close person is lost from my life. It's one of the biggest fears of mine. Anyway, for this reason, I did not write anything for some days. It can be called a short break. My mother is very surprised to see all of my steps. I did a lot of work for a few days and then did nothing for 10-12 days. A friend of mine asked me when exactly do I write a blog? Morning or afternoon or evening or night. To be honest, I do not have any fixed time. I write when I get time, I write when there is something to write. I went to the city centre one day. Mother and Uttiyo were with me. And I watched Samsung flagship model Galaxy S8 there.
Samsung Galaxy S8

It's just looking awesome. To be honest, I was not a fan of Galaxy series. But S8's look forced me to change my thoughts. Within a few days, I decided to buy S8. I ordered it from Flipkart and got in my hand within four days. Now, S8 is just beside me with a Spigen back cover. It's bezel-less, waterproof; it has iris sensor, heart rate sensor. the display is superb, super AMOLED display (2960 x 1440 resolution) with 571 ppi. The camera is also awesome. It has 1.7 aperture 12-megapixel rear camera and eight-megapixel wide range selfie camera. My previous smartphone was iPhone 6s. It has 1750 mAh battery whereas S8 has 3000 mAh. Oh god, it works throughout a full day. At least for me. I am ready to sell my iPhone 6s (64GB), and I've already published an ad in OLX. Even I made it as a featured ad. I had to pay 149 rupees for this. Now waiting for the perfect customer. Anyway, I have captured some pictures with Samsung Galaxy S8 and want to share some of them with you. Here are the pictures.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Box
Samsung Galaxy S8 Front
Samsung Galaxy S8 Back
Samsung Galaxy S8 Sample Photo 1
Samsung Galaxy S8 Sample Photo 2
Samsung Galaxy S8 Sample Photo 3
Samsung Galaxy S8 Sample Photo 4
Samsung Galaxy S8 Sample Photo 5
Samsung Galaxy S8 Sample Photo 6
Here are slow motion and hyperlapse video respectively.  Check these-
Oh yes, I've bought some motivational books also. "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish" by Rashmi Bansal. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish is the story of 25 such IIM Ahmedabad graduates who chose the rough road of entrepreneurship. They are diverse in age, in outlook and the industries they made a mark in. But they have one thing in common: they believed in the power of their dreams. "How To Stop Worrying And Start Living" by Dale Carnegie, "Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids about Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!" By Robert Kiyosaki, "How To Win Friends And Influence People" By Dale Carnegie. "Think And Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. These books are excellent, and you can really get motivated by reading them all.

Amazon associates earning is not stable like Google Adsense earning. At least for me. I noticed a huge drop in my Amazon earnings, though the traffic is same just like previous months. Anyway, it's just a statistics, and I'm not too much worried about it. In fact, at the very beginning, I could not imagine becoming an affiliate in Amazon Associates. But it has been possible, you can see. So right now, I have two earning source. Google Adsense and Amazon Associates. Now I'm keenly interested in investing in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, and its value has been increasing day by day. Economists say long term investing in bitcoin can be a gold mine. You can see that by searching "Bitcoin value prediction by 2020". So it's a serious issue, and I have already invested a few for bitcoin. Let's see what happens. Well, no more today. If you have any doubt or question, feel free to contact me here. Just do drop a comment below. If you really really like this post, then please do share it with your friends via social networks like google plus, twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, StumbleUpon etc. if you want to get all the latest updates of this blog, you can like my Facebook page, follow on Twitter or subscribe my blog feed. Take care. Have a nice day.