​I did not think in my early age that I would in this profession. I wanted to be a software engineer in childhood; later I wanted to be programmer always when I learnt to program. There were two options for me. Either to be a software developer or to be a web developer. Somehow web developing languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS attracted me more. So I started my journey for being a web developer. Then I made a blog which made zero dollars for lack of sufficient knowledge about search engine optimization, marketing, etc. then I realized, blogging is not only about coding or writing content. The most valuable part is the promotion. And you should have enough marketing knowledge for promoting a blog/post. I had no friend that time to help me, I had no mentor that time to guide me. If there was any problem, there was no one to show me, not even my parents, my teachers, my neighbors or others. Though I've got some mentors later like Imran Uddin, Iftekhar Ahmed, who helped me a lot. When I left my college after my first semester, I was really depressed about thinking about my career. Unemployment, lack of money were my biggest fear, not even then, it's still my biggest fear- if one day, I have no money then what will it be? That fear makes me work more, to save more money to my bank account.
What I Think About Online Marketing

I am from a lower middle-class family, and it was tough to tell someone that I'm a college dropout, local people of my area could not take it casually. Some people of our area also said- why a good student like him dropped out the college? What is the reason? I had to tell them- I'm studying in a college 2nd/3rd year. Not even from my neighbors or relatives, I had to hear a lot from my friends too. Actually, at that time, all my friends were associated with any institution except me. My brother [uncle's son] also commented that he felt ashamed to introduce myself as his brother! This is only an example; there are much more examples like this. So often my friends said- "So what will you do in future? Do something". I just smiled and said- I will do. I always wanted to stay away from being unemployment and sought for a job, so that I can say that at least I do something. And I am the youngest one among my friends who started his professional career. As I did not complete my college study, so I don't have any college degree. Even I am the only one among my batchmates, who does not even have a certificate of any computer course, not even the basic computer course, and I am the only one among my classmates who has been invited by Google.

It is very easy to be a software developer or teacher or doctor to tell about their profession to all. I work at TCS/CTS/Infosys/Wipro, or I am a teacher, I am a doctor. But when someone asks me what do you do? It becomes very difficult to them to understand the matter. One day I went to the saloon, and the barber asked me what did I do? I said I did nothing. Probably it's the better answer than to understand them my job. As I work from home and does not go outside generally. People thinks I don't have really any job. If I work from home and make 60000 rupees that are not so important. But if someone works harder, go by train for the job, spend a quality time in office and then returned at night when he has been totally sucked by his boss and gets 6000 rupees at the end of the month. Yes, he is doing a job. He is great. As you are staying always home, that means you don't do any work.

My neighbors ask me; my relatives ask me often that what is my actual job? What have I to do? I don't know how do I understand them? I tried to understand them before- I create a blog, rank it in google, and make money from it. Then they asked me how to rank in Google? A one line question with a broad answer. So now whenever someone asks me what do I do? I say I'm an online marketer. Now they ask me, what you have to do actually? Oh god! please stop asking me such questions. If you are really interested to know about this matter, then search google. Some of my friends ask me, you are doing this job from home, teach me how to do that. As I work from home, then it is the easiest job in the world. Then I ask them, do you know coding? Though I know coding is not compulsory for blogging. But I ask it to stop them, cause I know none of them knows how to code.

When I started my job with Adversal, then AdSense, my friends knew that I am working something in online. It was not important to them! Later I started to earn more, I started to bought expensive shits like two iPhones, Bose speaker (Companion 5), MacBook Pro, Bose headphone, new clothes in every month, and then they started to think, oww, he is surely doing something great! And started to gave more importance. I became famous among my friend zone. But my teachers, neighbors do not know about these. They don't use Facebook where I posted pictures, then how they will know? I got disappointed when my computer teacher said me; "You could do something better"! I said him- "Maybe I'm not doing something great but find any of my classmates who is doing better than me!" You may call me arrogant. Even my idols are also called arrogant. Christiano Ronaldo. Shah Rukh Khan. People gets arrogant only if you don't give him proper respect that he deserves. Give me respect, and you will see me as a humble person. So in order to make them feel if I'm doing something really good or not, I have to make a big house, have to buy nice car, hahaha. If only then they can feel I am not doing anything wrong.

The sad thing is, I don't have any blogger friend in my town. I have to contact all my blogger friends through Facebook. They are from different cities in India- Hyderabad, Bhopal, Delhi, Faridabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, etc. we have a secret Facebook group for discussing blogging related issues. It's great that we can connect each other. But sometimes physical presence, working together at a room works better. It helps to increase the ability to work. For example- I'm working now solo. If I had at least one partner, we could work together for a long time. When I work alone and see that my parents are going to bed at 11 pm. then the desire to work is gone with it. I read Bill Gates' biography; he said- "Generally creative people like to work each other. You have to make sure you're encouraging an atmosphere where the creative people feel comfortable, so you get a positive momentum." when the context is about Gates' early days, he said- "We didn't even obey a 24-hour clock, we'd come in and program for a couple of days straight... four or five of us... four or five of us. When it was time to eat we'd all get in our cars, kind of race over to the restaurant and sit and talk about things, I'd forget to eat, but then you know, we'd just go back and program some more. It was us and our friends- those were fun days."

I always want to work with some partners, but unfortunately, there is no one here in my town. Sometimes it forces me to think- why I'm here in such a town? It would be better if I were born in Hyderabad or Bangalore. Anyway, that's my story. Hope someday I will be able to make more $$$$$ and buy more expensive shits. People should understand that my job from home is not so easy. No more today. If you have any doubt or question, feel free to contact me here. Just do drop a comment below. If you really really like this post, then please do share it with your friends via social networks like google plus, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon etc. if you want to get all the latest updates of this blog, you can like my Facebook page, follow on Twitter or subscribe my blog feed. Take care. Have a nice day.