​Apple's new flagship all-in-one desktop iMac Pro has been released a few days before. And it has been considered as the strongest iMac ever built by Apple. I heard about it from one of my Facebook friends. The specification is just unbelievable. The color will be space grey. According to Apple, they have been improved the thermal structure and the cooling system. The screen is 27 inch, and the most important thing is- it has 5,120x2,880 resolution 5K Retina display.But still, it's not a touchscreen monitor. iMac Pro has 8/10/18 core Xeon processor! Yes... you read it right, eighteen core!!! It offers 32 GB RAM, but you can upgrade it up to 64 GB or 128 GB as you need. It provides one TB of hard disk, but it's configurable up to 4 TB. the price starts from $4999, and it may be up to $8000. This beast will release in the fall of this year. You can check further details from here
iMac Pro
It reminds me of another PC developed by Microsoft. It's nothing but Microsoft surface studio. But to me, it's just a copy model of iMac. Still, it's good enough and especially for Windows lover. I personally use both windows and mac. But as I love to play GTA V, so it's not possible for me to stay away from windows forever. 
Microsoft Surface Studio
Both are good looking, can definitely increase the beauty of your room. Plus they are awesome also regarding performance. If you are looking for a new PC and you have plenty of budgets, you can then go for any of them. Mac or Windows? The choice is yours.

I'm planning to buy a 4K monitor, but not right now. After the release of GTA 6 :P Besides, I have to update some other parts also like processor (i5) and RAM (8GB). The release of every version of grand theft auto never disappoints me. Rather I was surprised each time by seeing it's overall improvement, better graphics better A/I, better location. A few days ago, I found an interesting video. They said, "Trevor has been found in real life", and the person really looked like Trevor. Here is an image of real life Michael, Trevor and Franklin- the three main characters of GTA V. 
Michael Franklin Trevor In Real Life
Apart from GTA V, now I play clash of clans also and undoubtedly it's an exciting game. My readers may get bored by reading only my personal stuff. What should I do then? Well, guys who wanna looking for blogging tips kindly go to the archive page and check all the posts under blogging and Adsense labels. For first two months, I have posted some of the blogging tutorial stuff. And I think those are enough resource for a complete newbie. Moreover, my blog is just like a diary to me. I write here about my activity, my likes, my dislikes, what happens with me, my experience almost everything. So that after ten years, I can see all my posts, my thoughts, my experience at my 25th. This blog will be expired on 2018. Withing the period, I have to extend my domain registration date. I saw two points in Brian Dean's post at Backlinko that domain age may consider as one of Google ranking factors. It's damn true based on my experience. I had few Blogspot blogs which were made in 2014 or 2015. And those are ranking really well in search engine result page than my comparatively new blogs. Yes, Google gives priority to old blog much. Another one is domain registration length. It's not sure, but I find the logic perfect. Spammers hardly registered a domain for one year whereas good domains are registered for a couple of years at least. So if I register my domain for 2-3 more years, maybe it can help me in google ranking. 

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