Each and every pet dog needs a lot of care. If you really want to own a dog, you definitely have to give lots of time for it. Some things like proper check up, regular bath and wash, proper food are essential if you want to be a dog owner. I have a pet dog named "Pogo". Pogo is no more with me! She has been sent to another pet caretaker's home as my family was unable to maintain her. Being a good dog owner takes sometimes and patience, but at the end of the day, it will return 10x love and affection to you. The first thing that we did wrong is not to show her the place for the toilet at the very beginning. So since the very first day, she did toilet and latrine anywhere in front of our house. It was difficult to my parents to find them out all times and clear those shit. We were able for proper vaccination at the right time. If you talk about washing her, I only did for 2-3 times as far as I can remember in 1 year. All time my dad did so. and I think sometimes it seemed like a pressure on him. 
POGO Is No More With Me

Which I should not overload on him like a burden. The irony is, even I don't know how to clean a dog properly. I mean using soap, shampoo and all. My dad brushed his hair every day. It's an enjoyable time for any dog when someone touches his stomach. Cutting her nail is also important. As we, human, cut out nails regularly. Same for the pets too. We should cut their nails every week. I never cut her nail. I never brush my Pogo's teeth. Feeding is very very important to anybody, any pet. I hardly feed Pogo anytime. My parents did all those. I did not tolerate the smell of meat (I'm vegan), so I didn't tolerate the pedigree's smell also. 
POGO My Pet Dog 1

POGO My Pet Dog 2
All those are my mistakes, my disabilities. But I played with her almost every day. I have football. Even being a girl, Pogo loves football too much. She played with me. I never behave like an odd master. I always played, entertained her as much possible for me. Anyway, she is now my neighbor's property. I will visit her there very soon. Even I pray, she never feels alone anymore cause there are 1-2 dogs are already there.

As you already know, I am really interested in Bitcoin which has been considered as the future gold. Our country India is almost going to legalized bitcoin as a digital currency. I came across one interesting tweet suddenly by David G.W. Birch. He stated- one doesn't invest in Bitcoin, one gamble on Bitcoin. He also provides us with another stock market strategy for bitcoin. Simply replace "buy low, sell high" with "buy high, sell higher".

I found nothing wrong in bitcoin except one bad reputation, for dealing drugs and illegal activities. Yes, Bitcoin is the best way to do that, cause for this, you don't disclose your name or any account or country. just a bitcoin address. You would find out probably nothing with this. So this is the safe way for drug dealers.

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