​Last day I posted about bitcoin price prediction. Bitcoin's price is roaring every day, and prediction says, it may touch $4000 at the end of 2017. I've bought some bitcoins and stored them in a paper wallet. I buy bitcoin from Zebpay; it's an awesome user-friendly mobile wallet, you have to register your account by your mobile number, then you have to link up your pan card and bank a/c. When your bank account is approved, you can deposit your money from bank account to Zebpay account. There are two options. Net banking and bank deposit. You can deposit less amount of money with net banking comparing to bank deposit. Even you have to pay an extra charge for net banking. So I use bank deposit instead. I have an account in Axis bank, and I have an app of them on my smartphone. I use the app to transfer my money from my account to Zebpay bank account. 
Zebpay verification

Zebpay has bank accounts in all banks, whenever I select axis bank as my bank, they provide me with their axis bank account details. After sending the money, Zebpay asks for payment reference number. Then you have to provide the number and the payment screenshot to Zebpay. It will take 7-8 hours to proceed, then the amount of money has been deposited to your Zebpay account. And you have to convert your money to bitcoin. That's it. 
Zebpay home screen
This is Zebpay home screen.

bitcoin address
Here is my bitcoin address. If you are kind enough, you can send me some bitcoins! :P

Bitcoin price graph
Bitcoin price graph of last 3 months.

But software wallet is not a very secure place. It's always better to use a paper wallet or hardware wallet. I use bitaddress.org as a paper wallet. Here is the article where you will get the details- how to create a paper wallet using bitaddress.org; one thing you should remember- never lose your bitcoin address and private key. Otherwise, all your bitcoin will be lost; there is no chance of recovery. So be careful guys for that step. Backup your address to any cloud storage like icloud drive like cloud or google drive. You may save it to any external hard disk. Never depend only on your computer hard disk as you know what did WannaCry Ransomware do a few days ago. Now there is a question- how to take my money off from the paper wallet. I searched for an hour to find these, and now I'm going to share this with you. You need to install an app named Mycelium. You will find an option there- "Send". Click on it. Then you have to scan a QR code. Use your paper wallet QR code. Then it will ask for private key QR code, use the private key QR code provided into the paper wallet. Now you have to put the amount- how much you want to transfer from your paper wallet to software wallet like Zebpay. Then send it to Zebpay. It will take 30-90 mins to receive at your Zebpay a/c depending on your priority level. There are four options- low priority, economy, normal and high priority. The default option is normal priority. After few minutes, your bitcoins will be credited to your Zebpay account. Now you have to sell them. Enter the amount you want to sell. After selling them, you will receive cash to your Zebpay account. Now you have to withdraw your cash to your linked bank account. The process is very easy. Just follow them step by step.

I have sold my iPhone 6s for 29000 rupees. My first iPhone is to my sister. So literally, I have no iPhone now. Being a brand conscious, Apple is somehow my weak point. I did not sell my iPhone unless I had MacBook Pro. This Samsung Galaxy S8 is really awesome. I went to a water theme park a few days ago with my friends. And the whole time we have carried the phone with us. Water splashed on it for multiple times, but nothing happened. It is really a good thing. I told before; the low light photography is excellent with this camera. The battery backup is really good comparing to iPhone 6s. The display is great. Now I play clash of clans all day. I heard about it so many times but honestly speaking I did not play any game except GTA V. one day I sat alone and installed the COC. I wanted to play for a couple of minutes and then uninstall the game. But nooo!!! The game is really addictive. Even I play that game also. Right now I'm at level 18. hope it will increase to a good number within few days. I had a heavily distressed jeans, which has been bought from China. It's too much distressed that, not perfect to wear in my town. So I ordered a mildly distressed jeans from Myntra, and I will get that by next week. Here is my jeans.. yeah!!!! :D
Moda Rapido Mildly Distressed Jeans
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