Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is a part of computer science that helps to create smart machines that work and reacts like a human. Now it is an essential part of modern technology. According to the father of Artificial Intelligence, John McCarthy, it is “The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”. It is a way of creating a computer controlled robot or software that can think intelligently. An actual artificially-intelligent system is one that can learn on its own. Understanding natural language, recognizing faces in photos, driving a car, or guessing what other books we might like based on what we have previously enjoyed reading.
Artificial Intelligence
It is unbelievable that a computer can beat the world chess champion, YES YOU READ IT RIGHT. Deep Blue is an IBM chess program that beat Garry Kasparov in the 1990's. And understand every voice command on your smartphone like Siri, Bixby, Cortana, Google Assistant, etc. but real artificial intelligence has yet to come. The pace of change is really fast. Some people say it will save humanity; even it can make us immortal. Others (like Stephen Hawkins) say it could destroy us all.

How can AI help us-

It has been claimed that artificial intelligence even can cure deadly diseases like aid, cancer, etc. will it be really possible? Well, time speaks all. A computer can learn itself if you program machine learning. Whenever you do a web search, it is the machine learning which chooses the result you should be delivered. Amazon or other e-commerce sites use it to suggest a product to you. Netflix uses it to suggest movies. Facebook, twitter decide which posts to show you, and it's the same, machine language. That means almost everything happens the internet is involved with machine learning. Now you can ask me, what is machine learning? Well, machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence. An Approach to Achieve artificial intelligence. National Geographic also claim that it can cure cancer too, which I previously said.

Cancer is a very difficult to detect. Everybody's cancer is different, and it changes with growing. So today's cancer of a patient is not the same as it was four months ago. The metabolism is so much different, and there are so many possibilities of mutations and combinations of cellular and environment of and environmental factors that no human can accurately predict which drug will be perfect for the patient. But with the help of artificial intelligence, it is easier to predict the ideal drug by taking patient's genome, cancer's genome and medical history, it can predict the perfect drug. Before doing this, we need better machine learning algorithms. Besides, we also need many patient's data so that the algorithm learn for it and perform accurately. Nowadays doctors take help to diagnosis Sepsis.

In consequence of AI, Mustafa Suleyman, the co-founder of DeepMind said: “Humans remain the ultimate controller of the systems.” Google's Public Policy Manager, Sarah Holland said to TecNation, "It used not to be able to differentiate between a fire truck and a cat…Now, you can search for ‘hugs’ in [Google Images], and you can bring up photos of people hugging."

I can't end up giving an example of artificial intelligence, but let me try. Toyota's Director Of Technology and Innovation policy said,"From Toyota’s perspective, AI comes into play with self-driving and self-automated vehicles.”

She mentioned that more than 35 thousands Americans lost their lives in automobile accidents last year—which is about equivalent to “Two jumbo jets of people falling out of the sky every week,” she said. And, unfortunately, 94 percent of those accidents are attributable to human error. If this is the case, then the question is, “What do we have to lose with self-automated cars?” In this consequence, let me tell that Google is the first company who invented the self-driving car. So you can understand that the full process is automated, that means works based on artificial intelligence.

We are not entirely sure about the unemployment of huge numbers of employees, but the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence have multiple benefits, such as higher quality work, improved reliability, increased and consistent output. Automation of routine tasks can actually help workers so that they can spend more time on creative tasking like thinking about to add a new feature. It provides enhanced value to both company and customers. The machine will handle all the routine tasks, that takes a lot of time, and no need to use brain on it and employees will work on creative thoughts that machine can't do till now.

Artificial intelligence will do tasks like monitoring, researching, reporting and building media lists; there will no longer need to be done manually. AI and predictive analytics will give you more details information about the trends of the market and movements. This combination will help mind free so that the PR can think more strategically, and highly creative.

Artificial intelligence, automation and machine learning will impact hugely day to day in next few years. The main focus of AI will be cognitive tasks, just like creating balance sheets, chart creation, pie chart creation, schedule calendar invites, sending emails, answer them, delete them, etc. we hope they will be able t do much more works like high-level cognitive tasks, annualizing co-relation, assessing co-relation, etc

It also helps companies engage in conversations through chat bots. For example, this is an e-commerce site. You want to buy a product in a hurry at night 3 am. definitely no one will open their office at 3 am. I am talking about small or medium companies, not like Amazon. Now you need a query, but no one is there. You can send an email to given address. You sent mail. But when my company opens at 10 am, the department will show that and then you will get a reply within 20 minutes. Is not it embarrassing? Definitely, it is. So what if I use a program, obviously a smart program, which can assist you while buying the product, answer your queries, recommend the product actually which you want, and the most important feature is it will work for 24x7.

As the days gone, all leading tech companies are trying to improve their software or app or website by improving their algorithm. Google creates google assistant, which I have got inbuilt in my nougat operating system (Samsung Galaxy S8). The Apple's Siri, which is really famous for its automation technology since few years and they make it smarter in every new version. I have used iOS10, and it was really good, don't know how much they have approved in iOS11 version. Samsung brought their own AI app called Bixby. They didn't release yet. I hope I will get it within 2-3 months and will see how much Bixby smart. And the last but not the least, Microsoft's Cortana. I heard about it a lot, but I have o practical experience of that so that I can say anything regarding this.
Benefits of AI-
  • The self-driving car is also a good innovation which works none but with the help of artificial intelligence. It was 2012 when Google first made their self-driving card. Larry page the co-founder of Google said in an interview, "We want to do things that will motivate the most amazing people in the world to want to work on them. You look at self-driving cars. You know a lot of people die, and there's a lot of wasted labor. The better transportation you have, the more choice in jobs. And that's social good. That's probably an economic good. I like it when we're picking problems like that: big things where technology can have a really big impact. And we're pretty sure we can do it. And whatever the technology investment we need to do that, it's not going to be that huge compared to the payoff." Not only google now Tesla, but Volkswagen is also working on this project, individually.
  • The limitation of human is body and brain. Researchers say that we could be able to connect our memory which network to enhance the power and other facilities.
  • In future, it can be used by bomb defusing. Yes, it can, with the help of a drone. Human will control the drone. Thus thousands of lives can be saved.
  • I read somewhere that it can even change the climate too. But I have no idea how it will.
  • You know all about robots, even about talking robots. But have you ever heard about a robot that understands emotion even they can feel other's emotion too? It has been named Pepper. It always tries to make his owner happy. When Pepper's consumer release happened on 20th June 2015, all peppers had been sold out within a minute.
  • AI not only can be a playful robot. But using AI, you can get a robot that's helpful for old people also. They can make so some works and lower their burdens.
  • Artificial intelligence's role in our lives will not only grow bigger. In the United States, 83% of jobs that pay under $20 an hour will most likely be automated within the next few years. There are even concerns that AI will soon make most human-filled jobs obsolete and ultimately leave millions unemployed.
Example of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life-

  • Most of the time I need to call someone, who is already on my friend list, I use google assistant as my operating system is android and google assistant is the inbuilt feature in nougat. Previously I used iPhone 6s, and it had Siri. They both are fantastic. Even content also, which has been developed by Microsoft.
  • My favorite game is GTA V. even I can find artificial intelligence's use in the game. When an ambulance come, when a cop comes, when cops will come with the helicopter when people punch me, when a dog bites everything are done by programming, if you want, you can see them also via OpenIV. But don't change anything unless you know its use. Otherwise, your game can be crashed.
  • The self-driving car, already I have said it. It works just like an autopilot mode, controlled by artificial intelligence completely. Though it's not available to everywhere, you can't find them in India.
  • Chat bots, already I said it. Many companies use this. Even some of my friends use this to handle their customers.
  • Movie recommendation- some sites like Netflix collect data from your cookie and suggest you similar movies that you can be preferred.
Negative effect of artificial intelligence-
  • Artificial intelligence is now very improved as you can see from the given examples. People create drone for destroying enemies. It has huge power. But sometimes without human biases, it could not take the right decision. So you can't call it fully automated. But I hope there will be days when drones with artificial intelligence will decide for themselves. There will be no need to operate.
  • If some weapons enabled with artificial intelligence in the hand of the wrong person, then there will be massive destructive happen anytime.
  • Dr Nils Nilsson’, a professor emeritus at Stanford University said, “Machines will be singing the song, ‘Anything you can do, I can do better; I can do anything better than you’.” eminent scientist Stephen Hawking once said that the day when artificial intelligence will be more powerful than human brain, mankind would be destructed that day. Not only Stephen Hawking, but Elon Musk and Bill Gates also worried about this fact, worried about the power of super-smart artificial intelligence. Though Andrew Ng at Stanford University, who is also chief scientist at Chinese internet giant Baidu said," fearing a rise of killer robots is like worrying about overpopulation on Mars."
All I can say that artificial intelligence will be the future of our technology. It will spread all over, everywhere in human's life. From room air conditional control to google assistant, self-driving car to underwater drone. So anyway, with the pace of science's improvement, we hope for the best. Well, no more today. If you have any doubt or question, feel free to contact me here. Just do drop a comment below. If you really really like this post then please do share it with your friends via social networks like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, etc. if you want to get all the latest updates of this blog, you can like my Facebook page, follow on Twitter or subscribe my blog feed. Take care. Have a beautiful day.