​Many people are looking for how to get free gems or unlimited gems online? We, who play clash of clans, only know the value of gems in clash of clans. Even gems are sold in the game for real money.  And many people buy them too. I heard from an authentic source that Supercell makes $5-6 million dollars every day by selling gems which help them to bank 2.3 billion dollars in 2016 alone. I am one of them. I spent near about 6000 rupees to buy gems from their store. To speed up activities. What is the function of gems? Well, gems are everything in COC. Whenever you create or upgrade something, it takes sometimes. Sometimes it takes even 4-5 days too. That means you are starting to upgrade something and it will end up after 4-5 days. What the hell? So at that time, if you don't want to wait, and you want to end it right now, then gems are there for you. So we all are looking for gems. There are few ways where you can get gems by removing tree, trunk, mushroom, etc. or complete the achievements. But those are not enough. We still need more and more gems. So here we will discuss there any way to get gems in Clash Of Clans for free.

Clash Of Clans has been developed by Supercell, And they are smart enough to stop any kind of hacking. I tried few times to bypass their security but failed every time. The reason why these people make these sites & videos is not that they want to share their hack with you, but because they want to take advantage of you. Most of these require you to fill a survey before you can download it. And even if you manage to download something, it is most likely a virus which compromises your computer. I'd strongly recommend you not to try these files. 
Even if that's not only a virus issue, let me tell you, this is and online marketing strategy called CPA (Cost Per Action). Whenever you complete a survey or download software, they will get paid. All of the clash of clans hacks online are 100% fake. How many online generators have you tried so far? How many surveys have you completed? Only to find that none of them works. All these online generators, hacks, cheats are fake. If anyone finds any method to hack them (Clash Of Clans) without getting banned, just show me the method, I will delete this post, for sure!


All the currency data is stored on Supercell's servers, and all the actions you take are submitted to and validated on their servers. Every time you open the app (Clash Of Clans), data is pulled from their servers into your phone. They also have anti-cheat system in place. Each time you spend a gem, they auto-check if the client and a server are in sync with each other. Remember hacking is illegal and attempting to hack clash of clans may get your account banned permanently. 
So at least having something is way better that nothing. So there is no way to gem unlimited free gems in clash of clans, and that's the conclusion. As I've said previously. Clean tree, trunk, mushroom; complete achievements and you will get some gems every time. So stay happy and keep playing clash of clans.

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