Curiosity is good, but if that extends all the boundaries and sound really hilarious, then simply you can't take that seriously anymore rather than you are looking for some funny answer to match with them. Quora is an open question and answer related platform where anyone can throw any questions and experts are there always to give a reply. Personally I never through any question in Quora, better I search for them in Quora if anyway asked that previously on Quora, or Google is the greatest option. While checking Quora, I found many interesting, funny, hilarious, stupid questions there and those made my day. Here I want to share them with you all. If ou still not aware about how people can throw a stupid question, then this post is for you. Keep reading.
Dumbest Questions On Quora

How do I learn coding in a single night?
Quora Answer 1

Why can't I have a conversation with a girl in spite of being extremely proficient in science and math?
Quora Answer 2

My girlfriend is asking me to choose between my startup and her. What should I do?
Hire her!

I have had 5 girlfriends so far, but I still haven't found happiness. What should I do?
Quora Answer 3

What should I do if a 13-year-old wants to sleep with me and I'm 21-years-old?

If you want to vacation in jail, yeah, have her come on over. 

What's the difference between a secret admirer and a stalker?
Quora Answer 4

Will girls think of me as a loser if I tell them that I'm 20 and I've never kissed any girl before?
Quora Answer 5

Is making a lot of money ethical?
Quora Answer 6

Do you think other billionaires/millionaires are jealous of the worlds richest men?
Quora Answer 7

Why don't some male billionaires have physically attractive wives?

What do you call a girl who flirts with more than one guy?
Quora Answer 8

If Einstein was so smart, why did he die?

If a guy doesn't know how to ride a bike, could any girl love him?
Quora Answer 9

Why does Justin Bieber sag his pants?
Quora Answer 10

My MacBook Air weighs 2.3 pounds. If I download more files on it, will it make it heavier?
Quora Answer 11
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