Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban, who told Bitcoin as a bubble, plans for investing in another cryptocurrency named Unicoin. He said, "I want to learn more about them. I haven't signed the paperwork yet. But it's likely it will happen." He said about Unikrn- "Unikrn is the worldwide leader in esports betting. You can bet legally, for free, anywhere in the world using Unikoins, our virtual tokens. We also offer real money betting in Australia and the UK. Back your picks with Unikoins or real money and feel the rush when you watch the next big match."

Mark Cuban On Bitcoin
I check the news every day about bitcoin from google news. Cointelegraph, coindesk, CNBC are are major sites among all of them. If you really want to invest in bitcoin always try to hold them at least for five years. Here is an interesting story about big bitcoin players who are going to be billionaires soon. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are among them. Do you remember Winklevoss brothers? Hint: the social network movie. Zebpay is going well in India. They are the biggest bitcoin exchange in India now. Zebpay gets 2000-2500 new customers every day and remember it's only the early stage of bitcoin. It will become huge when bitcoin is trendy. Zebpay should add another altcoins option like ethereum, ripple coin, etc. so that we can buy all from the same place. Hope the day is not very far.

My latest passion is to capture 360-degree photos through my smartphone and watch it again and again. It's really a true fun. I personally believe it's an outstanding invention in this era. If you want to see others a plays that you have been visited recently, photos are not enough. A 360 can make a huge difference in that case. I had no 360 supported mobiles when I went to Thailand. If I had, I would probably capture more than 50-60 360 degree photos there. It is quite easy to capture a 360 photo. All you need is a 360 supported smartphone and google street view app. open the app, you will find a camera logo just right bottom side of the screen. Click on it. Select camera option. Then they will provide you with some yellow dots, and you have to go through those dots. Once the capture process is done, it will take 10-15 seconds to stitch them all together. Check some 360 pictures captured by me!

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