​Today I was testing Google assistant. How much it's capable of working, its features, its limitations and more. I use Samsung Galaxy S8, and Google has provided their latest Android version "Nougat" to this smartphone. In Nougat, you don't need to install Google assistant separately, nougat itself will include that. Rest of smartphones (except pixel) who has the previous version of Android, have to install Allo app developed by Google to enjoy the features of Google assistant. Google assistant has also been provided in some other smartphones like LG G6, OnePlus 3T, OnePlus 5 etc.

The procedure is really easy. Just long press on the home button (for 1-1.5 second), it will appear, or say "Ok Google", it will appear automatically. I tried some funny things with it and got some interesting reply sometimes! I think they still work on it to reach the level of Apple's Siri. And you all know, this is the era of artificial intelligence. All tech companies are trying to make their AI software even more better so that people love it. Amazon's Alexa, apple's Siri, Samsung's Bixby, Google's Google assistant are the example of artificial intelligence app. the first good thing I found in google assistant is that it can understand exactly what I say, I am not from any native english country. Indian English accent is different from Britain and American English.
Google Assistant Features
Recently I wrote about Amazon's Echo Show, which is mainly virtual assistant at home. This is the era, where we want to work less and let the AI bots work for us. I remember one thing, Stephen Hawking once said- when AI will get smarter than human, then the world will about to end. Anyway, I talked with Google assistant and took some screenshots. Here are those-
Google Assistant 1

Google Assistant 2

Google Assistant 3
Google Assistant can remember your data and information. Here I said him/her to remember my favorite color and, it did that. In the same way, it also can remember your password, other information. But I won't recommend you to store sensitive data like password or ATM pin etc. Now I tried to ask Google Assistant some funny questions and was curious to hear its answer! How much intelligent is he? How can he handle a tricky question? And here is my questions with his answers!
Google Assistant 4

Google Assistant 5
It works as a translator also. Though I know What "Hello" is called in Spanish (I think most of you know cause it is very common), still I just check it and here is the screenshot of the result. I tried another translation. Also, that's Japanese! Sad to say even I don't know to read Japanese! If any Japanese visitor of my blog read this post, please reply. It will be real fun. 
Google Assistant 6

Google Assistant 7
Even Google Assistant is trying to make me happy when I asked am I looking ugly or not? It said- wow! You look great! Obviously, I'm not good looking. But you know it's every seller's duty to keep his customer's happy. So Google Assistant does! Hahahahaa!!!
Google Assistant 8
It can send a message as you said. I tried only once. You can send a message as SMS, in WhatsApp, hike and whatever. I just told, "Send a WhatsApp message" and it asked- to whom? I told Uttiyo. Then I said to him also exactly what message I want to send him. Then send!!! Voila!!! Technology is making us lazy day after day! Be careful.
Google Assistant 9
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