​I opened my Facebook account probably in May or June 2010; just after my higher secondary exam. At that time Orkut was very popular. Even Orkut was more popular than Facebook then. But right now Orkut has vanished. On September 30th,2014 Google closed their social network "Orkut" to focus on its other social networking initiative Google+. The reason behind Orkut's failure? They don't offer excellent facilities to its users. Just like news feed, where you don't have to hunt news. You just have to scroll down and down, every activity of your friends, the pages you like will come to your screen. There was no option to talk privately which we can do on Facebook through Messenger. in the same way; Facebook improves itself every day, adds more features which can be useful to users. Right now Facebook is called the social media giant with its two billion active users.
Narendra Modi & Mark Zuckerberg

Recently India beats united stated in terms of Facebook audience. 24.1 crore people from India use Facebook. This number is greater than the number of people using Facebook in united states. We all know, the USA is technologically very advanced, maximum people of their use personal computer, it's a first world country. Where as India is a developing country, more than 70% people are under poverty, then why we get that statistics? Is not it shocking? Well, if you notice the statistics carefully, 95% traffic generates from mobile. That's the main reason of why so many Indians use Facebook. As the technology evolves, smartphones are in the market to rule. Even they are getting more smarter. My Samsung galaxy S8 has iris scanner. It is used to unlock my mobile by iris scanning. 

At the same time, smartphone's prices are getting low day by day. So people are most likely to buy smartphones not just for calling but also for chatting on Facebook and WhatsApp. As you know most of the Indians are poor, they don't have a budget to buy a high-end smartphone. But smartphone companies make low budget phones also. And all those are powered by Android, so it's very easy to get access to apps like Facebook, messenger, WhatsApp, etc. and Facebook knows how to keep engaged users on Facebook? They have invented a lot of features, the "Live Video" where maximum girls come and think themselves as a celeb, reactions are one of the most important things, which make trouble into a relationship. It can be between boyfriend-girlfriend, can be between best friends, can be a friend of friends!
Moreover, the main game changer is Mukesh Ambani's "JIO", which provides 4G internet at almost free of cost. So when the internet is free why will we stop ourselves from doing Facebook all time? JIO is a revolution in the internet world, cause Indian traffic is a good amount of percentage to almost every website's user, same for Facebook also and now you know they take number one place as the Facebook audience. People who do not even have a bank account, he has a smartphone also and his most using app is Facebook. So India is the biggest market right now for Facebook, and Mark Zuckerberg don't forget to show his interest in India. Zuckerberg also met with our prime minister Narendra Modi. No doubt they both need each other. I found a nice line in Quora about the important of Indian traffic to Facebook- "Indians do not need Facebook as much as Facebook needs Indians." India is a huge, huge market even Sundar Pichai called India as "global player". and our PM Narendra Modi also love to forward our country towards digitalization. So hope for the best. Take care.