When I created my first blog, I had no idea about keyword research. I joined in Sitesell, completed their ten days course and made a blog. They strongly recommended for keyword research, and I ignored them perfectly. Why? Because I had already selected my topic previously. So there was no need to waste my time rather than creating my blog. And the result was horrible as expected. That blog made only zero dollars. Then I forced to delete the blog. The niche was amazing facts. Facts about everything and I selected it without any keyword research. That was one of the biggest mistakes in my blogging journey.
KWFinder In-Depth Review
Why is keyword research so important? Well, whenever we create a blog, we should know about the competition on that topic. The harder competition is, the harder will be to rank in search engine. Just like your class exam and IIT(Indian Institute of Technology) exam. You can easily rank there if you give some effort. But the same amount of effort is not sufficient for IIT exam; you have to work harder. The same thing is for keyword research. We can find there the competition level of a keyword, the CPC (Cost Per Click) of that word, the difficulty level for ranking and all. Even after my first blog, I didn't use any keyword research tool, oh sorry. I have used google keyword planner but for very few times. Then I have many many blogs. But the most successful blog, which makes huge money was not my idea. It was Imran Uddin who suggested me this niche and said- "Bro, it is a profitable niche with low competition. Go for it." before that my all blog was tech related, and now I can understand how much competition in tech niche is. Because there are so many high authority blogs on tech niche like CNET, Mashable, TechRadar, Gizmodo, Gadgets NDTV, TechCrunch, Engadget and much more. All these blogs have huge authority so if you write an article on the gadget; it's almost impossible to outrank those blogs. So, when I failed to rank my tech blog, Imran said, "Why are you chasing behind tech niche? Try something different." I said- I love tech niche and gadgets. He said- But you could not rank them quickly so, better to shift on another niche, and he suggested me a niche. I was not very interested in working in that niche, but I had to. And later? Within one month, it started getting organic traffic, and within two months it started generating revenue. Wooah! For that reason, I will be grateful to Imran until the end of my life. Yeah, I did all the things, I spent a good amount of times on it, but he gave me the idea. So a perfect low competition keyword can change your game.

I think you feel boring after reading this cause you came here to get a review and I'm here sharing my story. Actually, in this blog, I share my story, especially my failure story so that you can not get into the same trap again. Before keyword research, you have to choose the topic, on what topic will you write. There are many options like tech niche, food niche, travel niche, health niche, fashion niche, etc. when you have selected your topic, now you have to go for keyword research. So you need a keyword researching tool which can help you to find the proper niche with higher CPC and lower competition keywords. There are so many keyword researching tools on the web like Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, KWPlanner, Toolfeast, Wordstream, Keywordtool, etc. Among them, Google Keyword Planner and Toolfeast are completely free. Others are paid applications.

I bought KWFinder yesterday, and after using a full day, I want to share my view about this application. One more thing, you can even use KWFinder free of cost, but you can only check three keywords per day. So if you take blogging seriously, only three keywords searching per day is not sufficient. In that case, you have to buy their package. There is a different type of packages. Mangools Basic, Mangools premium and Mangools agency. If you work individually, then I will suggest you buy Mangools basic annual package, which will save your money and allow you up to 100 words search per day. Buy Mangools Basic in discounted price from here! Mangools premium and Mangools agency package offer to search 500 and 1200 words per day simultaneously. No need to buy them, it's only for a start up company, depends on how many people work there.
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KWFinder Package

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KWFinder 5
Now comes to the main point. KWFinder is a keyword research tool which helps us to find long term keywords, yet competition will be low. It also provides us SEO difficulty which is an essential feature of this application. In the home page, you will see a long bar. The first place is for entering the keyword. You can put there anything you like. For example, you are working on tech niche. You may search there for "iMac Pro". Here I have chosen a word, which is not related to tech. It is- espresso coffee machine. Just the right side of it, you will see another option, which is called "location". By default, it is set as anywhere. You can put there any location like country even city. Here I've selected united states. Next option is language. By default, the selected language is any. Here I have selected English. Now click on "find keywords". You can see the result. In the left column, there are the suggested keywords, then "trend". That means it shows monthly searches for last few months so that you can understand is the trend up going or down going or in a stable condition. Next option is monthly searches. You will get the statistics of money searches of those keywords. Now cost per click or in short form CPC. CPC means, how much you can get approximately from per click of those key words. And the most interesting feature of this application is "Keyword Difficulty" which can tell you how much tough or easy to rank a keyword. There are few stages divided by KWFinder. Let me see you that-

0-9= Effortless
10-19= Go For It
20-29= Easy
30-39= Still Easy
40-54= Possible
55-74= Hard
75-89= Very Hard
90-100= Don't Do It

So now you can see the chart. KWFinder determines the difficulty of a keyword in out of 100. If you are a newbie or just have a little experience, try to keep your keyword within 40. in this consequence, I remembered another blog of mine, which was in the health niche. And health niche is highly competitive. When I created that blog, I was just passionate about the topic; I did not check the keyword difficulty. So as a result of it, my site did not rank for any keyword, and all of my money and effort went in vain. So I will suggest you, whenever you choose a niche, first check the difficulty. Choose only the under 40 keywords. At the same time keep your eyes on the CPC too. Just look at the screenshot. Maximum keyword's CPC is above 1 dollar. And this is really a good niche. You can start with this if you don't select any particular niche for your blog. And the most advantage of this topic is, you can use both Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliates at the same time, and both will work well if your SEO strategy is correct.
KWFinder Result

KWFinder Difficulty Level
Now check this keyword- "Espresso Machine". It gets 32 out of 100 and KWFinder suggests that it's still easy to rank. Just the right side, you can see the monthly searches for the keyword. Now come to the below part. Here are the sites which are ranking in SERP (search engine result page) right now. You will see a lot of metrics. If you are a newbie, still I will say no need to worry. It's not any rocket science. Let me explain one by one. DA means Domain Authority, PA means Page Authority, MR means Moz Rank, MT means Moz Trust, links means the number of external authority-passing links to the site, FB means the number of Facebook share of this page, g+ means the number of google plus share of this link. Rank means SEO difficulty rank. The more number will be, the harder will be to compete. Estimate visitors means estimated visitors per month. So the chart is now cleared to you.

Now the filter comes. The filter is here sort out the data because whenever we search in KWFinder, it provides 50-100-200 results. Sometimes it's not possible to check all the keywords, their CPC, their SEO difficulty. Filter solves this problem. We just have to tell it what type of data we want. The first option is "Searches". We can set here minimum and maximum number. Remember all these are not mandatory, these are optional. If you want that at least your keyword has some good number of searches, set it to 400-500. On the other hand, if you don't want to go for a huge level of searches for that word, then set it to 8000-10000. I'm just telling this for example. It's all up to you.

Then CPC. If you don't want to choose low CPC keyword, then filter them here. Just put a value you desire.like 1 dollar. So when you turn on the filter. It will show all the keywords which have more than 1 dollar CPC. SEO difficulty is also an important factor. You can set there how much competition you want. No need to set minimum level, set the maximum level up to 40. for beginners, you may set it 35 also. Then include word and exclude a word. If you type a word like here if you type a word "price" in include word, it will show the keywords only which contain price word. The opposite will be for exclude word, if you type "price" word, it will not show any keyword that contents price word.
KWFinder Filter

KWFinder Filtered Result

KWFinder Autocomplete

KWFinder Question
The number of words is also a good feature which can help you to find long tail keywords. You set it 3 or 4, you will get some long tail keywords, which may have a low volume of monthly searches, but you can rank faster. Just before your keyword, there is an option auto-complete. Which can also provide you with some long tail keywords with details data. Next option is "Question". It will show you some "How To" type phrase, which can also be a good long tail keyword. If you feel any problem and there is no one to help you near by, you can chat with their representative also. Look just right bottom side. There is an option "we are online, chat with us". If somehow they are not online, you can send the email at info@mangools.com
You Can Chat With KWFinder Team

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Actual SERP Result
Another feature of KWFinder is SERP checker, where you will find the top sites for any keyword with details like Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Moz Rank and Moz Trust. So you can get an idea about the sites as well as about the keyword. At the same time, you can also check the results in google search result page. So, here is all that I notice in KWFinder. Get KWFinder in discounted price
All I can say, it's worthy of its value. Well, no more today. If you have any doubt or question, feel free to contact me here. Just do drop a comment below. If you really really like this post then please do share it with your friends via social networks like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, etc. if you want to get all the latest updates of this blog, you can like my Facebook page, follow on twitter or subscribe my blog feed. Take care. Have a beautiful day.