​“Hi, Twitter.” a simple two words tweet got response surprisingly two days ago because the tweet has been done none other but youngest-ever Nobel laureate Malala. I'm joined on Twitter, and that was her first tweet. Within hours biggest international personalities like Tim Cook (Apple CEO), Bill Gates (Microsoft co-founder), Arvind Kejriwal (Delhi chief minister), Paulo Coelho(international writer), Dia Mirza (Bollywood actress), Shoaib Malik (captain of Pakistan cricket team), Ivanka Trump (us president Donald trump's daughter), and many more. She got many warm welcomes from them also! Even Twitter official did not forget to reply her tweet also! I really respect that girl. She works to empower the girls, to educate them where the economic or geographical conditions are not too good! This is real feminism. I respect it. Keep going Malala; you are among those who came to earth to change the world! Hats off!
Malala Yousafzai
Back to my blog's statistics. Traffic has been increased in my blog. It's a good sign of improvement. Moreover, I've extended my domain registration length for two more years. Now it will expire on 21st March 2020. So I have no headache about the renewal of this domain for three years. Haahhh!!! There is a reason behind registration period extending as it is considered one of Google ranking factors. The reason is very simple. Spammy or fraud sites will never register their domain for 2 or more years. Where as well established sites, genuine sites do that. So it's considered as a sign of honesty/good works.

I don't know why, but I'm obsessed with a few celebrities. Like Shah Rukh Khan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise and much more. 2-3 days ago my nephew said to my best friend- he was obsessed with Shah Rukh Khan 2-3 months ago. Now he has another addiction. He only watches Justin Bieber and Martin Garrix videos nowadays. LOL. Yeah, Garrix is really super talented only at 22 years age. I love young talents. Even many of them are younger than me still I respect the2m a lot like Justin Bieber, Martin Garrix, Neymar Junior, etc. two most favourite tracks of Martin Garrix are "Scared To Be Lonely" and "Animals". The EDM is just awesome! There is a great series of Martin Garrix show of 6 parts. I provide here part one, and you check the others only if you like this video!
I check bitcoin news every day. I said yesterday how my friends are so much worried about bitcoin price fall. Anyway, I get many positive signals about bitcoin every day from Google news. Those have been predicted by Wall Street analysts, well-known investors and such personalities. Don't worry too much about bitcoin. Just hold them for at least five years, and I think you will see a positive result. Bitcoin is so much volatile. It has many problems I accept the bitter truth, the price can be fall, but at the same time, I will say it can go up in a huge range above. So keep calm and see!

Nowadays I play Clash Of Clans all day. It's really exciting game. I have now Town Hall 7. level 44. My playing strategy is very simple. I use 20 giants (level 3), 80 archers (level 3) and one lightning spell (level 1). And I'm updating them every day. I have bought so many gems from their store with my debit card. And one day my father went to update my bank account's passbook, and he surprised- so much money has been deducted from my account, and he even did not know the reason! He came to the home and asked me, what happens? Is anything wrong with me? I said I bought some gems with money! Lol. I have spent almost 6000 rupees to buy gems. And I also swear then; I will never repurchase gems!

I have installed FL Studio. But as I'm completely noob, so all that I can is to play any song there and dance! Fl studio is available for mobile also. It takes 1100 rupees to buy it from Google Play Store. There are many many plug-ins, so much complicated. I love music so much. But I don't know how to play even one one instrument. That's one of my biggest regret in my life. Maybe I will learn later! Don't lose hope dude! Well, no more today. If you have any doubt or question, feel free to contact me here. Just do drop a comment below. If you really really like this post then please do share it with your friends via social networks like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon etc. if you want to get all the latest updates of this blog, you can like my Facebook page, follow on Twitter or subscribe my blog feed. Take care. Have a nice day.