​At the very beginning, I told that I wouldn't say anything about the religious matter and political matter. I have not proper knowledge in those two areas. Even you will not find anything on my blog. But sometimes when we influenced by some people, our respect our love towards him is beyond any religious or political issue. Today I want to mention about a person, whom the whole world knows. He is none other than Sri Narendra Modi, our honorable prime minister. In 2016, Modi was world's 9th most powerful person according to Forbes. In 2017, Time magazine considers him the most influencial person in the world.
Only simply can't get these titles without a huge amount of talent. As we all Indian know, he sold tea in his early ages. And now 7 Race Course road, New Delhi, the journey was never so easy. We, I'm not here to writing about his biography. You will find thousands of websites with detail biography or our prime minister. I just want to tell, how does he influence me. Now you can ask who you are? VIP? No, I am not any VIP. I'm a very common man. But I just want to show you prime minister's greatness that makes a common boy amazed. 

One thing I always tell, every thing has some good sides and in the same way some bad sides. Modi did a lot of good things for our country just after being the prime minister of our country. I have seen other pm of our too, but they are not so active, decision maker. I can't remember any decision taken by Dr. Manmohan Singh and Atal Bihari Bajpeyi, those were really effective. It was like we need a pm so let's make him the pm. Narendra Modi is different here from them. He has taken two big decisions up to this date. Demonetization to recover black money and implementing GST (Goods and Service Tax).
One of the most important decisions by Narendra Modi is to going for digitization. If you carefully notice everything, everything is now going digitized. Now we all use touch screen mobile; we use the microwave oven when you have to input digitally. Now you are buying products from amazon, and you pay through debit card or bitcoin. And the hottest topic is artificial intelligenceThat means we will put artificial brain (programmed) to the machine so that they can easily understand out instruction. Here is the post, when I have talked to google assistant, a AI based app developed by google. So you can get an idea how we are going to the digitization. And I just think and amaze that a 66 years old person understand the value of digitization. I sent Narendra Modi two tweets also. Here are these-
Demonetization was one of the biggest issues in our country's last ten years economy. Undoubtedly. The government announced suddenly, present 500 and 1000 rupees notes won't work anymore, and it will be valueless. That was a hot topic at that time. Our CM Mamata Banerjee, Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal had been protested a lot. Still, Modi did not change his decision. Many people suffered for demonetization, even there were few suicide cases, cause they needed money but can't withdraw for limitation. On the other hand, some black money-holders had been caught at that time even from my city. Four doctors. Can you imagine? So that's the all I want to say. Everybody has his/her own perspective. If you agree with me or disagree with me whatever, you can comment download below.