Dear Chester, I did not expect this from such a legend like you. You were an inspiration to millions. in the same way, an inspiration for me also. I still remember the day when I heard the first song of "Linkin Park", and it was "Crawling". That was my first-time experience of English rock music. There after numb, in the end, point of authority, pushing me away, what I have done, faint and so many. I have all of your albums- Hybrid Theory, Meteora, Living Things, Minutes To Midnight, The Hunting Part, Road To Revolution.

You did a show at Texas probably 9-10 years ago. I saw your live performance or the first time in that video. Then I bought almost the same shirt and pant you wore. And I drew LP logo behind the shirt. Can you imagine how obsessed I was? Even I downloaded all Linkin Park videos- official and live both. I still have that collection on my PC. But... but... we will miss that unforgettable scream. We will miss new outstanding rock songs, excellent live performances. I Know about your best friend. I know Chris Cornell was your best friend and you died on his birthday. Chris Cornell also did suicide in May this year. Is it the reason for your death or something else?
Chester Bennington & Chris Cornell
You released a song named "Heavy" four months ago, where you focused on depression. It contained haunting lyrics including: "I don't like my mind right now // Stacking up problems that are so unnecessary // Wish that I could slow things down." in the chorus of the, he wrote, "If I just let go, I'd be set free." can you imagine the conditions of your band members, your spouse, your children, millions of fan? your one of the closest friends (Rapper of Linkin Park) Mike Shinoda tweeted-
​I feel depressed sometimes! I think everyone feels at any moment. I never found love in your lyrics, instead of I found some frustration in your lyrics. Just like, you wrote- "Sometime's solutions are not so simple//Sometimes goodbye is the only way". This era is too much advanced. We use science everywhere. You might consult a doctor and take medicine. Good bye is not the only way Chester. Especially for a legend like you who has a huge contribution to the rock music. You said in another song- "My life my pride is broken" your pride can't be broken. Never. I say again- you are an inspiration to millions. You also said- "I tried so hard and got so far//but in the end, it does not even matter." it matters. In the end, it matters a lot. You won't understand Chester. You said in another song- "I'm the only crack in the castle of glass." yes, it's true, you are the only crack now, only wound in Linkin Park band, and the wound, that will not heal ever. Only one could replace you, Chester, that's you. The last one I will mention which you wrote- "God save us, everyone". Yes God do so, but what about yours? Why he/she couldn't save you? Tell me!

Do you know Linkin park cancelled their upcoming show as you are no more. they waited to see you, to see your mindblowing concert. have not they any value? you were not alone, we all were with you, and still you will remain in our heart. though i did not found any official statement from Linkin park official twitter handle. but they retweeted this one-
What else will I say? May our soul rest in peace. You may die, but your creation is immortal. Even after fifty years, people will listen Linkin Park, I bet. I can't still believe this news Chester; I just can't. Where ever you are, be well. Millions of fans will miss you, Chester. Now let me say in your language- "Sometimes goodbye is the only way". Lots of love and respect for you. Yours Fan