​If money does not matter to you, then what car will you buy? Probably supercars. There are Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi and many others. But for the richest people in the world, the game is in totally different level. Yes, I am talking about enough money, that meaning privet jet buying, or island buying or super expensive yacht buying, then you can obviously buy a Rolls Royce model- "Sweptail". Though the makers do not reveal the exact price of Sweptail yet, it can be near around $17-20 million dollars. I had personally seen this car on Youtube two months ago, and the first expression was like "wowww". So here are some pictures of Sweptail, hope you will like this car (especially if you are a super car fan).
Rolls Royce Sweptail
Amazon discovers a product named "Echo Show" which is basically a virtual home assistant, works like Apple's Siri. This is called "Alexa" by Amazon. I read about it and got some positive responses. Though the speaker is not too fantastic. This gadget is very bulky where the world is going to thin, thinner and more. You can not unplug and use this at the same time. If it has a battery pack, it would be better. According to CNBC, it has thousands of skills, and it can access any stores and find you the correct product. It also has a direct link to Amazon stores.

Facebook is going to update algorithm to cut down the fake news and spam in their news feed. The Facebook team found a few people are posting spam content or fake content continuously on Facebook. Most of that news are clickbait, misinformation. Facebook has been working continuously to improve people's experience in news feed by showing more stories which it thicks informational and helpful for people. Adam Mosseri, vice president of product management of Facebook, posted an article on the company website on Friday. 
facebook fake news
I will support this kind of initiative obviously, because we have to deal every day with some misinformation posts, click-bait post, which only has shiny headlines and nothing else. So if Facebook takes this kind of step, many people will get benefited. I think they just lower the reach of that posts, and the game is over! :)

I have captured few more panorama (360 photos) with my Samsung galaxy S8. Capturing 360 photos is great fun, and I love to make it as an important part of capturing the photo. I have captured two more panoramas of my school building's view. But as the weather was cloudy and it was evening, so there are some darker shades in it. Sunny weather is great for this. I will capture more and more panorama in future. Just have to find some places. If you don't have any idea about how to capture a 360-degree photo with your smartphone, then check this article.

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