​Hello, you've come here to find information about how to create a perfect startup business ideas in India? Or it may be thinking about to create a start up. I never created any startup till now, and even I have no plan about it. But I work with some successful start-ups in India. So I have a decent idea how they work and what is their business model. I'm not from a metropolitan city, my town is near Kolkata and unfortunately or you can nay naturally here is not startup who will make app or blog. We have a blogger group on Facebook named "Premium Trick By IftiSEO", and it's a hidden group, that means you can not find that group from Facebook search until I'm sending an invitation to you.
Startup Ideas In India That Every Founder Should Follow

As you know any big project needs proper planning. Without planning, your all efforts will go in vain. You have to think first about this. For example, Steve Jobs. When he first release the first model of iPhone (iPhone 3G), he said this mobile would be ten years ahead from today mobile. So, his words are almost perfect. Look at all mobile companies now, they create a lesser buttoned mobile with no keypad and only touch screen. So you need to have a visionary idea about your project. Then think about the topic, your startup will be based on. A few days ago I heard about a team, who are keenly interested in creating a start up. They wanted to create an app. smartphone app. though I don't know about the topic, I just heard about that. It's a pretty cool idea. But whenever you try to make a new app or blog, just remember one thing, what's missing in the world?if you want to create an app for chatting, it will be almost tough to rank because already hundreds of apps are in Play Store /App Store for chatting. So you have to think something innovative which can drag people's attention so that they can say, "Yesss, I was searching for an app like this".

Now take necessary step for your start up project. It's not about only think about it; it's all about going for it. So don't waste your time. Keep researching. Whenever you get an idea, don't forget to note this, even it can be in your mobile notes. Whenever you are ready to go, register a domain name for your starter. Just like one of my friends has a startup team, where they provide content for the website, web designing, SEO service, etc. all you can find their company domain. And when you are such in a field where everything is based on the web, so a website is very important to you. So register a domain now, here is the article where you can find how to give a name to a domain. Because domain name should be user-friendly and easy to memorize.

Now you have registered a domain name for your startup. Congrats! Next issue is to create a prototype of your app or blog or some other else. Because you have to execute the idea. The only sketch is not enough. You have to design the prototype also so that it looks like what exactly you want to make. Now you only know about the project. You need to inform many others about this. Share this on Facebook, twitter, google plus, LinkedIn with details information. Start with your closest friends, then Facebook friends, the communities under the same niche, etc. but don't spam. You may know about "8 Ball Pool" request from your Facebook friends to your notification list. Are not those annoying?In the same way, don't spam, just inform them- write a short and catchy description, what's the specialty of your product and why should people use your product.

It is impossible to create a company only by a single person. for example- Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google, Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded the Apple, David Fillo and Jerry Yang founded Yahoo, and there are so many examples. So it's always better to form a startup with any partner. But this is a very tough work. Cause wrong employment can help you to face a huge loss. Find the one which is same as you in terms of passion for creating a start up. When you are sitting duo and consulting about your next step, another important thing will definitely come up. That is employment. This is a very crucial factor cause even your wrong employment can destroy all your efforts and money. That friend, whom I talk about, once faced a huge loss for wrong employment. So before choosing them, check how much they are will to work for, how much practical knowledge they have on that field. Store his details information to your database.

Now you have to register your startup. Then what to do now? In which category will suit your startup? C-Corp or LLC? If your company will be a fast growing company or tech company, then C-Corp is the best option. If your startup is not related to tech and you will receive enough fun sourcing from individuals, then LLC is the best for you. Always keep a fixed attorney who will work for you from startup registration to tax issue and everything legal issues.

Now when you are going to start a startup, you need some money first. If your primary work is promising, then people or better to say investor may come to you for investing. Remember the movie, "Social Network", you will find the same thing there as soon as your product or blog is noticed by other persons. As the startup is growing, and you make some attractive products. You can get some proposal in your email box. You can sell them stock or something like this, but remember it will happen only when you reach a certain level.

Send the details of your product via email. There is some massive mail service providers are here like MailChimp. You can use MailChimp to send information to all your customers. And you can also track them, how many people open and read them and how many are not. In this way keep increasing your subscribers of your blog or products. The blog does not mean this kind of blog where you are reading this, and i mean something that you want to make an authority or e-commerce blog. Remember that success never comes overnight. Work on it, carry on. Cheers to your success. Well, no more today. If you have any doubt or question, feel free to contact me here. Just do drop a comment below. If you really really like this post then please do share it with your friends via social networks like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, etc. if you want to get all the latest updates of this blog, you can like my Facebook page, follow on Twitter or subscribe my blog feed. Take care. Have a beautiful day.