​Facebook has brought a new feature called Facebook DP (Display Picture) protection, where users can protect their DP from others person. This feature has been started mainly in India, and it will roll out later in other countries too. The features will help to protect their DP from downloading, to protect their photos from tagging other persons. Though I heard that it would also help to prevent taking a screenshot of profile picture, I think they did not roll out yet. As a matter of fact, some of my friends use this guard from curiosity. Today I thought what if I can break the guard and download the image? It took almost 20 minutes to break it, and I was able to save the profile picture. Here is the screenshot.
Facebook DP Protection Guard

I have only 82 persons in my Facebook friend lists, and only 4-5 of them have profile picture protection guard. I don't like too many friends to keep in my friend list. Too many friends mean too much drama/Facebook live/nautanki Wala selfie and blah blah blah. Please!!! I don't wanna see those, so it's better to remove them from friend list or unfollow them (if you are really gentle). I have already written in my Facebook bio- if you can't show engagement then stay away from my profile, even I don't keep my known people on my friend list if they are inactive. That does not mean I always need likes shares comments and all. But it's a social network yaar. Whenever are you here, at least you show some activities Naah? If you can't then better sign out and turn on the television, problem solved!
Teenagers With Smartphones
Moreover, too many friends mean too many notifications, too many news feeds. And every time we think, wait, this is the last time, I'll check, then I WILL GO FOR STUDY!!! But nooo.... notification tunes, and and we automatically spread our hand to see what are actually those??? Did my bestie comment on my new DP? Did my GF love my "love wala" status or did my crush's GF give an idiotic "ha ha" in my DP? Thousands of thinking inside our mind. But I'm safe almost from them. Why? Because I have only 82 friends, not 1082 friends. So the numbers of notifications are significantly low, numbers of news feed are very low. More over I keep my cell phone in silent mode in maximum times. Anyways, combinations of those have been made my life more comfortable. Apart from being active on Facebook, I'm active on Twitter, Instagram also (that does not matter, who cares? :P).
The most dangerous thing is- it disturbs our sleeping habit. You may hear it from many people that they can even awake easily in the night but can't awake in the early morning. And most of them use a computer, laptop, smartphone at night. I am not exclude of them. But do you know what's the better habit when you will sleep in bed and keep your smartphone besides you? Make it in silent more, or if you need any urgent, make it in vibrate mode. Then sleep away. After that, whoever calls, you, text you, twitter notification, Facebook notification, WhatsApp message whatever, simply just don't care. Just say it yourself- now I'm sleeping. I will not receive it anymore whoever you are, whatever the reason it. We will deal tomorrow.

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