VEVO stands for video evolution, which was founded on 8th December, 2009. VEVO is also described as "Your personalized music video and music entertainment platform," It is a video hosting service that is partially owned/operated by Google, Universal Music Group and Sony Music. YouTube/Google was in danger of being sued by Sony Music/UMG music. To prevent such a devastating lawsuit, Google's ex-CEO (Eric Schmidt) made a deal with the CEO of Sony Music(Doug Morris), to build a similar video platform based on YouTube technology where Sony could control the monetization settings and sell their advertisements.
YouTube VEVO
If you are asking about its business strategy, their maximum is derived from an advertisement on the YouTube channels. Artists let VEVO put their music on YouTube because they have signed a contract with the music label and are obligated to do so if the music label demands. VEVO has over fifty thousand videos available, with Google and VEVO sharing the advertising revenue. VEVO has a different kind of videos, such as music videos, original series, behind the scenes footage, live performances and interviews with artists. According to its company profile, it's been considered as best music platform on the web. VEVO's goal is to attract more premium advertisers, which is why you’ll usually see VEVO sites or channels censor their content for language to make it more attractive for bigger advertising partners. Although not available worldwide, VEVO can be used by anyone in the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately, VEVO is not available in India. According to them, they are working hard to make it accessible worldwide.
VEVO India
It's also like a verified profile of an artist, which we call blue batch in Facebook or twitter. When you see a music video on an artist's channel, you know it is directly uploaded from an entity that is actually involved with the artist. Usually, major label artists will have a YouTubeVEVO channel on YouTube, mirroring their VEVO channel. Hosting content on VEVO not only expands the overall reach via the syndicated channels but also allows content owners to increase their revenues. As usual VEVO's CPM rate is far better than normal YouTube CPM rates. Youtube's CPM rate is normally between 1.5-2 USD where as VEVO's CPMs are around $25 - $35.
Enrique Iglesias VEVO
So 1,000,000 VEVO streams would likely equate to about 15,000 USD. Just think about any artist, like Enrique Iglesias. He makes money from by selling his albums, from his live show, and from his YouTube VEVO channel. Are you interested in making a YouTube channel? Then this article can help you. No more today. If you really like this post, leave a comment. You can share it with your friends through social media like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Check my Archive page for all blog posts. Take care.