I came from a lower middle-class family. So naturally, my parents couldn't afford to buy luxury things for me. I still remember I wanted to purchase a water video game which was costs 10 rupees (0.16 dollar). I requested my mum so many times to purchase that, but I never got that. I got a chance to play with that when I was probably 21-22 years old; it was my nephew's. Many people think that I am so rich that I use Bose speakers, iPhone, Galaxy S8 and blah blah blah but that was the real trust, my family even didn't want to waste 10 rupees for a water game. Even a single thing I did not get from them without asking them to buy. Every time, my first point and shoot camera, my first personal computer, my first semi DSLR, my first DSLR (Canon Rebel T5), every time. A lot of trouble was created for each time. It was so much that I was not so much happy that anyone should after purchase because it was my conscience about the whole thing, may be I've wasted so much money of them, may be I have done something offensive. I could not feel the actual happiness what you all can feel after purchasing a camera, computer and other gadgets like this. I felt that after many years when I already started working with Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliates. When I bought my MacBook Pro, my Bose Sound System (Bose Companion 5), my iPhones [4S & 6S], Samsung Galaxy S8 and much more with my earned money. So who think that my life is very easy and entertaining, practically it was not, even not now.
Worst Thing Your Parents Have Ever Said

Today I was searching for some interesting questions from Quora. Some people ask the dumbest questions ever. Anyway, I found a good question. That is what the worst thing your parents have ever said is? Really interesting question and such a type of question, which everybody can answer from their life experience. I think, parents and we- are the strongest bonding ever in humankind. It is such type of bonding where there is no deal, no other headache. You can call it pure love. Still, sometimes, we argue, we say something rude to them, or vice versa. I'm sure you also have some experience of that. I also have. But I don't want to disclose here. But I will tell one incident that made me happy felt me stronger at the position when I had nothing to do. I was very depressed when I left my college. I was depressed about my future. Because it's a fixed way for everyone. You have to Complete school, complete college, then university, then go for a job. But I ended up in the middle, what will be in future? Now I can tell someone very easily that I'm a dropout, I did not complete my college, but at that time it was not so easy. 

One day I was crying in my room, and my parents were present at that time. My mother told me, everything will be okay, no need to worry. But those words were not enough for me. Then my dad said, "No need to think about a job. You don't have to. We are will you, we will look after you." can you imagine, a student left his college [actually 2 colleges], and his parents say you didn't have to do anything, WE ARE WITH YOU. Those words help me to heal from depression. And I started living like others. as they did not pressure to me, so it automatically came to my mind that I have to do something. This happens. It's a nature of human. We love to do those things which we are asked not to do. As they told me you didn't need any job, so it struck my mind that I have to do something. When I started blogging. My first blog made only zero dollars. I did not lose hope. I created one after another, again one more, more. Those failures teach me much think- what to do and what not to do. I heard a line- sometimes we win, sometimes we learn. It's absolutely perfect. The I made my first successful blog, the one more... probably I was the first person in my batch who join in a job or business whatever you say. At the same time, I was the only drop out of my batch.  We are now discussing out of topic now. Let's go back to the topic. So in this way, my parents helped me a lot. I really mean it. Those words' value was more than millions to me.

Anyway, what I am talking about, back to my topic. That is my story. Now I will tell you two stories just opposite to me. Sometimes parents also behave very cruelly to us. I have that kind of experience also. When did I cry last because of my parent's behavior? You will laugh if I tell. It was the day when all tickets of Justin Bieber show (Bieber's first show in Mumbai, DY Patil Stadium- Part of his Purpose Tour ) had been sold out. There was no chance even if I spent 1 lakh rupees. Apart from that my father said, he won't pay a single rupee for my flight fare or concert ticket. Being a die-hard Bieber fan or what everyone calls Bieber, it was such a pathetic moment in my life. I was just broke down to the ground and promised to myself that I would do something in upcoming days so that I can attend next Bieber concert and I will not take a single rupee from anyone for my journey and all. I am really very sensitive and I love every talented people. I believe he is just only 22 years old and Grammy award winner, so many award winner, selected as best VEVO artist on 2016 and more. Apart from this, it was an awesome opportunity to see his live program, but... anyway leave this. Albert Einstein also had to listen this kind of words. Not he, but it was his father whom his principal said- your son won't be successful in any field. And I'm sure Einstein's theory is a compulsory subject to that college! That is called the height of success! 

Sometimes this kind of words helps us to change our mindset, to extend our goal. I found a story about a guy (Amey Sharma) who wrote his story- the matter is same, he also heard something negative from his father that hurt his lot, and he promised to prove his father wrong from that day. Here is his story.
Another scenario is here. A girl (Livia Khan), her sister and her parents. As both of them are girls, so there were not very happy. Compared them by their skin color, how much they brought fortune to them. Her parents are always trying to make her down instead of motivating her; they should stand by with her, even in her darkest days! But they did not. And this girl, she struggled a lot to make her dreams come true! Salute to you! 
Who says girls are in the backwards? Even they can do something better than man sometimes! Most probably my post wouldn't be noticed by both of them! Only one thing, I will say, my heartfelt congratulations to you, and keep going. Never stop. Because Robert Frost said,"Miles to go before I sleep." Well, no more today. If you have any doubt or question, feel free to contact me here. Just do drop a comment below. If you really really like this post then please do share it with your friends via social networks like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, etc. if you want to get all the latest updates of this blog, you can like my Facebook page, follow on Twitter or subscribe my blog feed. Take care. Have a beautiful day.